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Here Are 17 Christmas Gifts Under RM100 Your Kids Will Love

Christmas shopping for your kids is now easier!

One of the happiest festivals of the year is finally here. And part of the spirit of Christmas is definitely gifting!

If you're struggling to find a suitable gift for a child, why not look to our list of Christmas gift recommendation and ideas? Worry not, we list suitable gifts for any child aged from birth till late teenagehood. Some are even great for an adult!

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Rainbow Loom
Check Rainbow Loom price below:

We may not be able to have nice things in life, but we can make nice things for ourselves. The well-known Rainbow Loom is not only popular among school girls but also adults as well. Equipped with enough resources to make 24 bracelets, your little girl can take the set as a challenge, hobby or inspiration to make her own jewellery. 

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Check TY My Little Pony Beanie Buddies Soft Plush Toy price below:

Ever since the revamp of the classic My Little Pony show, it has drawn the attention of not only little girls and boys alike, but even teenagers and adults as well. For those who'd love to bring their favourite pony wherever they go, these 18cm in height plush ponies are sure to be an irresistible buddy among their toy collection.

Check Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor Blaster price below:

There's something about playing games that require dexterity and accuracy. When your aim is great, you'll get a sense of pride and joy. With this Elite Disruptor Blaster, one can shoot their battleground enemies at up to 90 feet in distance, catching anyone by surprise.

Containing a drum that fits up to 6 bullets, one can choose to fire 1 dart at a time, or all 6 at once! We won't judge if you need one to get even with another Disruptor Blaster user.

LEGO Speed Champion 75880 McLaren 720S
Check LEGO® Speed Champions (McLaren 720S) price below:

Present your little LEGO®-lover brother or sister with this Champion Speed Set. The buildable car features several detailed accessories and comes with a McLaren minifigure, cockpit and other necessary parts to function the toy. 

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Check NoZig Magic Fun Fidget Cube price below:

This little peculiar toy is sure to keep your ADHD child busy. Small and sturdy, the fidget cube is easily carried around in any pockets and can be rolled or spun around due to its shape. Filled with clicky mechanism to keep those little restless fingers busy, it's a great stress reliever too for any older child and adults alike.

Babycare Music Toys Learning Baby Walker
Check 4-in-1 Children Music Walker price below:

You can't blame a toddler for having grabby hands and wanting to touch everything you own. Instead of buying multiple simple toys, why not get a big and complicated one?

Filled with colourful, interactive features including a book, piano and buttons, your tot will have loads of fun with this walker. Especially suited for those 6 months and older, the walker is also helpful for piquing your baby's curiosity, learning, stand and balance thanks to its anti-slip handle.

Check Cloth Soft Book (Goodnight Baby) price below:

Have your child develop better learning abilities while being entertained by this educational soft book. Made with an array of colourful interactive features, your little infant will want to hog the book even during their sleep. As it is made of soft cloth, rest assure that it's totally safe for your little one to handle when alone.

Baby Elephant Pillow Plush Toy
Check Baby Elephant Pillow Plush Toy price below:

Is it a plush toy, or a pillow? This 60cm Elephant Doll not only makes a good cuddle buddy but also a very comfortable pillow! Made of cotton, it is sure to calm your baby during napping and night time. The best thing is that as a multipurpose plush, the doll is sure to still be well-loved at different ages to come.

Uno Game
Check UNO Game price below:

Have you or your child ever played UNO? There's a reason why they're so popular. While you can play them the classic way, there are lots of ways to play them too just like how you can with a standard deck of playing cards. With a couple of special trick cards such as "Skip" and "Reverse", test your wits and numbering skills while having countless fun with your kids from as young as 7. 

Recommended for 5 years and above
Check Pie Face price below:

You’ve probably seen videos of this hilarious Pie Face game floating around. This viral game provides a delicious game of family fun. Place a generous amount of whipped cream on the throwing arm and let the anticipation build as you turn the handles, not knowing if you’ll end up with a face full of whipped cream.

Check NaVa Foldable Children Tri Wheel Scooter  price below:

Get your child out and about with this Tri Wheel Scooter. Instead of sitting down in front of the TV or iPad all day, stretch out those leg and arm muscles for a day of enjoyment in the great outdoors. Due to its three-wheel design, together with its braking system calls for better stability and safety of this scooter, giving you less to worry about. On top of that, this scooter is foldable, making it easy to store and bring around!

Check Fingerlings - Interactive Baby Monkey price below:

Let your child fall in love with this must-have toy! This little monkey loves clinging onto your fingers and will go wherever you go. Watch this monkey come to life as your child interacts with it. Pet it and hear its adorable cooing sounds, kiss it and it'll kiss you back, you can even rock them to sleep! With over 50 different animations, it's almost like getting a real pet!

Recommended for 5 years and above
Check Stealing Cat Coin Box price below:

What better way to teach your kids to save than with this cute coin box? Just place the coin on the fishbone, gently press down, and the cat will steal the coin! With such an adorable design, your kid will surely want to save more of their pocket money. A great way to encourage and form good saving habits!

Recommended for 6 years and above
Check Star Wars Darth Vader Mask price below:

Take on the identity of Sith Lord Darth Vader with this sinister mask. Dabble in the dark side and find out how it feels like to be one of the most formidable villains in the galaxy with this detailed, yet lightweight, mask.

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Best for 8 years old and above
Check 13-in-1 Solar Robot price below:

Transformers what? This one-of-a-kind educational walking robot can be transformed into 14 other robot modes! This futuristic robot features a set of unique tools and accessories to allow it to move on land and water. Harnessing solar power instead of batteries, your child can learn all about renewable energy sources while having fun!


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Check LCD Writing Tablet and Drawing Pad price below:

Instead of always drawing on paper, why not gift your creative child with this 8.5-inch size drawing tablet? This affordable friendly drawing pad utilises a pressure-sensitive LCD screen. Together with the included stylus, your kid can draw and write to their heart's content be it at home or school. In terms of the build, the pad is made of durable hard plastic, with its screen coated with an anti-dazzling and anti-scratch film.

Check Tsum Tsum Kindergarten School Backpack price below:

Kids can have lots of excuses for loving or hating school. How about making their world a happier place by gifting this cute backpack? Best for kids from 2 to 5 years old, your young tot may just love school a little better. The bag is made of nylon and has a dimension of 25 x 12 x 31cm (L x W x H), so your child can carry the bag safely.

Some other features include a Polyester lining insert and an adjustable shoulder strap for greater comfort. There's also a side picker for bottle storage, and several compartment storages to keep your child's pencil box and notebooks.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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