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12 Best Christmas Trees in Malaysia 2023 - Ideas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas~

Tis’ (almost) the season!

The best time of the year is nearing us, and soon everywhere will be decorated with the familiar sight of Christmas trees and paraphernalia. Why not get ahead of the others and start putting up decorations earlier? Even if you aren’t big on decorations, you can’t make do without a Christmas Tree!

There’s an abundance of Christmas trees for sale in Malaysia, but it might be difficult to find the ones you want exactly or even come up with ideas on how to decorate them.

Worry not, cause we’ve got your back! We’re wishing you (an early) Merry Christmas with this compiled list of the best Christmas trees available in Malaysia for you to choose from this jolly season.

Top 12 Christmas Trees in Malaysia

Best Live/Real Christmas Tree
FarEastFlora Real Christmas Tree - Premium Grade Noble Fir-review-malaysia
Check FarEastFlora Real Christmas Tree - Premium Grade Noble Fir price below:
add_circle Smells good
add_circle Fun experience
remove_circle Shedding needles can be messy
remove_circle Can carry allergens

O’ Christmas tree, how good you make the house smell!

Whoever said we don’t have live Christmas trees? Introducing FarEastFlora’s Real Christmas Trees! This premium-grade noble fir has European origins, and since it’s a natural farm-fresh product, every tree has individually unique characteristics in its shape and fullness.

It’s definitely going to smell like a crisp, fresh Christmas in your home with this tree, so if you’re a fan of the natural fir scent, this is a great option! 


  • Height available: From 5 to 13 Feet (Estimated 175 cm to 400cm)
  • Tree type available: live from Europe; premium-grade noble fir 
  • More info: Comes without tree stand; delivery charges start from RM 80

Who is this for?

If you have a green thumb and are enthusiastic to care for a real fir tree, this would fit your house perfectly.

Best mini Christmas tree
Mini Christmas Pine Tree Decor-review-malaysia
Check Mini Christmas Pine Tree Decor price below:
add_circle Tiny
add_circle Easy to store away


If you lack the space for a full-sized tree, why not try a mini Christmas Pine Tree decor? These adorably-sized mini trees have ‘snow-covered’ tips, giving you that white Christmas feel even while in Malaysia.

Decorate them with tiny baubles or other decorations of your own and it’ll be the cutest tiny addition to your living space.


  • Height available: 10cm, 15cm, 20 cm, 26cm
  • Tree type available: 3 other heights available
  • More info: Recommended to get a few different heights to create your own “Christmas tree garden” 

Who is this for?

Because of its mini size, this tree is perfect if you lack any extra space for bigger Christmas trees, yet still want to decorate your home accordingly.

Best wooden Christmas tree
Wooden Christmas Tree-review-malaysia
Check Wooden Christmas Tree price below:
add_circle Unique design
add_circle Low maintenance


Last Christmas I gave you my heart, and the very next day you gave me this wooden tree. Wait, what?

Amongst the many green Christmas trees available, a unique one that would surely stand out is this Wooden Christmas Tree. Although it can’t be decorated, the tree requires none of the frills, as it is a special decoration on its own.

It also has a hand-carved look, giving the illusion that it could be custom made, as well as blends in nicely amongst a wood aesthetic.


  • Height available: 40 cm
  • Tree type available: Wooden tree
  • More info:  Shop also sells other various Christmas decorations

Who is this for?

As amusing as it looks, this is probably a one-of-a-kind tree that’ll stay in the memory of your guests. This tree is great for those who want a change from the usual traditional Christmas trees.

Supersave PVC Green Grade Pine Needle Christmas Tree - Cherry Snow-review-malaysia
Check Supersave PVC Green Grade Pine Needle Christmas Tree - Cherry Snow price below:
add_circle Easy to assemble
add_circle Comes with tree stand


It’ll be a Holly Jolly Christmas with this tree in your home.

Sure, traditional green Christmas trees are nice, but it’s even better when it comes with additional pinecones and cherries. 

This Cherry Snow Christmas Tree has white-frosted tips on its leaves, as well as pinecones and cherries scattered throughout to give it a complete look. All you need to do is throw on some fairy lights and other baubles, and you’ll have a nicely decorated Christmas tree.


  • Height available: 120 - 210 cm
  • Tree type available: Grade A - AA, Red +Pine, Dark Pine, Snowy, Ink Green
  • More info: Easy-to-hinge structure with branches for quick assembly and disassembly when needed 

Who is this for?

As simple as it is, this tree is great for those who like fuller looking trees and want to save on some decorations.

