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12 Best Refrigerators in Malaysia 2023 - Top Brand Reviews

Keep your veggies and fruits garden-fresh for a longer time

There is no questioning the necessity of having a refrigerator in every household. It is a sizeable investment so choosing the perfect one is not a decision that should be taken lightly. However, just like almost every other appliance, there are one too many options. 

It can get confusing but you’re in luck because we’ve done the research and found some of the best fridges and their notable brands in Malaysia, with everything from the top-rated refrigerators to their prices! Keep on reading to find which of these are worth taking a look at to find the most suitable types of fridges for you. 

Top 12 Refrigerators In Malaysia

Faber 500L Side-by-Side Refrigerator LUSSO SBS-500
Check Faber 500L Side-by-Side Refrigerator LUSSO SBS-500 price below:
add_circle Eco-saving mode with inverter compressor
add_circle Huge capacity

Why It’s Our Top Pick

“The top-notch quality of the Faber Lusso Inverter Refrigerator comes at a reasonable price for more energy efficiency in the long run. From its design and size to the compressor and capacity, this fridge has all it takes to level up your kitchen.”


While others are priced twice as expensive, the Faber LUSSO SBS-500 Refrigerator is one of the cheapest inverters and side-by-side fridges available on the market. It also comes with a touch panel door control, so the temperature and settings of the fridge can be widely adjusted.

Furthermore, since the cooling system is frost-free, you don’t have to worry about ice buildups on the walls as the air constantly circulates in a dynamic flow. This allows your food to stay fresh for a longer period of time as compared to refrigerators with no frost-free technology!


  • Motor Type: Inverter
  • Refrigerator Type: Side-by-side
  • Cooling System Type: No Frost
  • Input Voltage: 220V
  • Gross Capacity: 500L
  • Nett Capacity: 425L
  • Freezer Capacity: 178L
  • Weight: 75kg
  • Dimension (L x D x H): 836 x 610 x 1712 (mm)
  • Warranty Duration: 1 year (General), 10 years (Compressor)

Who is this for?

Thanks to its slim design, this fridge is suitable for houses with smaller kitchen spaces since it can fit in between your cabinets seamlessly. We also recommend this refrigerator for bigger households as the inverter compressor saves energy despite its capacity of up to 500L of food.

Best refrigerator with ice maker and water dispenser
samsung fridge with water dispenser
Check Samsung Side-By-Side Refrigerator RS64R5101B4/ME price below:
add_circle Non-plumbing ice and water dispenser
add_circle Built-in deodorizing filter
add_circle Power Cool/Freeze
add_circle Energy-Saving
add_circle Auto ice-maker


If you’re someone who enjoys having ice available for you at any time, then the Samsung Side-By-Side Refrigerator RS64R5101B4/ME might be the ultimate dream. Not only does this fridge conveniently dispense cold water, but it also comes with an auto ice maker, perfect for whenever the hot season makes you crave iced drinks!

You won’t have to worry about storage space either, thanks to its SpaceMax™ technology, giving thinner walls with a minimal amount of high-efficiency insulation; thus creating more internal space without having to increase the external size.


  • Motor Type: Digital inverter compressor
  • Refrigerator Type: Side-by-side
  • Cooling System Type: All-around cooling, No frost
  • Input Voltage: - 
  • Gross Capacity: 660L
  • Nett Capacity: 617L
  • Weight: 107kg
  • Dimension (L x D x H): 912 x 610 x 1746 (mm)
  • Warranty Duration: 24 months (Manufacturer)

Who is this for

For those who are lovers of chilled beverages or cold water, this fridge is the perfect addition to the kitchen. It can be installed anywhere without plumbing, and its all-around cooling system also ensures that food is cooled and consequently stays fresher for longer!

Hisense 720L Glass 4 Door Inverter Fridge Refrigerator RQ768N4ABU
Check Hisense 720L Glass 4 Door Inverter Fridge Refrigerator RQ768N4ABU price below:
add_circle Big capacity and large storage space
add_circle Metal Cooling provides even temperature distribution


A good refrigerator is one that will cater to your changing needs, and the Hisense 720L Glass 4 Door Inverter Fridge Refrigerator RQ768N4ABU is no exception. It’s equipped with fully adjustable shelves, giving you the freedom to adjust the shelf height whenever you need to.

And, with just one fridge, you get three choices with three separate compartments – the regular fridge section, the freezer section, and My Fresh Choice sections, which allows users to convert it into either an extra fridge or freezer depending on what you need at the moment.


