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Twitter To Introduce Long Form Tweets In Early February 2023

'Musk' you really tweet that long?

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Elon Musk, the notorious new CEO of Twitter recently tweeted that the social media platform will be undergoing a few changes to its UI and features. besides easy swipes to the new bookmark button, he also mentioned about extending the character limit for tweets.

Credits: @elonmusk on Twitter

Last month, it was widely reported that Twitter will increase its 280-character character limit to 4000. The whole discourse started when a Twitter user mentioned him in a tweet, asking whether it's true that Twitter will increase the character limit, to which Elon Musk simply replied, 'Yes'.

Credits: @allanobare4 on Twitter

Back then, there was no confirmation on when exactly this change will come, but now we do. Musk has confirmed (through a tweet) that long-form tweets (character limit unknown) will be available in early Feb. 

This part of a UI overhaul will later allow users to share articles or long shares, without having to break them into several different Tweets and make threads. These changes are mentioned to be introduced this coming February. So what do you think? Do we really need that much character limit to tweet? 

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