The Ultimate Malaysian Christmas Gift Guide For Every Person On Your List

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Christmas is nearing and if you’re reading this, you probably have no idea what to get for all the special people in your life. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some gifts that will be so good that Santa will have them delivered to your doorstep himself!

Xiaomi Cannon Mini Bluetooth Speaker

RM 41.5
Best for students

Whether to listen to music while they study or to listen to their lectures, this mini Bluetooth speaker will be something that all students will like. It even comes attached with a suction cup that allows it to be fixed on walls, and is so small that it can be easily taken anywhere.

3L Hydration Bagpack

RM 20.9
Best for runners
2. 3L Hydration Bagpack
Best for runners

Runners will love this handy hydration bagpack that’s suited for short or long runs. With a capacity of 3 litres, your runner friend will not be able to thank you enough for this super useful and cool-looking gift.

What Do You Meme Card Game

RM 39.99
Best for teens

As teenagers are often the ones keeping up with trends, it may be difficult to know what’s hot or not for them. Play it safe! The one thing that we can all be certain of is that everybody loves memes. And that’s exactly what this fun game is all about!

Jackbox five-piece set gift box

RM 44.9
Best for him

Tell them how special they are with this gift box made up of a necktie, handkerchief, tie clip and cufflinks. Apart from being a comprehensive set, the all-matching design is also great to up his style and fashion sense, ultimately resulting in him feeling good about himself too!

Best for hair and beauty enthusiasts

Deer and Rabbit Humidifier

RM 62.8
Best for animal lovers
5. Deer and Rabbit Humidifier
Best for animal lovers

Animal lovers unite! This deer and rabbit humidifier is cleanliness, freshness and humidity all in one. With a 200ml capacity, it can work for up to 8 hours of continuous spraying and functions silently. Furthermore, adding humidity into the surrounding environment is a great way to avoid lots of easily-preventable health conditions. Cute and functional, this gift is great even if your friend is not an animal lover.

Locaupin Thermal Flask

RM 27.9
Best for colleagues
6. Locaupin Thermal Flask
Best for colleagues

Coffee, tea or whatever drink it is that your favourite colleague likes to drink, this thermal flask will keep their beverages both hot and cool throughout the day. Choose from a variety of colours. It is perfect for both male and female coworkers too!

Tetris Phone Case

RM 13.99
Best for gamers
7. Tetris Phone Case
Best for gamers

While games have evolved levels and the graphics of those being created today are unrivalled, some things stay evergreen. So when it comes to this phone cover that lets you play old school Tetris on-the-go? We say, “yes please!” It’s a fun instrument, but it also looks super cool!

Heat Colour Changing Mug

RM 159.78
Best for coffee lover
8. Heat Colour Changing Mug
Best for coffee lover

Nothing is more exciting than receiving something absolutely unique (or magical) like this heat colour-changing mug. One need only pour their favourite cup of hot coffee and recharge just like the mug’s battery design.

High Borosilicate Glass Teapot

RM 47.5
Best for tea drinker

A pretty teapot is great for anyone who likes tea or serving it to guests, and this elegant one fits just fine. This glass teapot can handle heat at up to 100 degrees, and has an integrated filter for easy separation between water and tea leaves. It’s definitely one to have at tea parties, as this teapot set comes with 6 additional teacups.

Jewelry Box Storage Organizer Box Christmas Birthday Gift

RM 69.9
Best for jewellery lovers

We all know someone who has tons of jewellery lying around everywhere and desperately needs an organiser. This jewellery box comes in multiple compartments, ring holders and a mirror. Besides, you can even lock it up to prevent theft with a little key provided.

SANDA 208 Luxury Couple Watch Set

RM 139
11. SANDA 208 Luxury Couple Watch Set
Best for your girlfriend

When you love someone, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend with them because it will never be enough. But because you can’t buy time, you’re next best option is to buy them a watch! This classy watch is elegant-looking and comes in a pair so that you can match with your girlfriend too. 

Playboy Casual Backpack

RM 89.9
12. Playboy Casual Backpack
Best for your brother

We get it, buying things for guys can be tough. But the good thing is that guys will almost always need backpacks. With multiple zip pockets and two exterior side slots, this classy looking Playboy backpack is both stylish and functional. Available in various colours too!

Sephora The Full Mask Ritual

RM 235.00
Best for her

Pamper her from head to toe with this gift set of 7 masks from Sephora. Whether a sleeping mask or something to nourish her eyes, face, hands, foot or lip, there’s something to leave her feeling glamorous! These masks are also packed with super ingredients such as avocado, shea, coconut and charcoal.

Electric Chocolate Fondue Melt Pot

RM 27.8
Best for chocoholic

Know a chocolate lover who can’t stop talking about, well, chocolate? With this electrical fondue pot, they can now enjoy chocolate fondue as well as experimenting different chocolates mixed together as well. This electrical pot requires no water at all, so one can enjoy their favourite chocolate in melted form at its finest.

Marble Neon Brazil Pothos Money Plant

RM 15
Best for grandparents

Grandparents have the softest hearts around that don’t ask for much. In fact, for all the care and love that they’ve probably shown to us, chances are that we will never be able to reciprocate the same amount of gratefulness to them. Still, we can try, and this Marble Pothos plant is a great idea.

Efficient at removing indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene, Marble Pothos are some of the easiest plants to care for. They thrive in both indirect bright light and low light conditions, and only require water moderately. Unwanted vines can also be easily trimmed using a pair of scissors.

