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20 Chinese New Year Cookies & Snacks You Can Buy Online

Your favourite Chinese New Year cookies and snacks delivered right to your doorstep.

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Ang pows aside, one of the best things about Chinese New Year is undoubtedly the cookies and the snacks! In the West, Thanksgiving and Christmas are occasions to feast. But for us Malaysians who celebrate it, Chinese New Year is our equivalent of that. Behold, your favourite cookies are now available online!

Peanut Cookies

RM 39.00

We’re all nuts about peanuts! In Cantonese, peanuts are known as ‘fah sung’ which translates into ‘blooming life’. This signifies long life and growing prosperity. A popular favourite among lots of people, these peanut cookies are packed full of the flavour of roasted peanuts – as full as we hope your life is.

Dragon Cookies

RM 28.00

Indicative of the fire-breathing animal, these dragon cookies make an appearance every year even when it is not the year of the dragon – and for a good reason! 100% homemade, these cookies are so good that you’ll be sure to come back for more.

Beehive Cookies / Kuih Loyang

RM 28

These crunchy cookies in the shape of a honeycomb are known by a number of names, Beehive or Honeycomb Cookies, Kuih Loyang or Kuih Ros. Intricately crafted, these biscuits are crunchy and delicious, earning them a spot as a crowd favourite. 

Cashew Butter Cookies

RM 28.00

Buttery cashew nut cookies that melt in your mouth? Yes please! These perfectly-baked golden brown treats are nutty flavoured and perfect for afternoon tea even if you aren’t looking to eat them exclusively during Chinese New Year. 

Pineapple Rolls

RM 35.00

Pineapple rolls are a favourite among aunties and uncles during Chinese New Year. There’s just something about the sweet, tangy flavour of pineapple jam combined with buttery pastry that makes it so scrumptious. 

Salted Egg Yolk Cornflakes

RM 28.30

Move over regular cornflakes! This Chinese New Year, add some gold to your life with salted egg cornflakes! Coated in creamy salted egg, curry leaves and chilli padi, this highly-addictive combination is creamy, sweet, salty, spicy and crunchy all in one. So good, you'll be coming back for more for sure. 

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Pineapple Tarts

RM 40.00

Let the pineapple rolls vs. pineapple tart debate begin! Pineapple tarts typically have more jam and more crumbly pastry surrounding it compared to pineapple rolls. So take your pick! But either way, a pineapple is known as 'ong lai' in Hokkien, and this means "prosperity has come". We hope that by eating pineapple biscuits, prosperity will truly come to you.

Love Letters / Kuih Kapit

RM 41.00

Love letters, or kuih kapit as it is commonly known in Malaysia, is made of egg batter and cooked on a charcoal stove to create a super thin and crispy wafer. These kuih kapit are so light and flaky, you won’t be able to get enough of them. As they are also known as love letters and were a traditional method of communication between lovers in the olden times, be sure to get your lover some too!

Mini Shrimp Rolls

RM 28.00

Shrimp rolls are small, yet flavourful spring rolls that are super easy to pop into your mouth one after another. It has been said that this snack was intended to bring to mind the image of gold bars, representing good fortune and wealth. So go ahead and knock yourself out with some edible prosperity!

Arrowhead Chips / Ngaku

RM 23.00

WARNING! Highly addictive chips ahead! Once you start munching on these ngakuchips, it’s difficult to stop. Before you know it, you’ve eaten the whole container! 

Bak Kwa

RM 25.56

Similar to jerky, Bak Kwa is marinated pork, chicken or beef pressed into thin layers before being barbecued. This fragrant meat jerky has a mouth-watering mixture of both sweet and savoury flavours infused into it.

Seaweed Crisps

RM 23.00

This light and crispy snack is just one of those you see popping up everywhere as the festive season approaches. Made with real seaweed and no preservatives, it is definitely one of the healthier snacks available.

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Nian Gao

RM 32

A traditional glutinous rice cake, Nian Gaodirectly translates to 'year cake' and is sometimes known as Chinese New Year Cake. Nian Gaocan be eaten several different ways, what’s your favourite?

White Almond Cookies

RM 28.00

Almond cookies have a subtle nutty flavour and bits of almonds to add a crunch to them. They are soft to bite into and melt in your mouth. Just be careful not to drop crumbs on the floor!

Peanut Puffs

RM 36.00

I hope you didn’t look at this and expect curry puffs! These puffs are not filled with curry. Instead, they are filled with roasted peanuts and sesame to symbolise an auspicious meaning of a full wallet.

Tapioca Cookies / Kuih Bangkit

RM 28.00

Always a classic, these brown sugar tapioca cookies are to die for as they melt in your mouth. While they are addictive, they are interestingly also available in a variety of shapes today. And every shape has a unique symbolism!

Fried Crab Sticks

RM 23.00

Sure, fried crab sticks are unhealthy but Chinese New Year only comes once a year, so make sure you get your fill while you can!

Almond London

RM 40.00

The Almond London is an indulgent and irresistible Chinese New Year cookie. An almond cookie covered with a generous amount of chocolate, what’s not to love?

Fortune Cookies

RM 21.39

Fortune cookies may not be accurate but it sure is fun to break one open and have a laugh at what it says. Mine reads “Your fortune lies in another cookie.” Guess it’s a sign to eat more cookies!

White Rabbit Candy

RM 16.9

Strictly speaking, this candy isn’t a CNY cookie, but we love it all the same and it’s a childhood favourite among many Malaysians out there. So, indulge in some White Rabbit Candy this Chinese New Year!


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