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22 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him That He’ll Surely Love

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Ladies, don't forget to shower your man with some gifts too! And who says it has to be for your romantic lover only? Anyone would appreciate some Valentine's Day gifts be it your father, brother or even a guy friend. After all, gifting (and receiving) is a rewarding feeling no matter what.

Of course, it can be tasking if you don’t really know what they like. So, in the spirit of being supportive of your personal relationships, we at Product Nation are extending a helping hand to all of our readers. 

Below are perfect gift ideas for him, no matter who he is in your life. 

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Tom Ford Black Orchid and Ombre Leather Eau De Parfum Travel Set
Tom Ford
1. Tom Ford Black Orchid and Ombre Leather Eau De Parfum Travel Set
Gift for your husband
Updated on 7th January 2021

A cherry on top would be when you have your husband smelling classy like a snack dream for yourself this Valentine's Day. Why not indulge him (and yourself) with this Tom Ford Black Orchid and Ombre Leather perfume set so that he’ll smell nice and irresistible all the time? 

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Best Korean sheet mask for dry skin
2. Dr. Jart+ Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution
Gift for men who have everything
Updated on 16th December 2020

Maybe the man in your life has everything, but does he remember to take care of his skin? Having healthy and moisturized skin is always great for first impressions. Consider getting the Dr. Jart Vital Hydra Solution Facial mask to help him looking the best, all the time. 

Moleskine I_KL Pocket Notebook
3. Moleskine I_KL Pocket Notebook
Gift for the teacher
Updated on 16th December 2020

So he's a teacher, huh? Rather than just grading student work, this classy looking Moleskin notebook would serve nicely as a way for him to be in tune with his penmanship. They can jot down all their notes, ideas and even little doodles during their breaks. 

Adding a special touch to this Moleskin is the fact that it tributes its aesthetics to our capital city:- thus named “I_KL”. This will especially be great for those teachers who have an undying love for Kuala Lumpur. 

Stojo Collapsible Biggie Cup
4. Stojo Collapsible Biggie Cup
Gift for the boss
Updated on 16th December 2020

Is your other half seem hard at work on his business? Try a Stojo Cup for a more environmentally friendly gift. This collapsible cup allows users to store drinks on the go. With its many colour variations and its spill-proof design, this cup is a sure-fire winner that he can appreciate during his meetings. 

Dyson V8 Slim Fluffy Plus
5. Dyson V8 Slim Fluffy Plus
Gift for the parent
Updated on 16th December 2020

Cleaning before and after the holiday season can be really tough for parents. Help make their lives easier by getting them this light and easy Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner which is one of the best in its class. With up to 40 minutes of run time, a powerful motor and an advanced filtration system, you can guarantee smiles on their faces once all the cleaning is done. 

HARIO V60 Ceramic Dripper Coffee Maker, 01
6. Hario V60 Ceramic Dripper Coffee Maker, 01
Gift for the coffee lover
Updated on 16th December 2020

This is for all the coffee-lovers out there, especially those who are into brewing their own fresh cuppa joe daily. The Hario V40 ceramic coffee dripper is the perfect luxurious gift to let them appreciate coffee notes brought out when using the pour-over method. 

As the ceramic option retains heat better than its glass counterpart and is way more durable than the plastic version, this dripper gives a more consistent flavour profile in each brew.

7. Sony SRS-XB12
Gift for the Traveler
Updated on 24th February 2021
add_circle Waterproof
add_circle Impressive audio for compact size
add_circle Stylish colours
add_circle Has a speakerphone mic
remove_circle Speakerphone mic isn't very clear

For the one who often goes on travel, why not get him a Sony SRS-XB12 Bluetooth speaker for him to enjoy on his adventures? The IP67-rated speaker has a battery life of up to 16 hours play and is designed with a detachable strap so he can enjoy music easily while he explores the outdoors.

Gift for doctor boyfriend
8. LAMY Logo 204 Shiny Blue BP
Gift for doctor boyfriend
Updated on 21st December 2020

For that guy friend who is a doctor, consider getting him this LAMY ballpoint pen. With most of their work time centred around stressful situations, you’ll perk their day with this nice gift every time he has to write patient notes. 

Not only is the pen designed to last, but it also allows its users to change cartridges after each one’s life cycle, so it’s less wastage overall for such a great pen.  

Belkin USB Type-C Car Charger
9. Belkin USB Type-C Car Charger
Gift for the car lover boyfriend
Updated on 16th December 2020

For the road head car lovers who are constantly driving, we recommend the Belkin USB-C Type charger for its fast-charging compatibility. Getting stuck in traffic or long road trips with low battery and slow charging ports can be a real bummer. So, adding this little device to their day-to-day life will surely do the trick to make it a little better for them.

DALER-ROWNEY Georgian Oil Introduction Set
10. DALER-ROWNEY Georgian Oil Introduction Set
Gift for the artist
Updated on 16th December 2020

Some really nice art supplies would be the best idea for those who love to dabble in art. So, why not consider this Georgian Oil paint set for them?

