A reliable fridge in your kitchen allows you to plan your everyday family meals up ahead, children would have easy access to healthy snacks, and singles can come home to a healthy quick-fix meal from items in the refrigerator, alleviating the ultimate worry of ‘what to eat tonight’.

Having a trustworthy refrigerator is evident with good housekeeping. Here’s an array of the latest models of refrigerators for your home.

1. Hitachi 586L Inverter French Standard Series Fridge R-W720P3M 
Best fridge with water dispenser
Price from RM5,999.00

If you are on the lookout for a kitchen-perfect refrigerator, the Hitachi Big French Standard Series offers you a family fridge with 540L net capacity. Equipped with a dual-fan cooling inverter and an eco-thermal sensor to regulate the core temperature, the best feature of this Hitachi series is the water dispenser located at the front door of the refrigerator. 

2. LG 333L Inverter Compressor Refrigerator GNC372SQCN
Best medium size refrigerator
Price from RM1,499.00

Suitable for space conscious home, this fridge takes up limited space. The LG Korea Inverter Compressor Refrigerator supplies you with a linear cooling system and a moist-guard crisper for your produces.  This latest smart inverter technology allows even cooling at any time and ensures your vegetable and fruits remain fresh with 50% less chance of temperature fluctuation. Enjoy even temperature and fast cooling with optimum moisture level.

3. Electrolux 2 Door Refrigerator ETB2102MG
Best affordable fridge
Price from RM809.00

For a budget purchase, Electrolux introduces you to the 2 Door Refrigerator ETB2102MG fridge which caters efficiently for your kitchen needs.

The modern design is suitable to be placed at your home, office, or even used for a communal purpose at your society hall. With the Deo-Fresh system, it eliminates odour and has a door alarm to alert you if the fridge door is left open.

4. Samsung 566L Side by Side Fridge SAM-RSA1RTSL 
Best with ice maker
Price from RM3,839.00

The Samsung Side-by-Side Fridge hosts a large capacity of 566L and provides you with big drawers in both the fridge and freezer compartment with no frost technology. Easily store food and produces in the excess space for a large family or your party guests.

An ideal feature of the refrigerator is the ice maker located at the front door. This way, you can enjoy endless cool drinks in this hot weather with this competent ice dispenser.

5. Hisense Mini Bar RR60D4AGN 60L
Best mini fridge
Price from RM283.00

Specifically designed to cater for a room capacity, the Hisense Mini Bar is a 60L refrigerator suitable to be placed in your dorm room or at your home bar. With the low noise design and reversible door, it delivers an ergonomically competent fridge for your personal needs. It is both affordable and environmentally friendly.

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6. Midea 93L Refrigerator MS-93
Best small size refrigerator – without freezer
Price from RM425.00

If you are searching for a small and compact-sized refrigerator, the Midea 93L Refrigerator delivers you a dependable fridge with 5-star energy saving for your kitchen needs. With a separate chiller compartment, this refrigerator is without a freezer. The mechanical temperature control allows you to adjust the core cooling system according to your personalised needs.

7. Toshiba Refrigerator 290L Fridge 2 Door TSB-GRS31MPB
Best double-door fridge
Price from RM1,483.00
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Choose Toshiba 290L 2 Door Refrigerator, choose a fridge value for your money. Supplying you with cool air wrap, it regulates and creates fresh air circulation within your fridge. The Hybrid Bio Deodorizer effectively absorbs odour by releasing microbes and prohibits and germ or bacterial growth, keeping your food and fresh produce clean and healthy.

8. Sharp SJD186MSL Single Door Fridge 165L
Best single-door refrigerator
Price from RM849.00

For those looking to procure a basic fridge model, the Sharp Single Door refrigerator offers you a 165L gross capacity fridge complete with a separate freezer compartment. It hosts bottle pockets and egg trays with spacious vegetables and fruits case. A simple yet fulfilling choice for your general home and kitchen need.

9. Hesstar HDS-43G Showcase Chiller 430L
Best fridge with glass door
Price from RM1,643.00

The Hesstar Showcase Chiller is with 430L capacity and regulates a cooling internal temperature for your kitchen or restaurant needs. Designed with a mechanical temperature control, you will be able to adjust the cooling system accordingly to the type of items stored in the chiller. Arrange vegetable and fruits or rows of can drinks and ensure the freshness and chill remains.

10. Sharp Double French Refrigerator 750L SHPSJF95VMSS
Best large refrigerator – with stainless steel exterior
Price from RM4,199.00

An ultimate kitchen dream for any homemaker – the Sharp Double French Four Door Refrigerator with 750L capacity. It allows you to arrange rows and rows of frozen delights and fresh fruits, store a roasted whole chicken, or even a large birthday cake on the shelves.

With the J-tech inverter technology, this Sharp fridge is both environmentally friendly and reduces the energy consumption. The ideal choice for an extended family home.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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