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12 Courier Service Providers that Add Speed to your Deliveries

Speed is the future of business

Courier-delivery services have never been more essential in this day and age. With online shopping becoming more prominent and with lockdowns still in place due to the pandemic, domestic and international shipping has already become a necessity in Malaysia.

More importantly, there is now increased demand for the best express delivery services that deliver items within several hours on the same day. 

So whether you’re looking for delivery options for your business or for individual use, here is a breakdown of the best courier service companies in Malaysia.

City-Link Express
1. City-Link Express
Updated on 6th April 2021

City-Link Express is a trusted courier service provider that has long been operating in the country. They offer various value-added services such as same-day delivery, integrative warehousing solutions, and e-commerce integration. And if you would like to deliver a parcel overseas, City-Link Express is able to transport items up to 45kg. 

  • To West Malaysia: From RM13.00
  • To Sabah: From RM17.50
  • To Sarawak: From RM17.50
  • Courier partners: Shopee Malaysia
Ninja Van
2. Ninja Van
Updated on 16th April 2021

Aside from major merchants, Ninja Van also caters to the needs of various shippers such as social media sellers, small businesses, and enterprises. One of Ninja Van’s selling points is its flexible parcel drop-off/ pick-up points. On top of that, they provide cash-on-delivery services if you need to collect payments from the receiver. 

  • To West Malaysia: From RM7.00
  • To Sabah: From RM13.00
  • To Sarawak: From RM13.00
  • Courier partners: Shopee, Lazada, Zalora Malaysia
Shopee Xpress
3. Shopee Xpress
Updated on 6th April 2021

If you’re a seller on Shopee, you will definitely want to try Shopee Xpress. Applicable for deliveries up to 30kg, Shopee Xpress shipping is handled and fulfilled by Shopee’s very own logistics fleets. The best part is, for parcels up to 3kg, shipping is free.

  • To West Malaysia: From RM4.03
  • To East Malaysia: not available at the moment
  • Note: Shopee Xpress is only available to selected sellers on Shopee
DHL eCommerce
4. DHL eCommerce
Updated on 6th April 2021

For express shipping, DHL eCommerce handles deliveries up to 70kg, whereas for standard parcel shipping, the maximum weight is 30kg. If you need protection for your parcels, worry not, because DHL offers insurance as an optional value-added service alongside their shipping service. 

  • To West Malaysia: From RM7.90
  • To Sabah: From RM17.00
  • To Sarawak: From RM17.00
  • Courier partners: Shopee and Lazada Malaysia
Pos Laju
5. Pos Laju
Updated on 16th April 2021

One of the most well-known courier service providers, Pos Laju offers a comprehensive range of delivery services. Their shipping service includes 3 options: Prepaid, Express, and Economy. To add on, they have an online shipping platform tailored for online and e-commerce sellers, named “SendParcel”, which allows merchants to choose from 8 impressive package plans.

  • To West Malaysia: From RM7.55
  • To Sabah: From RM12.00
  • To Sarawak: From RM12.00
  • Courier partners: Shopee and Lazada Malaysia
J&T Express
6. J&T Express
Updated on 16th April 2021

J&T Express positions its brand as the preferred courier service provider for e-commerce businesses, with over 3,000 drop-off points nationwide. 

Aside from reasonable local service fees, they offer one of the cheapest international shipping options. To ship a 1kg parcel from West Malaysia to Singapore, it’ll cost just about RM47 as compared to the average price of RM50 and above . 

  • To West Malaysia: From RM6.35
  • To Sabah: From RM10.60
  • To Sarawak: From RM10.60
  • Courier partners: Shopee and Lazada Malaysia
Grab Delivery
7. Grab Delivery
Updated on 7th April 2021

If you wish to deliver an item as quickly as possible, Grab Delivery is your best bet. For your convenience, their 4-hour delivery option charges you a flat rate and is usually half the price of the Instant Delivery option, based on the distance tier. 

Otherwise, their Instant Delivery option will set you a rate that’s charged by each km, with the base fare being RM9.70 for car and RM5 for bike.

  • Instant Delivery (Car): From RM9.70 
  • Instant Delivery (Bike): From RM5.00
  • 4-hour Delivery: From RM5.00
  • Courier partners: Shopee and Lazada Malaysia
8. GDex
Updated on 16th April 2021

GDex is not only known for their same-day delivery and next-day delivery services, but also for their excellent pickup service that includes standard pickup and late pickup. 

The late pickup option enables you to specially arrange for an extension of pickup after working hours. Offering customers more flexibility, they also allow for early deliveries and that urgent shipments can be pre-arranged. 

  • To West Malaysia: From RM11.00
  • To Sabah: RM16.05
  • To Sarawak: RM13.05
  • Courier partners: Lazada, Zalora Malaysia
9. Skynet
Updated on 16th April 2021

In addition to providing efficient 1-3 delivery day shipping services, Skynet also provides warehousing and fulfilment services, ensuring that fragile goods are handled with love and care. They also provide import & export clearance services, making it an ideal option for businesses. To date, Skynet has earned its reputation as one of the best-rated courier service providers. 

  • To West Malaysia: From RM6.50
  • To Sabah: From RM12.20
  • To Sarawak: From RM12.20
  • Courier partners: Lazada Malaysia
10. Pgeon
Updated on 6th April 2021

Offering superb convenience, Pgeon allows you to send and receive parcels either from a drop-off point, which gives you the best rates, or directly from your doorstep, which is super convenient. If you’re not at home to collect your parcels, you can always choose to collect them from any of the 3,000 Pgeon Points, free of charge. 

  • To West Malaysia: From RM5.50
  • To East Malaysia: Not available at the moment
The Lorry
11. The Lorry
Updated on 7th April 2021

As its name suggests, The Lorry is a platform where you can rent a lorry, van, and 4x4 car. Providing services such as lorry transport (1-5 tonnes), furniture disposal, and house/ office moving, they make booking a lorry as easy as booking a car. The Lorry is extremely ideal for business owners who wish to outsource their business’s supply chain and logistic functions.

  • Van: From RM40.00
  • Lorry (1 tonne): From RM60.00
  • Lorry (5 tonne): From RM140.00
Mr Speedy
12. Mr Speedy
Updated on 6th April 2021

Yet another courier service provider offering instant delivery, Mr Speedy enables you to book a motorbike, car, or lorry with the click of a button. Their rate starts at an affordable RM5 for locations within Klang Valley. On top of that, you can either choose to deliver an item ASAP or at a specified time.

  • Bike (up to 15kg): From RM5.00
  • Car (up to 70kg): From RM13.00
  • Lorry (up to 1 tonne): From RM55.00

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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