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Essential Tools for Barber Kit Malaysia

5 Essential Tools Every Beginner’s Barber Kit: Vinsen Loh’s Picks

Handpicked and recommended by your very own local elite barber

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Vinsen Loh

Vinsen Loh, a professional barber and educator, has 20 years of experience in the hairdressing and barbering industry. As a testament to his immaculate skills and work, he won American Crew All-Star Challenge Malaysia and is now a proud ambassador for Andis.
Barbering allows one to be creative at work. With good tools and your skills together, not only you’ll get to elevate your look, you get to meet, connect and socialize with new people daily too.

Recommended by: Professional Barber Vinsen Loh

Vinsen Loh, a professional barber and educator, has 20 years of experience in the hairdressing and barbering industry. As a testament to his immaculate skills and work, he won the American Crew All-Star Challenge Malaysia and is now a proud ambassador for Andis.

“Barbering allows one to be creative at work. With good tools and your skills together, not only you’ll get to elevate one’s look, you get to meet, connect and socialize with new people daily too" - Vinsen Loh

If COVID-19 doesn't make you reconsider your professional choice, it certainly makes you try out new talent.

However, learning to be a rookie barber (whether for fun or as a career) can be difficult, especially if you have no prior experience. Besides, finding a beginner-friendly barber starter kit that you can invest in can be tough.

Don't worry! In this post, an experienced local barber and American Crew All-Star Challenge 2020 Winner, Vinsen Loh, lists his recommendations for the best products on the market that you can buy.

(Psst... if you're not a barber, here's a list of products to keep a watch on if another MCO occurs.

Top 5 Must-Have Equipment for the Perfect Barber Starter Kit

Best clipper for barbing
Andis Master Cordless Li Clipper
Check Andis Master Cordless Li Clipper price below:

This model’s powerful operation earns its recognition among barbers and casual users alike. But what else makes Andis Master Cordless Li Clipper stand out from the rest besides its features, you may ask? Well, to start with, it is unbreakable, relatively quiet and operates very smoothly!  


The device is powered by a lithium-ion battery that provides over 90 minutes of continuous operation. Despite so, interestingly, it charges in only one hour. Aside from that, it has a high-speed rotary motor that spins at over 7,200 SPM.

It also features constant speed technology that won't stall or drag. Last but not least, the blade is constructed of carbon steel and can be adjusted from fine to coarse (#000 to #1) too!


The fall-resistant product is excellent for years of usage as the housing is made of unbreakable, lightweight aluminium. Besides its insanely precise cutting and great fading clipper, users also love the product for its LED light that indicates battery power levels during both corded and cordless operation. 

Best trimmer for facial hair and dry shaving
Andis GTX-EXO Cordless Li- Trimmer
Check Andis GTX-EXO Cordless Li- Trimmer price below:

Vinsen Loh chooses the Andis GTX-EXO Cordless Li- Trimmer because it allows novice barbers to improve their skills. Not only that, but it also allows users to work on finer aspects and design work without losing their distinctive touch!


This device ensures greater visibility for fine detailing by combining the classic functionality of the original cordless T-Outliner. It includes a powerful lithium-Ion battery that gives over 100 minutes of operation on a single charge, and its GTX-Z blade is pre-set with a tighter gap for fine detailing in a special gold corrosion-resistant coating.

Moreover, this gadget, like the Master Cordless Clipper, has a high-speed rotary motor with sophisticated Constant Speed Technology that generates 7,200 strokes per minute; making its ultimate blade performance an ideal solution for all hair types.


The Andis GTX-EXO Cordless Li- Trimmer is perfect for cord or cordless trimming and fine details of necklines, facial hair, dry shaving, designs, and hard parts, according to many professional international and local barbers. 

Its intuitive form ensures that the user's outline, shave, and fade are all visible. Because it is cordless, it should make it easier for beginners to work with as it’s not restricting their movements. Indeed, a must-have in your barber equipment kit!

Best hair dryer with complimentary brush and comb
Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer
Check Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer price below:

The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer is another one of those essential barber tools. For those looking for a hairdryer with temperature-adjustable settings, quick-drying without severe heat, and a cool shot, congratulations, you've found a perfect one. Vinsen, as just so happens, is a Dyson fan as well!


The gadget has a styling concentrator and a smoothing nozzle that dries hair with smooth, controlled airflow, in addition to the Dyson-designed 1.4 round brush and a detangling comb. It also has a diffuser for your clients' curls, longer prongs, and a soft air attachment designed for fine hair and sensitive scalps.