Photo Magnet from Photobook

RM 35
Best for people who have everything
16. Photo Magnet from Photobook
Best for people who have everything

Not too sure what to buy your friend who seems to already have everything? Show them how much you value their presence in your life with this photo magnet set instead! Fully customisable, have your best shared memories printed as mementos. Our bets are that they’ll love it!

Headband/hairclip set

RM 23
Best for girls

Girls just want to have fun, and a great way to do it is by letting them dress up and accessorise! Plus, these pretty little clips will make them feel pretty and act as cute little details in their outfit too.

The Face Shop Holiday Hand Cream Set

RM 50
Best for mom

Moms are super because of their natural tendency tocontinue to take care of us even after we’ve grown up. With years of labour on her hands, tell her you love and appreciate all the care she has given with this hand cream set. Perfumed and ultra soft, it’ll melt into her hands to nourish and give it some love.

Thermos JDC Desktop Mug Series

RM 95
Best for dad

Is your dad a coffee drinker or someone who’s a big fan of his afternoon tea? If that’s him, this Thermos mug will be great to keep his drinks warm or cool. It even comes with a lid to keep the contents in his mug secure, and will be a great addition to have for when he watches TV.

Arcona Glow and Go Duo

RM 77.00
Best for your sister
20. Arcona Glow and Go Duo
Best for your sister

Sisters may be a nuisance sometimes but we love them all the same at the end of the day. Show your sister some love this Christmas with this toner and cleanser set from Arcona. Filled with properties to cleanse, balance and hydrate. What can we say but glow, sister, glow!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture-Protect Lip Care

RM 32
Best for friends

Packed with vitamin E and a sun protecting capacity of SPF15, this lip balm is perfect to give your friends some TLC this holiday season. It’s also suitable for both males and females, and perfect for all skin types!

CRC DSLR Camera Bag

RM 28.29
22. CRC DSLR Camera Bag
Best for photographers

Photographers are often seen having to carry lots of equipment with them. Make your photographer friend’s life easier with this multi-compartment DSLR bag. With lots of space for their lenses, additional parts and camera bodies, their hands will be freer now.

Sanctuary Lime Basil Chamomile Classic Candle

RM 89.56
Best for workaholics

Does watching your workaholic friend devote too much of their time to their work make you feel uneasy? While you might not be able to do much to help or alter this, you can help by alleviating some of the pressure that they feel. Lavender is popularly known for its stress-relieving and rest-inducing effects. Bathed with the clean notes of fresh lemony verbena with hints of spearmint sprigs, this scented candle will help to release a sense of calmness after a long day of hustling. It even has a burn time of 40 hours.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Deodorant Stick For Men

RM 115
Best deodorant stick with fragrance for men
Paco Rabanne
24. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Deodorant Stick For Men
Best deodorant stick with fragrance for men

Deodorants infused with fragrance save time especially for those who are always rushing in the morning. This one from Paco Rabanne has a fresh opening which then flows into spicy leather notes. It ends with a rose-cinnamon accord mixed with leather and woody notes for a masculine finish.

MyProtein Carb Crusher Selection Box

RM 99
Best for fitness junkies
25. MyProtein Carb Crusher Selection Box
Best for fitness junkies

There’s no denying that fitness junkies are all about that protein life, and this is the ultimate high-protein snack! With a selection of Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Strawberry Cheesecake and Caramel Nut-flavoured bars, your gym-going friend will love you for knowing them well.

The Body Shop Activist Eau De Toilette

RM 129.9
Best for your boyfriend
The Body Shop
26. The Body Shop Activist Eau De Toilette
Best for your boyfriend

Citrus, coriander, mint and sandalwood. If this combination sounds yum enough to you, the good news is that you can get it all packed up in a bottle as a perfume for your special one. The Body Shop’s Activist EDT is an energising and sporty fragrance that your boyfriend will love. Notes of sandalwood gives it an earthy tinge that keeps it smelling calm too.

Elba Slow Cooker

RM 104
Best for busy working people
27. Elba Slow Cooker
Best for busy working people

Know anyone with an insane work schedule? There is no way they could even take a minute off to cook themselves a healthy meal; including a one-pot meal. However, they can throw all the ingredients into one pot, and let them cook overnight with this Elba Slow Cooker. It comes with a separate crock-pot and a variable thermostat control so they can prepare multiple types of stews and soups.

Owen Baby 9 Piece Gift Set

RM 95
Best for newborns

This gift set contains all the basics that new mothers need for their newborn. Both girl and boy sets are made from high-quality materials that are soft and comfortable and sport cute little animal prints. In the box, you’ll find a bodysuit, a t-shirt, a pair of pants, a cap, booties and 4 pieces of washcloth.

Panasonic Hair Styler PSN-EHKA71

RM 144
Best for hair and beauty enthusiasts
29. Panasonic Hair Styler PSN-EHKA71
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This multiple-function hair styler is perfect for that friend who is all about her hair. There are seven attachment heads: blow brush, roller brush, air iron, volume lifter, nozzle, straightener and two hair clips. It’s also made with the Silent Operation technology when you’re on Dry Mode. No matter what hairstyle she wishes to have, the Panasonic Hair Styler can fulfil it.

Wooden Jenga with Dice

RM 9.5
Best for kids

It doesn’t matter how young your children are, Jenga is a relatively easy game to understand. It improves hand-eye coordination and is a great way to teach perseverance. Plus, this is one game that adults will love to play with kids as well!

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