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7 Best Solar Power Banks in Malaysia 2024 - For Camping, Hiking

Save the environment, use solar energy!

In today’s era of technology, the worst nightmare for most would be when their gadgets are running out of power at an impromptu moment. In such a case, the solar power banks come in handy.

These solar power banks can convert energy from the sun, which in turn can be used to charge or power various electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. Of course, in Malaysia, we have no shortage of sun and heat, so check out these best solar power banks that can keep you juiced up wherever you are!

7 Best Solar Power Banks in Malaysia 2024

Best Overall Solar Power Bank
FlashFish 40800mAH 200W 220V
Check FlashFish 40800mAH 200W 220V price below:
add_circle Multiple power outputs
add_circle Travel-sized

Why It’s Our Top Pick?

When it comes to solar power banks, you should get one that is powerful and lasts long. This is why we recommend the FlashFish Power Station. It’s a portable power station with a 151Wh (40800mAh) battery which should last you quite a while, and it has solar-powered charging.


One of the worse things that could happen to you when you’re outdoors camping is having your devices die on you because they ran out of battery. That’s when a high-capacity powerbank can come in handy. With the FlashFish Power Station, you won’t have to worry about this issue.

The solar-powered power bank has multiple outputs, allowing you to charge multiple devices, including your smartphone, tablet, camera, light, fans and others. It’s also designed for portability with a handle that makes it easy to carry around.  


  • Size: 208 x 110 x 158 (mm)
  • Multiple Charging Outputs
  • QC3.0 Outputs allow for fast charging

Who is this for?

If you find yourself going on frequent camping trips or vacations in nature, then this power bank is something you should look into, as its 151Wh battery alone makes it last long enough for at least a couple of days. 

Best 80000mAh solar power bank
Zity Original
Zity Original 80000mAh Power Bank_1
Check Zity Original 80000mAh Power Bank price below:
add_circle Four USB output ports for multiplayer use
add_circle Super-bright LED emergency light
add_circle LED power display for status and information
remove_circle Slow charging through solar charging


Cheap and big; that’s the Zity Original solar power bank for you. Best of all, it is inexpensive yet packs a super-large capacity of up to 80000mAh. You can now fully charge a device and leave it with spare juice for more charges. 

A little downside is the solar charging is rather slow. It could take up to 21 hours under direct strong sunlight to fully charge the Zity power bank. It is still recommended to charge it via an adapter, which only takes a few hours.


  • Large 80000mAh capacity
  • Strong LED light with various functions
  • Support both wired and wireless charging

Who is this for?

With its impressive large capacity, the Zity 80000mAh solar power bank best suits those who are frequently travelling and working off-site. You won’t have to experience the horror of devices going off during emergency times anymore. Featuring a smart chip, you can play games, stream videos and attend meetings while charging.

Best solar power bank for camping
Goal Zero
Goal Zero Yeti 500X_1
Check Goal Zero Yeti 500X price below:
add_circle Power most small to medium devices
add_circle Comes with AC outlets
add_circle Large pack capacity for multiple charges
remove_circle Premium price
remove_circle Solar panels are sold separately


Designed as a portable power station, the Goal Zero Yeti 500X keeps all your small to medium size devices and appliances charged even if you are away from power outlets. It is perfect for longer camping trips and backyard parties thanks to its large pack capacity of 505Wh.

The Yeti 500X is also equipped with different ports to power a wide range of devices from phones to mini-fridges. It can pair with solar panels to keep away from tethering to a wall outlet.


  • Supports low battery protection
  • Comes with a high-speed PD port to fast charge USB-C devices
  • Long battery lifecycle

Who is this for?

If you are always out for short trips, camping and outdoor parties, the Yeti 500X is the ideal portable power station which can be charged under direct sunlight. The battery lifecycle is amazing which is 500 cycles to reach 80% capacity.

Best solar power bank for home and outdoor lights
VANPA Portable Power Station 600W_1
Check VANPA Portable Power Station 600W price below:
add_circle Relatively lightweight for a high-capacity power bank
add_circle Plenty of variants with different maximum capacity and maximum output power
remove_circle Pricey
remove_circle Solar panels are sold separately

Small in size, mighty in performance; the VANPA Portable Power Station 600W is powerful enough to support the charging of small electrical appliances at high output power. Its impressive maximum capacity allows powering of low-power devices such as outdoor lighting for up to a few days.

