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9 Best Portable Air Conditioners Review in Malaysia 2024

Your alternative to wall mounted air-conditioners

Living in a tropical country has its perks, but heat is not one of them. And although wall-mounted or centralized air conditioning units are fairly common here in Malaysia, it could be too much of an investment for some. Thankfully, portable air conditioners exist.

Top 9 Portable Air Conditioners In Malaysia

Best budget 1.5hp portable air conditioner
MIDEA 1.5HP MPF-12CRN1 Portable Air Conditioner
Check MIDEA 1.5HP MPF-12CRN1 Portable Air Conditioner price below:
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Ionizer technology
add_circle Easy installation
remove_circle Buyers complained of poor reception on the remote control

Why It's Our Top Pick?

"The only brand to appear twice in this list, Midea is here for a reason. The MPF-12CRN1 is a great option if you're looking for a 1.5 HP portable air conditioner. You don't need to break the bank as it has all the features necessary to cool your space."


Similar to the Midea 1.0 HP mentioned earlier in this list, it has a no bucket design alongside a self-evaporative system, so that you wouldn’t need to manually drain the collected water in the unit. However, this series (PF) has omni-directional casters not found in the series (PH) mentioned earlier in this list.

Another feature this series has is the use of Ionizer technology. Air ionizers remove harmful particles and microbes from the air, making the air cleaner, especially for those suffering from asthma or other respiratory issues. Nevertheless, this technology is a good feature for overall well-being.


  • Horsepower: 1.5HP
  • Cooling Capacity: 12000 BTU/h
  • Power Consumption: 1255W
  • Warranty: 1 year

Who is this for?

Do you need a reasonably priced portable air conditioner that can fit your room? This air conditioner by Midea is the perfect choice as it can handle air quality with its Ionizer, Biofilter, and Silver Ion filter. These filters ensure clean and bacteria-free air for a refreshing environment. Plus, the sleep mode function enhances energy savings during night operation, making it perfect for your bedroom.

Best air conditioner with dry mode
Pensonic PPA-1511W
Pensonic PPA-1511W
Check Pensonic PPA-1511W price below:
add_circle It has an auto swing function for uniform cooling
add_circle Provides 24HR timer function for scheduled comfort
add_circle It has a WiFi function with Bluetooth for remote control convenience


Welcome to a world of comfortable living with the Panasonic PPA-1511W, the ultimate cooling companion. This air conditioner has a dry mode that relieves humidity by cooling and dehumidifying your room at the same time.

Also, you can choose from three wind speeds and enjoy the auto swing function for even air distribution. 

For easy operation, its sleek design includes a digital control panel and convenient remote control for effortless operation. With Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can control the cooling settings from anywhere. Whether a scorching summer or a muggy day, this air conditioner ensures your space stays refreshingly pleasant.


  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Power: 1370W                  
  • Capacity: 12000BTU (1.5hp)

Who is this for?

This portable air conditioner is perfect for those seeking efficient cooling with the added advantage of a dehumidifier. If you live in an area with high humidity, it keeps your space cool and comfortable by reducing excess moisture. Whether you want to relax, work or sleep comfortably, this air conditioner will create the perfect climate for an area ranging from 25 to 30 square meters.

Best rated portable air conditioner
Acson MOVEO 1.0HP Portable Air Conditioner A5PA10C
Check Acson MOVEO 1.0HP Portable Air Conditioner A5PA10C price below:
add_circle Has wheels attached
add_circle No manual drainage required
remove_circle No timer


Experience the highest-rated cooling solution with the Acson MOVEO 1.0HP Portable Air Conditioner A5PA10C. Boasting a powerful 1.0 HP / 10,000 BTU/h capacity, this portable AC delivers fast and efficient cooling to provide superb comfort during the hottest days. Utilising R410A Gas, it ensures eco-friendly and efficient cooling performance. Plus, the 3 Fan Speeds and 4 Direction of Air Swing guarantee optimal airflow distribution, and the Touch Screen Panel and Remote Control offer convenient operation.

Moreover, one can move it effortlessly with caster wheels, which means no permanent installation is required. Wherever you want to be at home, you can enjoy a refreshing, bacteria-free environment with the Silver ion technology that prevents bacteria, fungi, spores, and virus growth.


  • Power Source: 220-240V
  • Unit Dimension: (H: 715 mm x W: 435 mm x D: 350 mm) 
  • Unit Weight: 29kg
  • Cooling Capacity (Btu/h): 10,000

Who is this for?