This one from Daler-Rowney is odourless and has most of the primary colours to let you mix and create your desired shape. The tubes of oil paints can be used straight out of the box and provide an amazing consistency all-over a painting medium whether it's used in wet or dry techniques.

christmas gift idea for him - nordic ceramic cup mug
11. Nordic Matte Ceramic Mug
Gift for his office
Updated on 4th January 2021

Sitting in an office for long hours can become tiring and, in most cases, stressful. So, if you’re looking to help him relax at his working space, consider getting this Nordic Style ceramic cup with a 500ml capacity. He can have a nice hot cup of beverage be it coffee or soup it and safely use it for microwaving as well as in the dishwasher.

Adidas Performance Hat
12. Adidas Performance Hat
Gift for the golfer
Updated on 16th December 2020

Standing under the sun all day can be really tiring and harmful, and that means the average golfer too. Remind your dearest to stay safe by gifting them this comfortable golf cap from Adidas. If you’re up for it, get yourself one too and join them out on the golf course! 

Kodak Portra 160 35mm 36 Exposures
13. Kodak Portra 160 35mm 36 Exposures
Gift for the photographer
Updated on 16th December 2020

These days, shooting on film is really expensive in the long run. As film photography is now a niche art among most types of photographers, a lot of film prices have shot up significantly. For your special one who appreciates the analogue side of photography, gifting them a roll of Portra for Valentine's Day would inspire them to in their next photography sessions. 

Adidas Running Edge RC 3
14. Adidas Running Edge RC 3
Gift for the runner
Updated on 16th December 2020

For running enthusiasts who usually burn through their soles really quickly, you can look into getting them a more long-lasting and of high-quality shoes like these Adidas ones. With its sleek design and comfortable sole that’s made for a comfortable running experience, these shoes would definitely be deeply appreciated by any runner.

iPad 8th generation 10.2-inch (Wi-Fi)
15. Apple iPad 8th generation 10.2-inch (Wi-Fi)
Gift for the elderly
Updated on 6th January 2021

Seeing your grandpa or an older relative perk up during their elderly age is a joy to witness! Especially now that staying in touch is more important than ever, especially during these trying time whereby some of us are far away from each other whilst in practising social-distancing. Therefore, getting an iPad to stay close, connected and updated for elderly relatives can be really useful. In times of boredom, they can watch YouTube videos or stream movies and TV shows on Netflix. 

HERSCHEL Little America Core Backpack
16. HERSCHEL Little America Core Backpack
Gift for the university student
Updated on 11th January 2021

Lugging around notes, a computer and books can be really tiring especially for university students. Even if classes are not happening physically, getting this Herschel backpack for your boyfriend in university can be a great help. With 25 litres of storage, this bag is stylish enough to be used for uni and for backpacking trips. 

Kandle Kandle Travel Size Hand Poured Soy Wax Scented Candle
17. Kandle Kandle Travel Size Hand Poured Soy Wax Scented Candle
Gift for your best friend
Updated on 6th January 2021

If he loves the finer things in life, he can surely appreciate the luxury of a good-smelling home. A pleasantly-scented room or space can improve moods which help to lead to a healthier, happier life. Just choose from one of Kandle Kandle’s array of scented candles for him. It’s a guaranteed way to help them to relax too. 

Tefal Daily Cook Stewpot with Lid (24cm)
18. Tefal Daily Cook Stewpot with Lid (24cm)
Gift for the chef
Updated on 19th April 2021

For the chef in your life, who probably already has an abundance of cookbooks and recipe lists, cooking has now become more easily accessible with the help of the internet. 

Hence, why not get them a good and sturdy stewpot for soups, stews and even curries? This is especially nice for those who love to experiment on cooking new types of foods and are usually in need of new cookware.

Portable Dog Water Bottle & Food Container
19. Portable Dog Water Bottle & Food Container
Gift for the dog lover
Updated on 16th December 2020

Keeping pets hydrated and happy during long walks at the park is especially needed if they’re running around and being really active. With this two in one dog food container, your animal-loving other half can carry food and water for their pets, so they can stay hydrated and have happy, full tummies. 

JBL TUNE 500BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones
20. JBL TUNE 500BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones
Gift for the music lover
Updated on 16th December 2020

For all the music lovers in your life, good audio quality is essential for an excellent listening experience. Still, finding a good pair of headphones is hard as most of them are very expensive. 

For the one who just wants to enjoy music on the go, get these JBL on-ear headphones for their they great price-to-performance quality ratio compared to its other counterparts in the market. 

ZWILLING® SENSES 30pcs Dinner Set
21. Zwilling® SENSES 30pcs Dinner Set
Gift for the foodie
Updated on 11th January 2021

Foodies who love dining will definitely tell you that the consumption of their food should be done in style. This Zwilling dinner set will be appreciated by a foodie’s sense of touch. The quality and sheer weight as well as the design of the 6 sets of cutleries definitely enhance the dining experience from a 0 to 100 really quickly. 

Aesop Balance: Classic Skin Care Kit Various
22. Aesop Balance: Classic Skin Care Kit Various
Gift for your son
Updated on 16th December 2020

Is your son buying gifts for others but not himself? Taking care of your skin should be a habit for everyone to adopt. Hence, getting a skincare set from Aesop for your son not only shows that you care for them, but it’s also a nice luxurious set for him to enjoy. This Balance Classic Skin Care Kit is suitable for all skin types, so no worries on irritations appearing!

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