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8 Kitchen Ovens To Help You Bake, Roast, and Grill

Grill, bake, roast or broil your meal to perfection

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In a long-range of kitchen appliances, the oven is traditionally considered a baker’s assistant. However, modern technology has converted your average kitchen oven into a multi-talented aid easily preparing any cuisine of your choice in minutes. Opt from a range of reliable kitchen ovens in Malaysia to reduce your effort and assist in creating healthy and delicious meals for your family.

Which is better, a conventional or a microwave oven?

Microwaves are meant to re-heat and to some extent, cook simple recipes, whereas an oven is the better choice for complicated ones such as baking, roasting, grilling, and more. Both also have a different cost of energy needed.

Utilising its enclosed space and internal metallic body, the conventional oven generates heat to cook food. Depending on temperature set and size, these ovens generally use between 1000 to 2000 watts. Meanwhile, microwave ovens use electromagnetic energy to cook food. And due to their simple setting options along with its smaller size, they generate between 500 to 1000 watts to heat food (mainly). 

In conclusion, go for the microwave oven if you mainly do simple recipes or don't cook often. Go for the conventional oven if you are the opposite. You shouldn't use either one to replace the other, as they have different purposes depending on an individual's needs.

Things to ask before buying a microwave oven vs conventional oven:

  1. Will I be cooking or baking often?
  2. What recipes do I want to or usually make?
  3. What is my budget for an oven?
  4. Am I cooking for one person or more?

Pensonic PEO-2000 Electric Oven

RM 152.00
Best oven on a budget – suitable for small kitchen
1. Pensonic PEO-2000 Electric Oven
Best oven on a budget – suitable for small kitchen

The Pensonic PEO-2000 is designed with maximum abilities to accommodate minimal space for today’s modern living. It is equipped with a selection to toast, bake and grill with even heat distribution and adjustable temperature control. Designed especially for small kitchens, you can prepare muffins and cakes for your guests as easily as you can grill and rack of lamb or assorted veggies for your cosy dinner.

Morgan 9.0L Oven MEOHC09

RM 79
Best toaster oven for frozen pizza
2. Morgan 9.0L Oven MEOHC09
Best toaster oven - great for frozen pizza

Morgan 9.0L Oven MEOHC09 Oven specifically caters for your toasting needs. Whether you are living a bachelor’s life or a family with kids, this toaster oven will effortlessly toast your bread or bake your frozen pizza any time of the day. With simple controls and adjustable temperature, it is suitable to set the timer for a slow bake or a quick grill.

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Russel Taylors 65L XL Oven Toaster OT-65

RM 285
Best for baking and grilling – with a rotating rotisserie for whole chicken
3. Russel Taylors 65L XL Oven Toaster OT-65
Best for baking and grilling – with a rotating rotisserie for whole chicken

The ultimate choice of kitchen oven for any of your baking or grilling needs. Russel Taylors 65L XL Oven Toaster is ergonomically designed to benefit a large family or just your food loving connoisseurs looking to re-create variety of speciality dishes. Brilliantly amaze your family by roasting a whole chicken for Sunday dinner.  

Elba Electric Oven 1500W EEO-F3615 36L

RM 279.9
Best oven for cake baking

The Elba Electric Oven EEO-F3615 is a dream come true for home bakers. With the diamond wave technology for a more even and efficient heating you will no longer worry about burnt edges or uneven rising. Additionally, the 6pcs stainless steel heating element in the oven will allow you to continuously bake large batches of biscuits or cupcakes for a longer time.

Morgan Convection Electric Oven MEO-HC52RC 52L

RM 297.9
Best for your money – good for baking or roasting
5. Morgan Convection Electric Oven MEO-HC52RC 52L
Best for your money – good for baking or roasting

A splendid kitchen oven, high tech yet affordable which would deliver all those beautiful food images you have often fantasized about to your very own kitchen. Morgan Convection Electric Oven generously provides you with the choice to defrost, grill, roast, toast and bake. You would be able to attempt any cooking recipe you have been dying to try with this wonderful helper in your kitchen.

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Elba Big 60 Litre Electric Oven EE0-E6090 (SS)

RM 479
Best oven under RM500

Elba Big 60L Electric Oven offers you a large capacity kitchen oven which would conveniently cater meals for a large number of guests. This oven is able to prepare a variety of baked, roasted or grilled items of your choice in a large quantity, which competently reduces your effort and time taken to organise a scrumptious big feast.  

Khind OT2502 Oven Toaster

RM 132.99
Best all-purpose oven – perfect for your home
7. Khind OT2502 Oven Toaster
Best all-purpose oven – perfect for your home

A skilled kitchen oven which would be able to help you prepare a choice of breakfast, lunch and dinner just the way you plan to. Khind OT2502 Oven Toaster has an array of ability to toast, bake, broil, grill and even roast your meals. A proper choice for a family, to enjoy a variety of meals with the benefit of a trustworthy oven.

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Electrolux Microwave Oven EMS2348X

RM 425
Best oven and microwave combination
8. Electrolux Microwave Oven EMS2348X
Best oven and microwave combination

With the combination of 8 different cooking programmes, you will be completely able to roast vegetables, grill meat dishes, or even boil yourself a hot beverage with the Electrolux Microwave Oven. The programmable timer and various power control levels allow you to pre-set the cooking time, allowing you to multitask capably.

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