The fast cooling and efficient operation make it a must-have for those hot days. With that, the Acson MOVEO 1.0HP Portable Air Conditioner A5PA10C is perfect for anyone that wants to easily move it to different rooms without any permanent installation. Plus, the Silver ion technology offers peace of mind by maintaining a clean and bacteria-free environment.

Best premium portable air conditioner
AUX Portable Air Conditioner (1.5HP) AM-12B4-LAR1-EU
Check AUX Portable Air Conditioner (1.5HP) AM-12B4-LAR1-EU price below:
add_circle Break-resistant body
add_circle Movable


If you want a sleek and fashionable design for a portable air conditioner, grab this AC by Aux. Plus. It features auto-swing and break-resistant components with an additional touch of elegance to any space. Moreover, it has an integrated design which combines a compressor, condenser, evaporator, fan, and motor for optimal efficiency.

With its Anion Air Fresh Technology which enhances indoor air quality, you can enjoy fresh and clean air. Plus the touch control capacity ensures quick and durable performance, while the remote control covers an impressive 10-meter range!


  • Horsepower: 1.5HP
  • Cooling Capacity: 12000 Btu/h
  • Power Consumption: 1500W
  • Warranty: 2 year

Who is this for?

This portable air conditioner by Aux epitomises luxury and efficiency, making it perfect for those seeking a premium cooling solution. If you prioritise stylish design, convenience, and cutting-edge technology, this air conditioner is tailor-made for you.

Moreover, the low noise operation ensures a peaceful environment, while the powerful dehumidification function keeps your space dry and comfortable. Whether it is your home, office, or any other space, this product elevates your cooling experience to the next level.

Best cheap/budget portable air conditioner
Morgan MAC-093 Lite Portable Air Cond 900BTU
Morgan MAC-093 Lite Portable Air Cond 900BTU
Check Morgan MAC-093 Lite Portable Air Cond 900BTU price below:
add_circle It has self-evaporation system to improve cooling efficiency
add_circle Washable filters for easy maintenance
add_circle It comes with remote control for better control
remove_circle Slightly heavy


Stay cool without breaking the bank with this portable air conditioner by Morgan, as it brings relief during scorching days, offering a cooling capacity of 2600W. Perfect for small to medium-sized rooms ranging from 14 to 20 square meters, it ensures a comfortable environment with its 3-in-1 cooling, fan, and dehumidifying functions.

With a self-evaporation system and washable filters, maintenance is a breeze too. Because of how it operates, enjoy the convenience and efficiency of this compact air conditioner worry-free as it is designed to beat the heat without busting your budget and time.


  • Power Supply: 220-240V~ 50Hz
  • Rated wattage: 1100W
  • Cooling Capacity: 2600W / 9000BTU/h
  • Air Flow volume: 330m³/h

Who is this for?

Get your hand on this cost-effective portable air conditioner if you are on a tight budget! This air conditioner perfectly fits small to medium-sized rooms and has 3-in-1 functionality which consists of cooling, fan modes, and dehumidifying.

The easy-to-use features, such as LED display and temperature setting, make it suitable for anyone seeking a hassle-free cooling experience. 

Best portable air conditioner with wheels
Sharp Portable Air Conditioner 1.0HP R32 CV-H10YD
Sharp Portable Air Conditioner 1.0HP R32 CV-H10YD
Check Sharp Portable Air Conditioner 1.0HP R32 CV-H10YD price below:
add_circle Movable with caster wheels for easy portability
add_circle It has a child lock for added safety
add_circle Provides sleep mode for enhanced comfort during rest


Imagine sweltering in the scorching heat during hot days, desperately seeking a cool oasis in your home. That’s where this portable air-cond comes to the rescue! With its convenient caster wheels, you can effortlessly move it from room to room, ensuring comfort wherever you go. 

It’s a user-friendly plug & play unit that lets you set it up quickly. Built with multiple fan speeds to provide customisable cooling scenarios, you can soon say goodbye to sweaty days and nights with this powerful, energy-efficient air conditioner.


  • Cooling Capacity (W): 2800
  • Cooling Capacity (BTU/h): 9554
  • Power Input (W): 965
  • Running Current (A): 4.2

Who is this for?

This product by Sharp is perfect for those who want a flexible cooling solution without the hassle of installation. Whether you are a renter, homeowner, or office worker, this portable air conditioner guarantees a refreshing escape from the heat as you can put in anywhere you desire.

Its energy-efficient design also makes it an excellent choice for eco-conscious individuals seeking to stay cool while reducing their environmental footprint.

