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It’s Game On With These 14 Gaming Laptops For Every Budget

Get in the game.

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Gone are the days where desktop PCs used to dominate the gaming market. Today’s range of laptops from different brands has improved by leaps and bounds in terms of speed, power, and performance. The processors and graphic cards to memory and SSDs have also made varying laptop models within the same line available.

No worries, we'll aid you towards the right laptop for your need. Here are 14 gaming laptops that fit different kinds of budgets and specific needs.

Asus ROG Strix Scar III

SGD 2688
1. Asus ROG Strix Scar III
Best rated gaming laptop
Updated on 15th July 2020
add_circle Great design & build quality
add_circle Great 1080p IPS display
add_circle 240Hz refresh rate
add_circle High-end processor & graphics card
add_circle Backlit keyboard
add_circle Better-than-average integrated speakers
remove_circle Uneven thermal cooling
remove_circle Noisy fan
remove_circle Poor battery life
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-9300H / i7-9750H | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 / 1660 / 1660 Ti / RTX 2070 | Memory: 8GB ~ 16GB RAM
  • Storage: 1TB / 2TB HDD + 128GB ~ 2TB SSD | Display: Full HD, 60 ~ 240Hz | OS: Windows 10 / 10 Home / 10 OS
  • Screen size & type: 15.6-inch, IPS | Weight: 2.4 kg | Ports: x3 USB-A 

Here’s a powerhouse of a gaming laptop designed for hardcore gamers out there: the Asus ROG Strix Scar III. It boasts a wealth of high-end specs ranging from the 9th-generation Intel i7-9750H processor to Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 graphics as well as 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD. The latter two gives you satisfactory loading speed and storage for your gaming needs.

This laptop comes with a 15.6-inch display in Full HD resolution but the real deal lies on its 240Hz panel that has a 3-millisecond response time, allowing you to enjoy both smooth and crystal-clear visuals of your favourite games. You can play, say competitive AAA titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Battlefield V and Shadow of the Tomb Raider fairly well.

If that’s not enough, the laptop has a clicky yet comfortable keyboard that feels cool to the touch even if you play for long hours. This is made possible, thanks to the well-vented WASD keys that provide an ample airflow from the fan beneath.

The keyboard also has its own 5 dedicated gaming hotkeys, a full N-key rollover and anti-ghosting feature -- all of which helps to ensure all keypresses are both precise and highly-responsive, making it ideal for those who engage in an intense gaming session.

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Dell Inspiron 14” 3000 Series 3493

SGD 859.00
2. Dell Inspiron 14” 3000 Series 3493
Best budget gaming laptop under SGD1,000.00
Updated on 15th July 2020
add_circle Latest processor
add_circle Good amount of storage space
add_circle Lightweight
remove_circle Best played on low-settings for popular titles
remove_circle Better upgrade to 8GB for smoother loading time
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-1005G1 / i5-1035G1 / i7-1065G7 | Graphics: Intel HD graphics 620 / AMD Radeon 520 / NVIDIA GeForce MX230 | Memory: 4GB ~ 8GB RAM | Storage: 1TB HDD + 512GB SSD
  • Display: HD / Full HD | Screen size & type: 15.6-inch, Non-touch display / non-touch IPS display | OS: Windows 10 / 10 Pro / Ubuntu
  • Weight: 1.6kg | Ports: x3 USB-A 

Being able to power up to a 10th-generation Intel i7 processor, this budget-friendly Dell Inspiron 14” 3000 model sports a 14-inch HD display with a max of 8GB of RAM. Its storage option includes HDD/SSD internal storage, with HDD upgradeable to 1TB.

When it comes to productive work, the laptop shows no sign of loss in performance on office and web applications. In terms of battery life, the laptop clocks in an average of 6 and a half hours when Wi-Fi is turned on. When it comes to being for gaming, the laptop manages, making do with its abled, entry-level specs.