  • Motor Type: Inverter
  • Refrigerator Type: 4 Door
  • Cooling System Type: No Frost
  • Input Voltage: 220V
  • Gross Capacity: 720L
  • Nett Capacity: 392L (Fridge), 96+95L (Freezer)
  • Weight: 126kg
  • Dimension (L x D x H): 912 x 725 x 1785 (mm)
  • Warranty Duration: 12 Years (Compressor), 2 Years (General) 

Who is this for

Hosting parties can take a lot of space in your fridge, what with all the big bottles of drinks and large cake boxes, and sometimes your fridge just isn’t capable of taking them on. This is why if you’re looking for a big fridge with ample customisation abilities, give this one a try.

Best budget refrigerator (suitable for a young couple)
Electrolux ETB2302J-A
Check Electrolux ETB2302J-A price below:
add_circle Cheap for an inverter fridge
add_circle Highly energy and cost efficient
add_circle Good amount of storage for its price
add_circle Keeps protein sources, veggies and fruits fresh


Planning to move in together but you’re on a tight budget? For a reasonable price, couples can check out the Electrolux UltimateTaste 300 ETB2302J-A. Additionally, if your partner loves vegetables, they’ll enjoy this even more thanks to the TasteLock crisper that maintains the freshness and crispness of vegetables!

That’s not all, as the fridge also has a special TasteSeal compartment for users to store their meat and seafood, keeping them fresh and juicy at a constant -2°C. Accompanying that is the TasteGuard carbon filter, with the capability of eliminating up to 93.5% of odours, leaving you with an odourless fridge.


  • Motor Type: Inverter
  • Refrigerator Type: Two-door
  • Cooling System Type: EvenTemp
  • Input Voltage: 240V
  • Gross Capacity: 230L
  • Nett Capacity: 210L
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Dimension (L x D x H): 540 x 615 x 1405 (mm)
  • Warranty Duration: 1 year (General), 10 years (Compressor)

Who is this for

This fridge is overall a fantastic value buy, especially considering the decent storage space, as well as the usage of the inverter compressor which can save energy and money in the long run!

Best single-door refrigerator (perfect for a bachelor pad)
Midea 1-Door Refrigerator MDRD229FGD28
Check Midea 1-Door Refrigerator MDRD229FGD28 price below:
add_circle Compact-sized, easy to store
add_circle Affordable and suitable for singles
add_circle Minimalist design
remove_circle No ice-maker


Is a bachelor’s pad really complete without a refrigerator to store your goodies? Not really, which is why you should stock up for when your buddies come to your place with the  Midea 1-Door Refrigerator. Its energy-saving technology reduces power consumption, making it an eco-friendly addition to your home too!

With decent capacity and shelves for storage, this fridge works well to keep the basic amount of groceries, especially for the bachelors or single-living homeowners. What’s more, there’s also an inbuilt multi-airflow system that ensures consistent cooling, keeping your food items fresh and nutritious!


  • Motor Type: Fixed frequency motor
  • Refrigerator Type: Single Door
  • Cooling System Type: Direct Cooling
  • Gross Capacity: 163L
  • Nett Capacity: 168L
  • Weight: 37.0kg
  • Dimension (W x D x H): 520 x 540 x 1086 (mm)
  • Warranty Duration: 1 year (General)

Who is this for?

If you’re looking for a basic fridge for your rental house, this one is a good investment for temporary usage. It doesn’t take up too much space nor does it cost a lot, so it’s a decently priced and sized fridge to meet basic needs without a huge commitment!

Check HITACHI Inverter 4 Door French Bottom Freezer Refrigerator R-WB640VM0 GBK price below:
add_circle Customisable storage functions
add_circle Automatic ice maker
remove_circle Expensive


If you want to splurge on a refrigerator, consider the feature-filled HITACHI Inverter 4 Door French Bottom Freezer Refrigerator R-WB640VM0 GBK. One of its most unique functions is Selectable Zone’s Soft Freeze, which allows you to keep your meat and fish fresh and ready to cook, all without the need to defrost them!

Despite its steep price point, this fridge size is big yet easy to use for large families, thanks to its 4-door design and optimised storage. You also won’t have to worry about odours, as this fridge utilises a triple power filter to deodourise and keep smells from mixing.


