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Pamper Your Locks with These 12 Hair Dryers

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Air-drying takes ages for your hair to dry completely and it might not turn out to be the beachy waves you wanted. Not only are we all concerned about getting our mane properly dried, we all want it to look effortless and really worthy of the woke-up-like-this hashtag. This mission calls for a hair dryer! Check out the list of hair dryers below and get the wind blowing in your hair.

BaByliss Travel Foldable 2000W Hair Dryer

RM 89
Best for travel

Want to keep your hair neat and in place even when you’re on a vacay? Get yourself a lightweight and foldable hair dryer like this. This BaByliss hairdryer is much smaller than the majority in the market but dries hair just as effectively with its 2000W power, which makes it a good and reasonable travel accessory.   

DLY-8033 Deliya Professional Anion Blue-Ray Light Hair Dryer

RM 17.89
Best for fine hair, dryer with brush and diffuser attachment

This dryer comes with Blue Anion Light that protects hair from excessive drying, which is vital if you have fine hair to prevent hair from becoming brittle easily. From creating big curls to tiny locks or simply adding volume to fine hair, use the diffuser attachment to create that natural bounce in your hair.

Philips Silent Hair Dryer BHD002

RM 62.5
Best silent hair dryer
3. Philips Silent Hair Dryer BHD002
Best low-noise hair dryer

The shape and compact design of this dryer improve airflow especially the design of the air inlet grill that drives effective drying power. This improved design has a 35% sound improvement and its 20mm narrow concentrator is great for precise styling. So, if you are looking for a silent but powerful dryer, this is the one.

BaByliss 5361u Futura Hair Dryer

RM 249
Best ionic hair dryer

Featuring the Smart Air technology, this dryer delivers a powerful airflow equivalent to a 2200W dryer but at only 1700W. This technology also ensures less heat stress for shiny, frizz-free manageable hair results. Not only does this dryer control the heat released, its ionic frizz-control helps to smooth hair as you dry and locks in moisture to keep your hair healthy.

Philips Hair Dryer HP8233

RM 124.8
Best for giving hair volume with a diffuser attachment
5. Philips Hair Dryer HP8233
Best for giving hair volume with a diffuser attachment

The perfect bounce is never impossible with this dryer! Not only will this dryer protects your hair with its ionic conditioning; it comes with an asymmetrical massaging diffuser that massages your scalp while creating volume to your hair. Whether you have straight or curly hair, this diffuser is designed to contour to the head for effective voluminous results.

PANASONIC EH-KA71 Silent Hair Styler

RM 149
With detachable curling and roller brush
6. PANASONIC EH-KA71 Silent Hair Styler
With detachable curling and roller brush

Want to change from one hairstyle to another in a day? Sure! If you’d like to achieve the curly, tousled look, just attach the roller brush and start blowing away. But if a quick dry is all you want, attach the nozzle instead and it will operate as a hairdryer. At only 59dB, this product operates super silently.

Panasonic 1200W Quick Dry Nozzle Hair Dryer EH-ND21-P645

RM 63.99
Best budget hair dryer for quick dry

Thanks to its quick-dry nozzle that emits alternating strong and weak airflows, this compact dryer dries hair rapidly. The unique difference in airflows allows hair strands to be separated, resulting in drying hair efficiently all the way from the hair roots while keeping your hair beautiful and your scalp healthy.

VS Sassoon VS53H 2000W Pro Dryer

RM 195
Best hair dryer with multiple heat settings
8. VS Sassoon VS53H 2000W Pro Dryer
Best hair dryer with multiple heat settings

With its 2000W power, this dryer provides a wide band of airflow for quick and easy styling. Equipped with 3 heat and 2 speed settings, it is easy to control the amount of heat applied to your hair. Plus, this dryer comes with a cold shot button that sets your hair in place after you have styled it.

Revlon Perfect Heat 1875W Fast Dry Compact Dryer

RM 109
Best lightweight hair dryer for shiny hair results
9. Revlon Perfect Heat 1875W Fast Dry Compact Dryer
Best lightweight hair dryer for shiny hair results

At less than a pound, this travel-sized dryer has a 1875W motor in it that allows it to function just as good as full-sized appliances. Not only will it leave your locks shiny and smooth, it dries hair rapidly too. Just fold the handle and together with its universal dual voltage switch, this dryer is ready to travel alongside you!

VS Sassoon VS5543PIH 2200W Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

RM 239
Best for curly hair

Coated with tourmaline and ceramic, this dryer smoothes curly hair effectively while drying it. But if you’d like to boost your curls, use the soft finger diffuser to add volume to your hair without the uncomfortable experience of a blast of hot air. And to set your curls for longer lasting effect, use the cool shot button to keep it in place.

Andis Professional Pink Style Hair Blow Dryer 67395

RM 100

There shouldn’t be any stereotyping when it comes to personal care. This dryer may be pink but its tourmaline-coated structure emits negative ions that help eliminate frizz for smoother hair. Although this dryer is compact in size, it has 3 heat settings to prevent overheating hair roots; plus a cool shot button to lock in your desired style.

Dyson Supersonic HD01

RM 1629
Best hair dryer with multiple heat settings for damaged hair
12. Dyson Supersonic HD01
Best for damaged hair

Dyson’s perfectly engineered dryer may look unconventional but it is designed to help shape, smooth, and style your hair while protecting its natural shine. With its multiple heat settings, this dryer allows you to choose the right temperature to curb with damaged hair to avoid overheating hair strands. Its intelligent heat control also ensures quick drying and adding moisture back to your hair.

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Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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