Commercial hair dyes are loaded with chemicals like ammonia, sodium laureth sulfate, formaldehyde and sodium peroxide. They can be harmful to your scalp and hair health. It's best to go for hair dyes that are made with natural and organic ingredients. We've uncovered what's best for your hair; read to find out which is suitable for you.

1. Biomagic Organic Hair Colour Cream

Best organic hair dye for sensitive skin

Price from RM39.00

shopping_cart Shopee Malaysia RM39.00

Biomagic Organic Hair Colour Cream is formulated with argan oil and keratin. They work to nourish your hair while covering up grey spots deeply. It's ideal for sensitive skin, as the hypoallergenic formula is free from ammonia, resorcinol and PPD.

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2. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color 3N Dark Chestnut Brown

Best organic hair dye for grey hair

Price from RM58.80

Naturtint Permanent Hair Color can cover grey areas and impart shine back into your hair strands. It's formulated with organic, plant-based ingredients and peptides. Additionally, this hair dye gently colours your hair without irritating your scalp.

3. Indigo Powder Hair Colour

Best organic henna hair dye for white hair

Price from RM36.90

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM36.90

The Henna powder does a long-lasting dye job that won’t irritate your scalp. This all-natural method can provide a vibrant and intense colour without the harmful chemicals found in standard hair dyes. Also, it can even condition your hair and prevent dandruff. 

4. Tints of Nature Organic Hair Dye 7D Medium Golden Blonde

Best organic blonde hair dye

Price from RM40.50

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM40.50

Is your blonde hair getting brassy and losing its shine? Fret not, as Tints of Nature’s Organic Hair Dye has got your back. This non-toxic hair dye is not only vegan and cruelty-free but also free from harmful chemicals like ammonia, parabens and resorcinol.

5. Radico 100% Certified Organic Hair Colour

Best organic hair dye for black hair

Price from RM79.90

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM79.90

The Radico 100% Certified Organic Hair Colour would not penetrate and damage your hair shaft. It's made with organic herbs that coat the hair shaft; that will not damage your hair or irritate your scalp. Just mix water into the powder dye with a ratio of 1:3, and you now have a safer hair dye to work with.

6. Cultivator’s Organic Herbal Hair Color

Best organic hair dye for cancer patients

Price from RM39.50

Cultivator’s Organic Herbal Hair Color is made with 100% botanical ingredients that will not harm or irritate your hair and scalp. It's free from ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, parabens, PPD and other toxic chemicals. Besides, this all-natural hair dye can also nourish and protect your hair.

7. BSYNoni Black Hair Magic Organic Dye Shampoo

Best organic shampoo for dyed hair

Price from RM128.00

shopping_cart Lazada Malaysia RM128.00

BSYNoni Black Hair Magic Organic Dye Shampoo works to cover up your white strands and grey hair. It's formulated with Noni extract, wild ginseng and allantoin. Besides, this nourishing hair dye leaves your hair with vibrant and intense colour.

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