Therefore, you shouldn’t expect much when it comes to its graphics card capabilities. But opting for the Nvidia GeForce MX230 will let this laptop handle popular game titles like Apex Legends, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Forza Horizon 4 as long as you can tolerate low settings. We do advise having an additional, external laptop fan to help your machine run smoothly without any risk of high-heat emitting.

Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-43-R38Q)

SGD 1498
3. Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-43-R38Q)
Best affordable gaming laptop under SGD1,500.00
Updated on 15th July 2020
add_circle Not too heavy
add_circle Good choice of processors
add_circle Has 144Hz display
remove_circle SSD is only limited up to 256GB
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5, 3550H / 7, 3750H | Graphics: AMD Radeon RX 560X / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 / 1050 Ti  | Storage: 1TB HDD + 128GB ~ 256GB SSD | OS: No OS / Windows 10 Home / Linux
  • Memory: 8GB RAM | Screen size & type: 15.6-inch, IPS | Display: Full HD, 144Hz | Weight: 2.3kg | Ports: x3 USB-A, x1 USB-C

Nice-looking and budget-friendly, this laptop comes with a good choice of a quad-core processor with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 as well as ample of storage space. Although it's not SSD dominated (but anything is fine to keep the price down), the laptop still comes with a minimum of 1TB HDD storage, which is much better than just having 512GB SSD.

Meanwhile, the GPU itself can hit 60fps at 1080p from medium to high settings while capable of handling popular titles like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Fortnite and Mortal Kombat 11. 

Other highlights include a backlit 4-zone RGB keyboard, a 15.6-inch Full HD display with IPS technology and 80% screen-to-body ratio, thanks to its slim bezel design at just 7.02 mm. Not to mention, its 144Hz refresh rate and a 3ms response time mean you can enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

Then, there’s the brand’s CoolBoost technology with dual-fan cooling and quad-exhaust system to keep your laptop cool under pressure even after long hours of gaming. It also has its own built-in dual 2W speakers and plenty of ports ranging from USB and HDMI to 3.5mm headphone jack and Ethernet ports for different plugged-in peripheral purposes.

Dell G3 15-Inch (3590)

SGD 1475
4. Dell G3 15-Inch (3590)
Best gaming laptop for students - under SGD2,000.00
Updated on 15th July 2020
add_circle Good choice of upgradeability options
add_circle Sufficient in performance
add_circle Above average battery life
remove_circle Limited availability
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-9300H / i7-9750H | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 / 1650 / 1660 Ti / 1660 Ti Max-Q | Memory: 8GB ~ 32GB RAM | Storage: 1TB ~ 2TB HDD + 128GB ~ 2TB SSD
  • OS: Windows 10 Home / 10 pro | Screen size & type: 15.6-inch, TN / IPS / IPS
  • Display: Full HD, 144Hz | Weight: 2.34kg | Ports: x3 USB-A, x1 USB-C

If all you want is just a laptop to play casual games with, the Dell G3 is a promising machine, sporting adequate power that lets you upgrade it easily.

Suitable for both multitasking and gaming purposes minus the hefty price tag, the laptop does just average in terms of overall performance - not too hot when gaming, and not too sluggish when executing everyday web and productive applications.

Commonly tested with GTX 1650, the laptop is able to handle most titles at 1080p, with average frame rates and low-medium settings. On average, there's no dip in frame rate, so you'll be quite please for the value you get out of this laptop. And you'll also be quite pleased with the battery life, sporting about 6.5 hours on a single charge.

MSI GF63 Thin 10Sx

SGD 1909.71
5. MSI GF63 Thin 10Sx
Best value gaming laptop
Updated on 15th July 2020
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle Good performance
add_circle Option to choose panel with higher frame-rate
remove_circle Storage is not upgradeable
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Max-Q / 1660 Ti Max-Q | Memory: 8GB ~ 16GB RAM | OS: Windows 10 Home / No OS | Display: Full HD, 60Hz / 120Hz / 144Hz
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-10750H | Screen size & type: 15.6-inch, IPS | Storage: 512GB SSD  | Weight: 1.86kg | Ports: x3 USB-A, x1 USB-C

True to its name, the MSI GF63 Thin boasts a bezel as slim as 21.7mm and weighs under 2kg. For such a price point, you get a 10th-generation Intel i7 processor that promises power with its mid-range specs.