  • Motor Type: Inverter
  • Refrigerator Type: 4 Door French Bottom Freezer
  • Cooling System Type: No Frost
  • Input Voltage: 220V
  • Gross Capacity: -
  • Nett Capacity: 372L (Fridge), 100L (Freezer), 97L (Selectable Zone)
  • Weight: - 
  • Dimension (L x D x H): 900 x 720 x 1840 (mm)
  • Warranty Duration: 1 year (General), 10 years (Compressor)

Who is this for

The large size of this fridge makes it suitable for families with bigger sizes, as there’s ample space and organised storage to keep everyone well-fed and happy. It’s also great if you’re always hosting parties, as the Quick Cooling function allows for faster cooling of drinks.

Toshiba French Door Dual Inverter Refrigerator GR-RF532WE-PGY (22)
Check Toshiba French Door Dual Inverter Refrigerator GR-RF532WE-PGY (22) price below:
add_circle Plenty of storage
add_circle LED lights provide good lighting for users


Looking for a home fridge that can be easily converted to match your storage requirements? Then try out one of the best quality refrigerators on the market, Toshiba’s French Door Dual Inverter Refrigerator GR-RF532WE-PGY. Its large chest freezer drawers make it a perfect choice for storing frozen meals and larger items, all while fully maximising your kitchen space.

Furthermore, thanks to the Humidity Control feature, different types of foods can be kept fresh for longer periods, preventing more food wastage in the long term! Too many temperature fluctuations can also cause food to go bad, which is why the Dual Radar Sensors are helpful, as they can automatically perceive internal temperature differences and adjust the internal temperature accordingly.


  • Motor Type: Inverter
  • Refrigerator Type: 2 French Door + 2 Chest Freezer
  • Cooling System Type: No Frost
  • Input Voltage: 220V
  • Gross Capacity: 582L
  • Nett Capacity: 500L
  • Weight: 136kg
  • Dimension (L x D x H): 833 x 685 x 1898 (mm)
  • Warranty Duration: 2 years (General), 12 years (Compressor, upon online registration)

Who is this for

Toshiba is one of the most reliable refrigerator brands in Malaysia, which is why this product is a good choice if you want something that will be worth your money! With its independent circulation, it accurately controls temperature and saves energy consumption, making it a great energy-saving option.

Best mini fridge (mini bar)
Best mini fridge
Check Hisense Mini Bar RR60D4AGN 60L price below:
add_circle Compact size
add_circle Low noise
add_circle Very affordable price
add_circle Reasonable length of warranty considering its price
remove_circle Unadjustable shelves
remove_circle No freezer compartment


Do you lack the space for a full-sized fridge but still want quick access to chilled items? The simple solution comes in the form of the Hisense 60L Mini Fridge Mini Bar, a compact-sized fridge that’s suitable for keeping snacks and drinks cool in your dorm room, office, or bedroom.

This fridge operates at less than 45dB, which isn’t too noisy but is within the typical noise range (32dB to 47dB) for refrigerators. If you’re planning to place this unit in your bedroom, this might be something you’d want to consider. Besides, it stands on height-adjustable legs for easy height modification! 


  • Motor Type: Inverter
  • Refrigerator Type: Single Door
  • Cooling System Type: No Frost/ Fan cooling
  • Input Voltage: 220V
  • Gross Capacity: 60L
  • Nett Capacity: 45L
  • Weight: 13.5kg
  • Dimension (L x D x H): 465 x 485 x 533 (mm)
  • Warranty Duration: 24 months (Supplier)

Who is this for

A little bonus is that this mini-fridge comes with a lock and key for privacy, which is perfect if you have self-assertive roommates or colleagues who shamelessly help themselves to your snacks and drinks.

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samsung fridge with screen RS62T5F01B4/ME
Check Samsung Side By Side With Family Hub Refrigerator RS62T5F01B4/ME price below:
add_circle Can be connected to WiFi for multiple functions
add_circle SpaceMax Technology to store more items
remove_circle May be difficult to set up for beginners


Refrigerators are more sophisticated than ever, and Samsung is on top of their game with their Side By Side With Family Hub Refrigerator. It has schedules, messages, photos, and videos that can be shared on the home screen so that everyone in the family is updated on the important details. 

View the inside of your fridge from your smartphone, all thanks to the internal camera. You can also easily create a shopping list using the Shopping List App with touch or voice commands. It can then be synced to your phone so you’ll have it with you for reference when you go on your grocery run.