Nordic Style DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Wall Decoration-review-malaysia
Check Nordic Style DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Wall Decoration price below:
add_circle Unique design
add_circle Saves space


Now here’s another alternative to traditional floor Christmas trees - a Nordic Style DIY Wooden Christmas Tree. 

This hanging wooden Christmas tree isn’t like your usual trees, as it’s meant to be hung up on your wall which saves space as well as physical effort to set up. And because it’s not a sticker, it’s unique enough to catch the attention of your guests.

With a minimalistic rustic style, this set also comes with decorations for you to style your tree exactly like how you see it in the pictures, saving you the time needed to think of ideas.


  • Height available: 55 x 80 cm
  • Tree type available: Wooden
  • More info: Other set with different designs available, or just the wooden rack alone

Who is this for

Lovers of minimalistic designs or for those who lack floor space to put a tree can try this simple tree. What’s fun is that you can also hang lights or additional decoration of your own onto it!

Best white Christmas tree
AtuZ White Christmas Tree-review-malaysia
Check AtuZ White Christmas Tree price below:
add_circle Easy to assemble
add_circle Dense and bushy
add_circle Available in several heights


We’re dreaming of a white Christmas, just like this tree.

If you truly want something “white Christmas”, go full out with the whole theme and get yourself a White Christmas tree! This full-white tree is sure to stand out even more when paired with appropriate decorations, making it the centrepiece of any Christmas party.

It can be used both indoors or outdoors, wherever you prefer, and is relatively easy to assemble.


  • Height available: 5 - 7 ft
  • Tree type available: Aside from “White”, Green” is also available
  • More info: Comes with its own steel tree stand 

Who is this for

This tree is great if you’re seeking a full-white theme for your Christmas decorations. Although it’s not as affordable as one may expect, the tree is said to be quite dense and bushy as reviewed by many others.

Best Christmas tree for bedroom
AtuZ Christmas Wooden Table Decorations-review-malaysia
Check AtuZ Christmas Wooden Table Decorations price below:
add_circle Small sized
add_circle Easy to keep


Sometimes we remember to get a full-sized Christmas tree in the living room, but we might also want to decorate our bedroom to fit the spirit of the season. For those who wants to jazz their space, this Christmas Wooden Table Decorations has a few tree options for you to consider.

It comes with cute little Christmas figurines to sit inside the tree, making it a perfect Christmas to have on your bedside table.  


  • Height available: 22.3 x 28.3 x 6.8 cm
  • Tree type available: Wooden
  • More info: Red and Green colours available

Who is this for

Instead of a traditional fruit bowl as a centrepiece, why not use this as a unique and on-theme table decoration? You can even place this on your vanity table or cupboard for your pleasure!


Best Christmas tree decorations
Xmas Tree Tinsel Garland Decoration-review-malaysia
Check Xmas Tree Tinsel Garland Decoration price below:
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Versatile


You don’t necessarily have to get Chirstmas trees of any kind, in fact, even a Christmas Tinsel Garland can sometimes be more than enough to decorate your house.

Drape these garlands over your tree for an added pop-out effect, or hang them from your walls and ceilings with decorations of your own to make the atmosphere festive. It doesn’t always have to be styled traditionally; just get as creative as you want with it!


  • Height available: 2 metres x 9 cm
  • Tree type available: 4 other colours available
  • More info: Decorate these with ribbons and baubles for a minimal Christmas look, or use it to create wreathes

Who is this for

Don’t want to invest in trees but still want to decorate your home? This saves you the space and creates the same effect you’re looking for.

Best pre-lit Christmas tree
Big 1.8M PVC Christmas Tree Package-review-malaysia
Check Big 1.8M PVC Christmas Tree Package price below:
add_circle Decorations included
add_circle Good quality


You’ll be saying ‘ho ho ho’ with this Christmas Tree Package, as it comes with all the decorations you would need to make your living room look festive. This set has a total of 150 pieces all together, giving you the complete package and saving the headache of how to decorate your tree.

It’s also not too big that it would take up much space in your home, but provide a cosy, festive atmosphere.


  • Height available: 1.5 - 1.8 metres
  • Tree type available: PVC
  • More info: Comes with complete set of decorations including fairy lights and baubles

Who is this for

This Christmas tree set is great for those who might be just starting out with trees and are having trouble wondering how to decorate them.

4M 138 Christmas Leds String Lights with 8 Modes-review-malaysia
Check 4M 138 Christmas Leds String Lights with 8 Modes price below:
add_circle Waterproof
add_circle Energy saving


Make your Christmas tree stand out even more with these Christmas LED Lights. Not only can you use this as decoration for your tree, but they can also be hung outdoors to amp up the festive mood in the neighbourhood.