The laptop features a 15.6-inch Full HD display, and comes with the option to let you choose a panel to achieve to 144Hz for gamers to appreciate. Whichever graphics card you choose, they'll be able to let gamers play popular video games like Metro Exodus and Anthem. Also, like other MSI G-series, it contains the brand’s Shift feature that helps to regulate the laptop’s internal temperature even if you are gaming in a non-air-conditioned room.

A downside to this product is the limitation in future upgrades. Although the specs are already good enough to help you achieve decent performance without experiencing any dips, the storage is quite undesirable with only 512GB SSD. Something to think about if you're an avid gamer with a large library.

Still, the overall specs that come in this machine, accompanied by the good value, makes it quite an attractive product.

MSI GS65 Stealth 9SF

SGD 3464
6. MSI GS65 Stealth 9SF
Best thin gaming laptop
Updated on 15th July 2020
add_circle So... powerful
add_circle Incredibly lightweight gaming laptop
add_circle Good upgrade opportunities
remove_circle It's pricey, period.
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-8750H / i7-9750H | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti / 2060 / 2070 Max-Q / 2080 Max-Q | Memory: 8GB ~ 64GB RAM
  • Storage: 512GB ~ 8TB SSD | OS: Windows 10 / 10 Home / 10 Pro / 10 OS | Display: Full HD, 144Hz / 240Hz
  • Screen size & type: 15.6-inch, IPS | Weight: 1.90kg | Ports: x3 USB-A, x1 USB-C

If you're looking for a beast in a compact form, this is it. For starters, you can upgrade this laptop to a high-end GPU, an immensely high RAM, a huge storage and most importantly, a high-performing processor.

With a bezel design as thin as 5.2 mm, you can enjoy an incredible 85% screen-to-body ratio to make your gameplay all the more immersive while getting all the maximum visual experience. As mentioned earlier, the MSI GS65 Stealth 9SF has high-end gaming-centric specs, being upgradeable at up to a powerful 9th-generation Intel i7 core and GeForce RTX 2080 graphics.

What also wow-ed us was the upgradeability of the storage size and RAM at up to 8TB and 64GB respectively. So whatever your taste is, you can get an ample amount of power and storage efficiencies, making it suitable not only for heavy gaming but also for other multitasking needs. Display-wise, it comes equipped with a 15.6” Full HD screen and a panel in either 144Hz or 240Hz to give you smooth and fluid gameplay minus annoying motion blurs.

And remember that all of this is in an incredibly thin and lightweight laptop. Even writing this review has got us sweating nervously.

Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition

SGD 5879.81
7. Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition
Best gaming laptop for video editing
Updated on 15th July 2020
add_circle Powerful out-of-the-box
add_circle Beautiful design
add_circle Good amount of ports
add_circle Great screen
remove_circle Expensive
remove_circle No room for upgrades
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-10875H | Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 Max-Q | Memory: 32GB RAM | Storage: 1TB SSD | OS: Windows 10 | Screen size & type: 15.6-inch, OLED | Display: 4K UHD | Weight: 2.21kg | Ports: x4 USB-C, x1 USB-A, x1 card reader

If you don’t mind the price tag, the Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition boasts plenty of high-end specs that makes it suitable for heavy gaming and graphics-intensive works like video editing and graphic design. 

This laptop is packed with a 9th-generation i7-9750H processor and a beefy Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 Studio Edition graphics card. The latter offers great ray tracing capabilities for a more realistic gaming experience, being able to tackle rendering of larger-sized visuals quickly.