With safety in mind, the VANPA power station comes with several safety features, including an emergency LED light, overpower protection and also drop protection.


  • Stable AC output up to 600W rated power
  • Ample output ports: 2x USB output, 4X 220V AC output
  • Supports 18V solar panels

Who is this for?

Featuring a huge capacity of 240000mAh, the VANPA Portable Power Station is the best alternative power source for your home small appliances and outdoor use.  Paired with 18V solar panels, the VANPA power station can recharge itself under the bright sun. If you need more power and juice, you can always top-up for the 300000mAh variant.

Best solar power bank for hiking
VANPA 200W Mini Portable Power Station_1
Check VANPA 200W Mini Portable Power Station price below:
add_circle Large capacity in a small body
add_circle Built-in AC outlet to charge small to medium devices
add_circle Compatible with most mobile phones that support wireless charging function
remove_circle Solar panels are sold separately


Featuring a compact design and the weight of a brick, the VANPA 200W mini portable power station is your best hiking companion. It has 4 kinds of output ports to support most digital devices and low-power electrical appliances.

The VANPA mini power station comes with a bright LED light to be used in emergency times. It also supports 15W wireless charging and 18W PD fast charging for Type-C phones and laptops. 


  • Stable AC output up to 200W rated power
  • Built-in BMS system to protect the battery
  • Comes with a digital display for battery level indication

Who is this for?

When you go hiking, the one thing you’ll want to avoid is carrying a bulky and heavy backpack. Luckily the VANPA 200W mini power station fits the requirement of being small and just weighed at 1.5kg. Even better, it can be charged using 18V or 12V DC output solar panels for unlimited power yet more environmentally friendly.

Best solar power bank for camping
Anker A2425 3-Port USB Flexible Portable Solar Charger
Check Anker A2425 3-Port USB Flexible Portable Solar Charger price below:
add_circle Very portable
add_circle Compatible with any device
remove_circle Pricey
remove_circle Cannot store power directly

Bring this with you the next time you go on an outdoor trip and travel safe knowing you have a reliable power source in your bag.


Are you a huge fan of camping yet always find yourself in a sticky situation with no charger? Try the Anker Flexible Solar Charger, a portable solar power bank that can charge up to 3 devices at a time.

It’s built with CIGS, an ultra-thin film solar material that provides the flexibility you need if you like to travel light, as it can be folded up and stored away easily. Never worry about power with this in your backpack!


  • Capacity: N/A
  • Solar Input: 24W
  • Output: USB-A
  • Size: 24.5 × 30.7 × 5(cm)(folded)
  • Weight: 1126g
  • Foldable kickstand
  • 3-port charging
  • Fast-charging

Who is this for

This one is perfect for avid campers or anyone who loves going backpacking outdoors.

Best portable solar power bank with LED flashlight
50000mAh Solar PowerBank Charger
Check 50000mAh Solar PowerBank Charger price below:
add_circle Fast charging
add_circle Has LED light
add_circle IP65


This solar power bank comes with a bright LED light and is shockproof, waterproof and dustproof so it can accompany you on your camping trips or adventures without you worrying too much. The powerbank also allows for an 18W fast charge.


  • 80,000 mAh battery
  • Can charge up to 5 devices at once
  • Fast Charging

Who is it for? 

If you typically go on adventures like hiking or camping, then a power bank with a LED is a great tool to keep around you. This solar power bank will be a good companion with its LED light and the fact that is 50000 which should allow for quick charging. It’s also light enough at 240g for your portability convenience. 


- Benefits of using solar power banks

1. Environmentally Friendly

You can do your part to reduce the strain on Mother Earth simply by using a solar power bank. Unlike tethering to the wall, charging your gadgets using solar energy is pollution-clean and does not promote the emission of greenhouse gases. 

2. Stay Connected

Being out of power at a dire moment is helpless and can happen to anyone. It might be when you are heading to your destination using Waze, attending important meetings, or even making an online payment halfway. Whether you are far away from an AC outlet or at a rural retreat without electricity, getting a solar power bank helps to keep your gadgets alive.

3. Tighten Your Belt

Never undervalue the electricity bills you pay for charging all your electronic gadgets. Every cent counts and a solar power bank helps to save your money in the long run; after all, sunlight is free.

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