Best lightweight portable air conditioner
Hisense R32 1.0 HP AP09KVG
Hisense R32 1.0 HP AP09KVG
Check Hisense R32 1.0 HP AP09KVG price below:
add_circle Smart mode
add_circle Easy to operate
add_circle Ultra quiet at 48dB
add_circle Strong dehumidification


With a net weight of 21.4kg and 360° universal wheels, the Hisense AP09KVG is the best pick if you’re looking for an AC that you might need to move around frequently. What sets this AC apart from the rest is its Smart Mode that automatically adjusts the settings to suit your surrounding temperature.

Apart from that, it’s got the basic functions that most portable ACs have including sleep mode, a 24-hour timer, and air swing for better airflow.


  • Horsepower: 1.0HP
  • Cooling Capacity: 9000 BTU/h
  • Air Circulation: 280 (m3/h)
  • Refrigerant: R32 Type with 235g charge volume

Who is this for?

For those looking for a portable air conditioner that is lightweight and incredibly quiet, the Hisense Portable Air Conditioner R32 1.0 HP AP09KVG is an ideal option. 

The Hisense AP09KVG guarantees a calm and relaxed environment with its convenient features, remote access, and energy-efficient performance make it the ideal companion for hot days. Given all the features you receive and its efficient cooling effect, it is reasonably priced and worth the money you pay.

Best buy portable air conditioner
Pensonic Portable PPA-1010
Pensonic Portable PPA-1010
Check Pensonic Portable PPA-1010 price below:
add_circle Comes with Remote Control for remote access
add_circle Provides centrifugal fan type for adjustable airflow
add_circle Sturdy and durable swivel caster for easy movement
add_circle Cool air temperature is within a comfortable range


Get the best value for your money with the Pensonic Portable Air Conditioner 1.5HP PPA-1510, the ultimate buy for cooling comfort. With a cooling capacity of 2.6kW and 9000 Btu/h power, this portable AC ensures a refreshing environment during hot days. 

The sturdy and durable swivel caster allows easy movement, and the inner-grooved copper tube enhances cooling efficiency. There’s even a Vertical Auto Swing ensures even air distribution. Enjoy adjustable airflow with low, mid, and high speeds.

Additionally, you can easily control the unit with its LED Display Control Panel where you can set the Timer, Sleep Mode, and Dehumidifying function.


  • Cooling capacity: 2.6kW and 9000 Btu/h power
  • Air Flow Volume: 410m3/h and Noise Level: 64 dB(A)
  • Refrigerant: R410A for efficient cooling
  • Voltage: 220-240V and Frequency: 50HZ for standard power supply

Who is this for?

This product is for you if you want a portable AC that delivers efficient cooling performance without breaking the bank. Whether for your home, office, or any other space, the Pensonic Portable Air Conditioner 1.5HP PPA-1510 ensures a comfortable and refreshing environment. With its sturdy construction, convenient features, and long-term warranty, this portable AC is an intelligent investment for cooling comfort year-round.

Best small portable air conditioner
ACSON 1.5HP Moveo Portable Air Conditioner A5PA15D
ACSON 1.5HP Moveo Portable Air Conditioner A5PA15D
Check ACSON 1.5HP Moveo Portable Air Conditioner A5PA15D price below:
add_circle Mobility and versatility for easy movement
add_circle It provides a flexible air swing for even cooling distribution
add_circle Offers quick and Easy Installations with included accessories
add_circle It has Power Failure Memory Function for retaining settings in case of power loss


The ACSON Portable Air Conditioner 1.5HP Moveo A5PA15D is a compact AC that packs a powerful punch with a nominal cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU/h and 3.5kW. Utilising its flexible air swing feature, it ensures even cooling distribution, which complements the three airflow settings for customisable airflow. If needed, the AC also comes with a sleep mode for peaceful rest.

Say goodbye to manual drainage worries, as this unit is designed with double condenser technology that efficiently evaporates excessive water. Plus, maintenance is a breeze with the easily accessible and washable filter. 

Installation is quick and included accessories, such as the hose inlet, outlet, window slider kit, and drainage hose.


  • Nominal Cooling Capacity: 12,000 BTU/H and 3.5kW
  • Input Power: 1,200W
  • Rated Current: 7.4A
  • Water Tank Volume: 0.8L
  • Unit Dimension (W x H x D): 445 x 715 x 370mm
  • Unit Weight: 30kg
  • Refrigerant/Charge: R410A / 0.60kg for eco-friendly cooling

Who is this for?

The ACSON Portable Air Conditioner 1.5HP Moveo A5PA15D is ideal for anyone seeking a top-notch cooling solution for small spaces. This portable AC is perfect if you need efficient cooling without the hassle of a permanent installation. Its mobility, versatility, and compact design make it a great companion for bedrooms, offices, or any other space where space is limited.