Moreover, the display is a sight to behold as well, thanks to its stunning 15.6-inch OLED 4K screen that offers detail-oriented visuals and excellent colour reproduction. When it comes to power and storage, you’ll get a whopping 32GB of RAM and 1TB SSD. So this means multitasking like a champ without any sluggish-ness.

But that is also the con; you don't have many options to upgrade this. So, it's kind of like a very powerful Macbook-like alternative, but for gaming.

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MSI GS75 Stealth 10SFS

SGD 3869.91
8. MSI GS75 Stealth 10SFS
Best gaming laptop for VR
Updated on 15th July 2020
add_circle Premium, powerhouse
add_circle Great for productivity too
add_circle Good entry specs
remove_circle Machine may run hot
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-10750H / i9-10980HK | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 / 2070 / 2070 SUPER Max-Q / 2080 SUPER Max-Q
  • Memory: 16GB ~ 64GB RAM | Storage: 512GB ~ 4TB SSD | Display: Full HD, 240Hz / 300Hz | OS: Windows 10 Home / Pro
  • Screen size & type: 17.3-inch, IPS  | Weight: 2.40kg | Ports: x2 USB-C, x3 USB-A, x1 Micro SD card reader

If you are into VR-like Oculus Rift S, here’s one for you: the MSI GS75 Stealth 10SFS/10Sx that comes equipped with plenty of performance-driven specs and an ultra-wide 17.3” display at just 18.95 mm thin. It also sports a 300Hz panel that makes your gameplay, notably action-packed game titles, looks buttery-smooth and fluid.

Back to specs; you are able to upgrade the machine at up to an astounding, high-end Intel i9-10980HK processor and a GeForce RTX 2080 Super Max-Q graphics. The former together with the latter gives you an improved clock speed for an efficient and beautiful gaming experience. On the other hand, the graphic card is suitable for ray tracing (to process realistic lighting system in a video game).

All of these sounds great for a laptop, letting you play most games in a premium machine. So what's the catch? Aside from that price (which is not too bad), the battery is of below-average (we expected this), and the machine can run hot. So we recommend having a good external cooling fan.

Finally, the laptop offers in its entry model, 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD for storage. Even the starter spec is good enough for most gaming and professional use/multitasking purposes.

Dell G5 (5590)

SGD 1499.00
9. Dell G5 (5590)
Best gaming laptop for programming
Updated on 15th July 2020
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-8300H / i5-9300H / i7-8750H / i7-9750H  | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti / 1650 / 1660 Ti / RTX 2060
  • Memory: 8GB ~ 64GB RAM | Storage: 1TB ~ 2TB HDD + 128GB ~ 2TB SSD | Display: Full HD / 4K UHD + 144Hz | Screen size & type: 15.6-inch, IPS / OLED | OS: Windows 10 / 10 Home / 10 Pro
  • Weight: 2.77kg | Ports: x1 USB-C, x3 USB-A, x1 SD card reader

For a mid-range price point, the Dell G5 model comes equipped with a clear, Full HD display that you can have either in IPS or OLED screen - both that gives superb viewing experience and angles. To add, the laptop can run on the latest Intel i7-9750H processor.

If you couple the latest processor with the entry 8GB RAM as well as the bare minimum of 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD, this laptop is powerful enough for heavy-duty programming purposes. 

Another thing to look forward to is the gaming performance of this machine. If possible, we recommend avoiding any models with GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, and go straight for the GTX 1650 as it'll perform great for its value, hitting 60fps on Full HD. It should be able to handle most popular AAA game titles in medium settings.

Moreover, the laptop features a dual-fan cooling system to help regulate your laptop’s temperature too, which is particularly helpful for those who play for long hours.

