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"Rate Limit Exceeded" On Twitter? Here Comes A Competitor To Claim The Spotlight!

Time to jump ship?

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Instagram will be releasing their new app which could possibly end up replacing Twitter, especially after the Tweet limit fiasco that happened over the weekend. Introducing Threads from Meta: Expected to launch on the 6th of July, the app is already available to preview on Apple App Store.

So what’s it about? Well, according to the description on App Store and Google Play Store, you will be able to interact with creators, find out what’s trending, and even share your own ideas and opinions with everyone: sounds just like every other social media, doesn't it? More importantly, it sounds exactly like Twitter.

So, if you're looking for a Twitter alternative, this might be it. However, even though App Store shows that it will be available for download on 6 July, there's no mention of whether it will be coming to Android, or if it would be available in Malaysia at all. 

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