Aside from that, rotating magnetic attachments are also included. This, combined with its 28°cold shot to set your clients' hair after styling and its 1600 Watts power, could be just what you're looking for.


The Dyson Supersonic outperformed the competition in terms of drying speed, airflow, and customer satisfaction. Consumers and professional hairdressers alike adore it since it comes with unique accessories and has a smaller and lighter engine. 

Besides, it works great all while preserving hair from damage and drying hair faster than any other dryer on the market. It’s safe to say that it's proven to be the greatest hair dryer you can get if you're in the market for a new hairdryer and have some money saved up.

Best barber scissors series
Mizutani Shears- Schorem Master Series
Check Mizutani Shears- Schorem Master Series price below:

The next item that you must have in your barber kit case is, of course, the Mizutani Shears! All specifications, from the steel material and the handle design to the smallest details, the products in these series have been developed to suit men's cuts.


These comfortable and classic barbering scissors offer properly balanced handles and blades, providing stability and strength for both classic and modern barbering cutting techniques. This design makes the scissors easy to grip and comfortable to hold, making them ideal for blunt, point, and scissor over comb haircuts.

  • Thumb Ring:  Horizontally (19mm), Vertically (21mm)
  • Finger Ring: Horizontally (18mm), Vertically (21mm) 
  • Blade Length: 6inch 61.5mm, 6.5inch 71.9mm, 7inch 82mm, and 7.5inch 91mm 


Because the Schorem gives optimal specifications for men's haircuts in every part of their designs, this series is known to many stylists and barbers because it provides exceptional stability and is suitable for all-rounder barber work.

Best hair cutting comb for basic fine cutting and dry cutting
YS PARK YS-332 Cutting Comb
Check YS PARK YS-332 Cutting Comb price below:

Most clippers come with a comb in the package, but you'll need more than that for particular styles. The YS PARK YS-332 Cutting Comb is a favourite among professional barbers for its all-around combing perfection because of the below features.


The product is made of high-grade super plastic that is utilised in aeroplane parts and has outstanding heat and chemical resistance. It has robust and long-lasting "round teeth" that keep the same tension even when the combing angle changes. 

The handles comfort grip is developed with air holes integrated to offer exceptional flexibility, giving stylists incredible control over every stroke, despite the simplistic design. Not only that, but the holes also serve as a measurement tool!


The Y.S. Park Red ys-332 quick cutting grip hair comb is an ultimate cutting comb with a wide range of applications. Barbers love this comb as it allows them to detangle and feel the hair with the wide-tooth side (ideal for dry cutting), before switching to the fine-tooth side for precision when they need it; giving them even tension to create clean lines. 

Do I need to learn cosmetology to become a barber?

According to Vinsen, no. Undergo the right training is sufficient enough for you to become a barber. However, oftentimes, that’s always the tricky part. Just be sure that you get the best-licensed educator out there for you to learn the trick of the trade.


- What other services should every barber be able to offer?

Creative beard trimming and design work

  • As you probably know, there are many beard styles out there. Hence, it speaks volumes to how many designs and types of trimming should a barber master.
  • Learning and offering these different beard trimming and design work allows clients to switch styles, and empowers barbers to express creativity and practice their skills.

Classic hot towel shaves

  • A hot shave is just a shave that involves placing a hot steamed towel under the neck.
  • Applying a heated cloth to the face before and during shaving, as well as massaging it, improves circulation and makes men feel less stressed and calm. It also promotes the growth of new hair.
  • Besides, it's a time-honoured barbering technique that shouldn't be overlooked!

- Common mistakes new barbers should avoid?

One style does not fit all

  • Even though it’s nice knowing that our hairstyle or our clients’ hairstyles are in trend, not everything in fashion looks good on us.
  • Do your research and ask around if you think it’d be hard to commit to one hairstyle and wait until your next haircut session.

Products Choices

  • Vinsen also stresses the importance for barbers and consumers to use the correct product on the correct hair texture and hairstyle.
  • Be sure that you know your hair type, its problem and what it needs and be extremely careful to not damage it.

- What does it take to become a barber?

passion as it motivates them to keep studying and working toward mastery, years of training to enhance their performance and determination to motivate behaviour to achieve their goal.

- Why barbershop?

Regardless of whether you’re asking as a client or a beginner barber, the answer is that it’s for the classic sense that a barbershop is a simple place that provides amazing vibes. The environment is distinctly masculine and easy-going; fitting the business owner’s target market and client’s natural preference.

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