Acer Predator Helios 300-15 (PH317-53)

SGD 2788
10. Acer Predator Helios 300-15 (PH317-53)
Best gaming laptop for games like Dota 2 and League of Legends
Updated on 15th July 2020
add_circle Great performance within entry model
add_circle Easily upgrade memory and storage
add_circle Overclock-able GPU
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H  | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti / RTX 2060 / RTX 2070 / RTX 2070 Max-Q | Memory: 8GB ~ 32GB RAM
  • Storage: 1TB ~ 2TB HDD + 256GB ~ 1TB SSD | Display: Full HD + 120Hz / 140Hz / 240Hz | OS: Windows 10 / 10 Home / 10 Pro
  • Screen size & type: 17.3-inch, IPS | Weight: 2.90kg | Ports: x3 USB-A

Among the recommended top-of-the-shelf laptop that is big on performance, fans who love to play popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) titles like Dota 2 and League of Legends might want to consider the Acer Predator Helios 300-15.

Sporting a wide 17.3” Full HD display, the Helios 300-15, at entry, boasts a 9th-generation Intel i7 processor and 8GB of RAM plus 1TB HDD; sufficient enough to keep your games up and running smoothly without much heat going on. Its Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics is also there to enhance your gaming experience to an optimal level for AAA game titles and play within medium to high settings.

You can get the model with 144Hz and say goodbye to motion blur. Other than that, do enjoy the 3ms response time for smoother gameplay with fast-paced games. And for those who tend to use the laptop for long hours regardless of gaming or performing other computing tasks, the brand’s Aeroblade 3D cooling technology provides better airflow with reduced fan noises.

Razer Blade Stealth (2020)

SGD 3299.00
11. Razer Blade Stealth (2020)
Best gaming laptop with long battery life
Updated on 15th July 2020
add_circle Good looking
add_circle Fast performance
add_circle Extremely portable
remove_circle Slightly pricier than similar-spec options
  • Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 / GTX 1650 Ti Max-Q | Storage: 512GB ~ 4TB SSD | Display: Full HD / 4K UHD + 120Hz | OS: Windows 10 / 10 Home
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-1065G7  | Memory: 16GB RAM | Screen size & type: 13.3-inch, IPS | Weight: 1.41kg | Ports: x2 USB-A, x1 USB-C

Weighing at just 1.41kg, portability is the right word to describe the Razer Blade Stealth 13. It comes with a durable battery life too, clocking at an astounding 11 hours for everyday tasks and can last around 5 hours’ worth of gameplay. Did we also mention that this is the first 13.3-inch laptop that comes with the optional 120Hz panel?

While the 13.3-inch display seems like a trade-off, this laptop manages to make it up with enough specs-worthy features including a 10th-generation Intel i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics to tackle most modern titles. It also has a 16GB of RAM and 512GB storage capacity for its entry model. Then, there’s the keyboard, which features a personalised-friendly Razer Chroma RGB backlighting option.

But, you've already known it; the laptop's major downside is the lack of upgrades available, seeing as this is an ultrabook. Still, you get decently great power and a good-looking machine. It's like the MacBook Pro 13, but game version. We do recommend upgrading to at least 1TB if you hoard games.

Asus VivoBook Pro 15 N580

SGD 1898
12. Asus VivoBook Pro 15 N580
Best gaming laptop with touch screen - suitable for work
Updated on 15th July 2020
add_circle Sufficient power (if plugged in)
add_circle Good value
add_circle Nice built
add_circle Smooth and cool to use on a daily basis
add_circle Loud speakers
remove_circle Entry SSD storage of 16GB seems irrelevant
remove_circle Loud fans
remove_circle May run hot with demanding games
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-7300HQ / i7-7700HQ / i5-8300H / i7-8750H | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (2GB/4GB) | Storage: 1TB ~ 2TB HDD + 16GB ~ 2TB SSD
  • Memory: 8GB ~ 32GB RAM | Screen size & type: 13.3-inch, IPS / TN | OS: Windows 10 / 10 Home / 10 Pro /  Linux 
  • Display: Full HD | Weight: 2.29kg | Ports: x3 USB-A, x1 USB-C

Touch screens are generally not recommended for most laptops, let alone gaming laptops, because they drain the battery. Moreover, they're not much of practical use on large laptops as you're likely to usually have them on your desktop instead of treating it like a tablet. But if you insist on having a touchscreen laptop, look to the Vivobook Pro 15.