This string light comes with 6 small stars, 3 big stars, 1 big elk,1 big Christmas tree,1 big bell ornament, and multiple icicle lights. It also has 8 lighting modes and is waterproof.


  • Height available: 4 metres
  • Tree type available: Can be used on trees or as stand alone light decorations, also has a multicolour option
  • More info: Has an IP44 waterproof rating, extendable to combine with other lights

Who is this for

Bored of traditional fairy lights? Then these uniquely-shaped lights are a sure way to make your decorations stand out.

Solar Outdoor Garden LED String Lights Christmas Tree Decoration-review-malaysia
Check Solar Outdoor Garden LED String Lights Christmas Tree Decoration price below:
add_circle Easy to assemble
add_circle Power saving

You know what we think? Even Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer would find himself in your garden decorated with LED Christmas trees.

Speaking of which, looking to decorate your garden for Christmas as well? Then maybe this Solar Outdoor Garden LED String Lights Christmas Tree Decoration will help to amp up that festive ambience that you want.

This decoration piece is solar-powered, so you don’t even have to worry about keeping it powered. It also has an automated timer so that it’ll turn on at the appropriate times. Light up your garden with multiple trees and you have yourself the perfect nighttime backdrop. 


  • Height available: 50 cm
  • Tree type available: LED lights
  • More info: Includes solar panel and LED star topper, also comes in multicolour option

Who is this for?

For the Christmas enthusiasts who are looking for a minimal outdoor decoration; this piece is versatile and can fit most Christmas themes easily.

Kids DIY Felt Christmas Tree Wall Decoration-review-malaysia
Check Kids DIY Felt Christmas Tree Wall Decoration price below:
add_circle Fun activity for all ages
add_circle No mess


Let the children rock around the Christmas tree of their very own! Even the kiddos can have something to do for Christmas with this DIY Felt Christmas Tree Wall Decoration. 

Whether it’s in their bedroom or the playground, they can be occupied with their own little felt tree that’s waiting to be decorated however they like it. It’ll be a fun activity that can be done by themselves or together with family.


  • Height available: 95 cm
  • Tree type available: Felt tree with felt decorations
  • More info: Other variations are available

Who is this for

If you’re scared the little ones might make a mess of the actual Christmas tree, give them this by placing it in their own corner for their enjoyment.

- What goes on a Christmas tree first?

So you’ve just bought your very first Christmas tree, congratulations! But, what now? 

If you’re feeling stumped on ideas to decorate your Christmas tree or where to even start, just follow these steps and you’ll have yourself a nicely decorated tree in no time at all!

Step 1: Lights

  • First and foremost, start with the lights. Why? Simple. It’s so that you won’t have to struggle navigating in between all the ribbons and ornaments after you’ve placed them. 

  • You will also be able to know if you need to add on more lights, which is easier to do without the ornaments obstructing your view.
  • Placing the lights first is also a fantastic way to see how your ornament placement will be, as there are sure to be some spots that are more well-lit than others, leaving you to decide if you want to display your best bauble there.

Step 2: Ribbons and Garlands

  • It might seem like an odd second step, but it makes sense once you read our explanation. Layering your ribbons will elevate your tree’s aesthetic, and gives it more depth. 

  • In order to do so, you’d need to add some ribbons deep into the tree, which can only be easily done when there’s no ornaments in your way.      
  • The same goes for garlands. They can also be used to spruce up some of the emptier-looking trees, which again requires you to get deep between the branches.  

Now that your base layer has been established, all that’s left to do is to stick in the branch-like ornaments and hanging baubles, as well as other unique embellishments of your own if you have.

- What does the Christmas tree represent?

The tradition of associating Christmas with evergreen trees such as pine or fir dates back in history all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks. 

Since then, Christmas trees have their own different representations amongst different cultures, but the important aspects all remain the same:

  • The giving spirit and exchange of presents
  • Embracing nature and its role in the changing seasons
  • Eternal life and the life cycle
  • Embracing the traditions of the holiday

- What is the best type of Christmas tree?

Well, this will solely depend on your preferences.


If you do genuinely love trees and the smell of pine, then a real Christmas tree is for you. Despite needing extensive care, nothing beats a real, beautifully decorated Christmas tree on display.

Even though they can’t be reused, the lush appearance of a real tree will truly put you in a festive mood. Plus, it's actually better for the environment (as they can easily be recycled for other uses)!


However, if convenience and lifespan are the key features you seek in a Christmas tree, then an artificial one is an ideal option for you.

Although more costly, an artificial tree can last up to 10 years and requires minimal care. You won’t have to deal with the mess of pine leaves and branches as artificial trees are built to stay intact for a long time. 

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