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12 Best Gift Ideas For Teacher's Day in Malaysia 2023 - Cheap & Unique

You can custom make most of these gifts!

The one day we all should celebrate, and is not recognised enough, is Teacher's Day, happening this Monday, 16 May 2022.

Most often, they are not rewarded enough for passing down their knowledge to us; grooming us to be who we are today. Therefore, finding the right gifts for them can be challenging. We’re here to help you out with that! Here is a list of unique gifts you can consider.

Best personalized gift for teachers
Check Morning Sunshine Teacher's Photo Mug price below:

If your teacher doesn't have a bottle with her, it's likely she'll appreciate a cup to store her morning cup of coffee whether's in the office or in the classroom.


With this photo mug, you can personalize this with your teacher’s face or a picture of you and your classmates on it! You can even include a little message on it for them. Purchase this for your favourite teachers to express your gratitude to them!

Best for female teachers
Check Xiaomi HL Mini Air Aroma Diffuser price below:

There’s something very calming about having a humidifier in your room, how it can faintly smell of lavender, lemon, or whatever essential oil you decide to use without it being overly powerful. For teachers, it's a great way to relax your mental state after a long day at school. 


The Xiaomi HL Mini is a budget humidifier, and as such it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of higher-end models. Still, it does everything a humidifier needs to and does it well. 

Its 120ml capacity can last up to 10 hours; perfect for a night of sleep. It also takes power through USB, meaning you don’t have to use a proprietary power port, just plug a USB cable into any phone charger. 

Jackbox Men's Necktie Business Formal Neck Tie 651 - malaysia.jpeg
Check Jackbox Men's Necktie Business Formal Neck Tie 651 price below:

Most men don't get to be as creative in the way they dress versus women. So why not jazz it up by getting a tie for your male teachers as a thoughtful gift?


With its intricate yet understated design, they’ll definitely put it to good use as the overall aesthetics are easy to wear on almost all types of occasions - including work at school! This formal necktie features a paisley print for a modern look, with a combination of deep navy blue patterns against a black canvas, making it easy to match a black suit - which most men possess.

Best useful/practical gift
OPTIBEST Ceramic Thermal Coffee Cup review malaysia.jpeg
Check OPTIBEST Ceramic Thermal Coffee Cup price below:

If your teacher is the type who comes into class every morning with a cup of coffee, then he might appreciate this. The OPTIBEST coffee cup is a ceramic thermos that can keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. 


With an ABS outer layer, the coffee cup can withstand any accidental drop from the table with barely a dent or scratch. The ceramic inner layer not only keeps your drinks warm but also prevents the metallic smell you can get from other thermoses. The lid is airtight to prevent any spillage and has a wide enough opening that makes the whole thing easy to clean.

Mug gift for teachers
Mug gift for teachers
Check Gift For Teacher Mug price below:

One can never have too many cool, customised mugs, huh? If your teacher uses one for their cup of coffee, maybe you can get another for their cup of water!


Looking for a ready-made mug for your favourite teacher? This mug from My Mug would be your best bet. The mug comes with a design that says “The Best Teacher Gets The Special Mug”, it’s a gift that’s touching and practical at the same time!

Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Model Mechanical Pencil review malaysia
Check Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Model Mechanical Pencil price below:
add_circle Premium build quality
add_circle Innovate engineering

Mechanical pencils may not seem like the most exciting thing, but the Uni Kuru Toga Roulette has a reputation for being one of the sturdiest and longer-lasting mechanical pencils on the market. Not only that, but it has a special feature that makes it stand out among the crowd. 


The Roulette accepts 0.5mm lead and is housed in a polished metal body. There’s a hefty weight to it that makes it satisfying to use, as well as a feeling that you would need some deliberate effort to actually break it. 

But the biggest selling point of the device is its ‘KURU TOGA Engine’, which spins the lead depending on the direction you’re writing in, ensuring that you always have a sharp tip. 

Best small gift for teachers
Multi-functional Mesh Desk Organizer malaysia
Check Multi-functional Mesh Desk Organizer price below:

Hey now, never think that your gift is small or simple. What matters is that you show you care, and thought about it!


Without a doubt, a teacher will have a handful of stationaries. Help make their lives easier by getting them a stationary holder. This comes with 3 sections and has a wide base, making it sturdy so it won’t topple over easily.

Best gift for lecturers and retired teachers
Check BMW Fruit Basket price below:

Food is great, food is easy. Best of all, it'll surely be appreciated!


A fruit basket like this will surely be a great gift for teachers and lecturers. It is good for their health as a daily dose of fibre. Your teacher can also snack on them during their breaks in between classes. This fruit basket includes pears, grapes, kiwis and more!

Best unique gift
Check Customised Photo Rock price below:

Nothing wrong with showing your teacher that they've made a great impact on your life. Show some gratitude with a simple photo!


If you have a favourite photo of your teacher or even a photo together, get this unique photo frame with a rough cut slate. It is a different way to show off how close you are to your teacher! It also comes with a stand so your teacher can easily put it on their desk.

Best table decor for teachers
Eucalyptus Artificial Potted Plant malaysia.webp
Check Eucalyptus Artificial Potted Plant price below:

Just because they aren’t real doesn’t mean they’re inferior. Artificial potted plants may not have any of the fancy oxygen real plants give out, but it makes up for it in their looks and the fact that it’s low maintenance. 


If you ever pass by your teacher’s table and notice how it's covered to the brim with paperwork, files, and tests to grades, you might want to consider getting them this artificial Eucalyptus plant, which will undoubtedly brighten their surroundings with a bit of greenery. 

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