  • Motor Type: Digital inverter compressor
  • Refrigerator Type: Side-by-side
  • Cooling System Type: Mono cooling
  • Input Voltage: -
  • Gross Capacity: 661L
  • Nett Capacity: 628L
  • Weight: 108kg
  • Dimension (L x D x H): 912 x  610 x 1744 (mm)
  • Warranty Duration: 24 months (Manufacturer)

Who is this for

Lovers of organisation and meal planning can have their jobs simplified thanks to artificial intelligence and food profiling. With the Recipes App, weekly meal plans can be made based on ingredient availability in your fridge, saving you the hassle of going through your groceries!

Panasonic Bottom Freezer Refrigerator NR-BX471CPSM review malaysia
Check Panasonic Bottom Freezer Refrigerator NR-BX471CPSM price below:
add_circle Large, organised compartments
add_circle 4 intelligent sensors to monitor user's patterns for energy efficiency
add_circle Well-distributed space between fridge and freezer
add_circle Very sleek, durable finish
remove_circle Slightly pricier than similar competitors


Though not the most affordable, Panasonic refrigerators have always been a crowd favourite. The NR-BX471CPSM is a great option for those who want a bottom freezer refrigerator for better organisation and space. It’s perfect for a family of 4 to 5, especially for those with mobility issues, thanks to the eye-level shelf placements allowing easier access.

Aside from its freezer, the fridge is also equipped with a PrimeFresh+ compartment which can freeze fish and meat at about -3°C, retaining freshness for up to 7 days. This also means that when it's time to cook, hardly any thawing is needed before cooking, which saves a lot of time! 


  • Motor Type: ECONAVI Inverter 
  • Refrigerator Type: Two-door
  • Cooling System Type: No frost
  • Input Voltage: 240V
  • Gross Capacity: 465L
  • Nett Capacity: 420L
  • Weight: 81kg
  • Dimension (L x D x H): 686 x 695 x 1790 (mm)
  • Warranty Duration: 12 months (Manufacturer)

Who is this for

Aside from its huge space, users will like the fact that it utilises 4 intelligent ECONAVI sensors to monitor daily refrigerator usage. This is done so to optimise the best energy efficiency for reduced consumption, making it a great fridge for those with families who like to open the doors all the time.

LG Side-by-Side Fridge in Dark Graphite Finish GC-B257JQYL
Check LG Side-by-Side Fridge in Dark Graphite Finish GC-B257JQYL price below:
add_circle Plenty of interior storage space
add_circle Easy for users to get help with troubleshooting
remove_circle Shelves not suitable for larger or taller items


Having an organised fridge means you’re less likely to have food that gets buried and forgotten at the back of the shelves. With the LG Side-by-Side Fridge in Dark Graphite Finish GC-B257JQYL, you can expect to say goodbye to all the fridge clutter and food wastage issues!

Additionally, the Multi Air Flow system ensures that every refrigerated item inside will be properly cooled, thanks to the multiple air cooling vents located in the fridge. There’s also LG’s Smart Diagnosis, giving users an easy way to troubleshoot any issues faced with their fridge. 


  • Motor Type: Inverter
  • Refrigerator Type: Side-by-side
  • Cooling System Type: No Frost
  • Input Voltage: -
  • Gross Capacity: 424L (Fridge), 270L (Freezer)
  • Nett Capacity: 416L (Fridge), 239L (Freezer)
  • Weight: 103kg
  • Dimension (L x D x H): 913 x 735 x 1790 (mm)
  • Warranty Duration: 10 years (Compressor)

Who is this for

As the design of the fridge is side-by-side doors, users who have narrow kitchen space can consider buying this product as the doors require less room to swing open, but also doesn’t compromise on too much fridge storage space!

Beko Refrigerator Inverter with Auto Ice Maker RDNT401E50VK
Check Beko Refrigerator Inverter with Auto Ice Maker RDNT401E50VK price below:
add_circle Has an auto ice maker
add_circle Reasonably priced


On a tight budget but in need of a no-frills fridge? You can consider one of the best 2 door fridges available in the Malaysian market right now, the Beko Refrigerator Inverter with Auto Ice Maker RDNT401E50VK. Not only does it use inverter technology to save energy consumption, but it also has adjustable shelves for you to change it up!

You won’t have to worry about any of the odours mixing either, as the fridge uses 2 separate cooling systems to prevent any odour transfer from happening. On top of that, it has an Active Odor Filter, which removes odours and bacteria from the cool air circulated in your fridge, keeping all your food nice and fresh. 