- What is a portable air conditioner and how does it work?

A portable AC works the same way a wall-mounted one does, just that it’s, well – portable. They’re small and usually weigh around 20 – 30+ kg, allowing you to move them around as and when needed. For instance, if there’s a particular room (with no AC) in your home that’s hotter than usual, you can move the unit over to cool the room down.

So, how does a portable AC work? All portable air conditioners require a window to expel exhaust via a hose, so first things first - you'll need to place your AC near a window and stick the hose out. 

  • First, it pulls stagnant air from inside the room
  • Then, the motor cools the air for circulation throughout the space
  • Finally, it funnels excess warm air and moisture outside via the hose

HomeDepot also explains that there are two types of portable air conditioners - single hose and dual hose. All the units listed are single hose ones as dual hose ACs aren't available here in Malaysia.

- How to choose the right portable air conditioner

Portable ACs may be cheaper than its regular wall-mounted cousins, but this doesn’t mean you should spend less time doing your research. Here are a few things to factor in when looking for the best portable air conditioner.

Size of the room and horsepower/BTU

These are probably the two most important factors to consider, simply because your unit should have enough power to cool the designated area. The horsepower and BTUs of all the ACs listed above range from 1 hp (9,000/10,000 BTUs) to 1.5 hp (12,000 BTUs), which can cover around 400 and 550 square feet respectively. If you'd like to learn more, CompactAppliance.com has a useful chart that lists some general BTU recommendations based on room size

Your needs

Sounds pretty straightforward but many don’t usually take this factor into consideration. Sometimes we end up getting things we fancy functions that we don’t actually need. Some of the air conditioners we recommended have features like dehumidifiers, touchscreen display and even having cool air following you around. Ask yourself if these are necessary, because if they aren’t, then you’re just forking out more for a feature you’d probably use once and never again.

Installation area

Portable ACs are a bit more complicated than you think. Unlike air coolers, these units have a hose that you’ll have to stick out a window in order to get cool air. This is why some portable ACs come with window installation kits for a better fit and less hassle. Also keep in mind that the unit may take up some space on the floor, depending on its size. Take down its measurements to see if it fits your designated area or room.

- How to install a portable air conditioner?

1. Carefully read the instructions included with your portable air conditioner

Keep these instructions, as well as any warranty information, for future reference.

2. Pick a spot near a window and an outlet

Place the air conditioner near a window as well as a power outlet. If your unit has a long ventilation hose, it’s best to place it closer to the window to allow warm air to be vented outside.

Make sure that the airflow isn't hindered by furniture, plants, or other obstructions, and that the air conditioner isn't a tripping hazard.

3. Check to see if the window adapter kit is compatible with your window

Almost all portable air conditioners come with a working window adaptor kit. However, in some situations, the equipment is missing or not the proper size for the window, in which case, you'll have to improvise.

4. The ventilation hose should be connected

Connect your hose to the window adapter kit and check that it's a good fit. Wrap duct tape around the connection point if it's a bit loose. Then attach the other end of the ventilation hose to the portable air conditioner. If necessary, use duct tape.

5. Connect the drain hose

If your portable air conditioner has a drainage hose, connect it to the unit and tie it to the drainage point. Whether you’re draining it into a sink, tub or bucket, do secure the hose with tape to prevent it from becoming dislodged and draining on the floor.

6. Connect your portable air conditioner to an electrical outlet

After you've connected everything, turn on your portable air conditioner, and just like that, you're good to go! 

- Are portable air conditioners quiet?

For most, a portable air conditioner as loud as a white noise machine is fine – even ideal for those who enjoy the background noise.

However, if you’re particularly sensitive to sounds, you’ll find it noisy even at a noise level of 60 dB(how loud a typical conversation sounds). "Each 10 point rise in dB equals a tenfold increase in sound intensity (energy), and this is regarded as twice as loud by humans," according to the Hearing Health Foundation.

20 points separate the quietest and loudest units in the survey. This means that the quietest and noisiest areas are significantly different. As a result, even slight increases in decibel levels have a significant impact.

- Conclusion

Almost like making a big purchase decision for anything else, lots of thought should be put into getting a portable air conditioner. Based on my own experience, these units end up being much more of a hassle than a relief, mainly because of the tube that needs to be placed outdoors. Hence, if you have a more flexible budget (or situation), it would be better to get a wall-mounted air conditioner instead. Otherwise, we’d recommend the Midea MPH-09CRN1. It’s affordable (below RM 1,000), has good reviews, and most importantly – keeps your crib cool.

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