  • Motor Type: Inverter
  • Refrigerator Type: 2 Door
  • Cooling System Type: No Frost
  • Input Voltage: 240V
  • Gross Capacity: 409L
  • Nett Capacity: 277L (Fridge), 98L (Freezer)
  • Weight: 61kg
  • Dimension (L x D x H):  66 x 70 x 172 (cm)
  • Warranty Duration: 12 years on site

Who is this for

This plain and simple fridge is perfect for those who are just starting out with a new house and require something that won’t break the bank, but still serve its purpose and functionality. 

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- How To Choose the Best Refrigerator

Consider the size of your household

Estimate the amount of storage you’ll need, including the number of people living at home who need refrigerator space as well.

  • The smaller your fridge is the lesser energy and electricity you’ll consume in a month.
  • Also, consider the amount of storage you’ll need for both the freezer and refrigerator sections.
  • If you don’t require much space in a freezer, then opt for a one-door fridge; it has a high percentage of refrigerator space and smaller freezer space. Otherwise, opt for an equal-sized fridge and freezer space.

Measure the size of your kitchen

  • If you have an open kitchen layout, then you’re advised to get big refrigerators.
  • If you have limited space, then you should go shopping with your measuring tape.
  • First, get the measurement of the kitchen space where you wish to place your new fridge.
  • Match the refrigerator of your choice at the store with the measurements you took at home to avoid buying one that's too large and won't fit in your kitchen.

Fridge Capacity 

When shopping for fridges, one of the factors to consider is fridge capacity. Many probably don’t know this, but some appliances like fridges have gross and net capacity.

  • The former is the total volume of the refrigerated space. Net capacity, on the other hand, is the refrigerated space available once the structural features (like shelves and door bins) of the fridge have been taken into account. 
  • Manufacturers often advertise the gross value as the capacity instead of the more accurate net value.
  • Hence why, upon delivery, some customers get caught off guard by the smaller-than-expected capacity of the fridge. To avoid disappointment, always check the product specifications for the fridge’s net capacity. 

- Type of Fridges: Comparing Door Styles

Different types of door styles suit different needs. Here is a breakdown of the more common fridge door designs.

Door Style



●      Basic and economical

●      Available in various sizes

●      Not suitable for people with mobility issues as users might have to bend to access the refrigerator compartment below


●      Still quite affordable

●      Slide-out, bottom-freezer compartment

●      Eye-level refrigerator compartment for easy access


●      Vertical-style freezer and refrigerator compartment

●      Refrigerator compartment typically has more storage

●      Suitable for narrow kitchens as their door swing areas are less than traditional fridges

French Door

●      Plenty of storage space

●      Tends to have a premium price tag

●      Double door refrigerator compartment and slide-out drawer freezer compartment

●      Some models are also known as ‘multi-door’ or ‘4-door’ fridges as they use double doors for the freezer compartment too

- What is a Suitable Temperature for a Fridge in Malaysia?

According to Panasonic Malaysia’s website, the ideal temperature for the freezer compartment should be at -18°C whereas the refrigerator compartment should measure between 3°C and 5°C. Such optimum temperatures are needed to prevent bacterial growth as well as to preserve the nutrients of the food.

- How Long Should You Wait Before Putting Food in a New Fridge?

The opinions are pretty subjective for this question, but many agree that a minimum of 2 hours should be observed before putting food into a new fridge. However, it is always best to double-check with the manual for the particular fridge or the manufacturer themselves.

- How Much Electricity Does a Fridge Use in a Day?

It really depends on the type of fridge you’re going for but according to TNB Energy Services, a 16ft3 , frost-free refrigerator consumes an approximate 400W per day. However, it will vary from model to model, with factors like their energy efficiency technology that need to be taken into account.

- Conclusion

In short, it’s crucial to purchase a fridge that meets your expectations no matter the budget. If you have a large family of 7 to 8 people and plan to purchase a small capacity fridge of 300L that costs around RM1,500 just because it’s within your budget, you’d probably end up with not enough space in the fridge and more stressful days ahead. 

Find out how much of a capacity you’ll need, set a budget, then start looking. Remember that buying a fridge is a long-term investment, so get one that’s energy saving, a trusted brand, and has a good warranty period. Hope we’ve given enough tips to help you make the right choice!

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