A laptop that doesn’t cost you a fortune, this affordably-priced Asus Vivobook Pro 15 model is designed not only for gaming but also for other heavy-duty tasks as well. If powered with an Intel i7 processor of 8th Generation you should be able to get the machine working smoothly as well as multitask on it. The 8GB of RAM along with a minimum of 1TB HDD ensures that your computer offers sufficient horsepower for most office and web applications.

When it comes to the built, the laptop has an ergonomic backlit keyboard to complement its snazzy design. Most reviewers also like the good-looking, Full HD, IPS display as well. And finally, for gamers, the Asus Vivobook Pro 15 features a budget Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card that can still handle popular titles like Assassin’s Creed Origins, Mass Effect Andromeda and The Witcher 3.

We do question the 16GB SSD storage that comes with some 1TB HDD models. It's so little, why have that at all? Unless you don't mind transferring your regularly-accessed games often from time to time, we think it's best to either skip those models or have at least 250GB of SSD.

Asus ROG Zephyrus S15 (GX502G)

SGD 3498
13. Asus ROG Zephyrus S15 (GX502G)
Best gaming laptop with a good cooling system
Updated on 15th July 2020
add_circle Lightweight and compact size
add_circle Updated to 300Hz screen (from 240Hz, previous generation))
add_circle Responsive and quiet keyboard
add_circle Very good performance
remove_circle There's no camera...
remove_circle May run hot on games
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H / i7-10875H | Storage: 1TB ~ 8TB SSD | Memory: 16GB ~ 48GB RAM |  OS: Windows 10 / 10 Pro 
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER | Screen size & type: 15.6-inch, IPS | Display: Full HD, 300Hz | Weight: 2.04kg | Ports: x3 USB-A, x1 USB-C

What you're about to read up on, is a monster in disguise. This ultraportable laptop offers top-notch performance that runs cool and smooth even when you're grinding at work or games playing with high-settings in graphics.

Specially built for gamers, the Asus ROG Zephyrus S15 GX502G combines power and performance under a single machine. It's packed with a 9th or 10th-generation i7 processor, a starter memory of 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD. Meanwhile, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics is more than adequate to run most AAA game titles. Also, you can expect fluid gameplay with the updated 300Hz/3ms display.

Heavy users can benefit from the laptop’s ROG Intelligent Cooling technology, which has an Active Aerodynamic System that opens up more vents to maximise airflow by 22% over other competitor products. It also has its own self-cleaning thermal module that expels dust. A drawback is the okay-ish battery life, which is reported to last around 5-6 hours of gameplay.

Dell Alienware M15 R2

SGD 3249.9
14. Dell Alienware M15 R2
Best Intel i7 gaming laptop
Updated on 15th July 2020
add_circle Great performance
add_circle Very good design
add_circle Good keyboard
remove_circle If it could only be a little cheaper...
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti / RTX 2060 / RTX 2070 Max-Q / RTX 2080 May-Q | Storage: 512GB ~ 2TB SSD | Memory: 8GB ~ 16GB RAM | OS: Windows 10 / 10 Home 
  • Screen size & type: 15.6-inch, IPS / OLED | Display: Full HD / 4K UHD + 144Hz ~ 240Hz
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H | Weight: 2.16kg | Ports: x3 USB-A, x1 USB-C

If all you care about is the current best i7 laptop for gaming, we've cut to the chase and have determined the Dell Alienware M15 R2 as one to have your eyes on.

This is a gaming-grade laptop that boasts a high-performing Intel i7-9750H processor without being too pricey. Together with a decent 8GB of RAM and 512GB SSD, you can expect a combination of power and speed regardless of playing video games or performing heavy-duty tasks without any struggles.

Speaking of games, if you go for the model with GeForce RTX 2070 graphics, it should handle most AAA game titles on the current market. The display is just as incredible, offering a 15.6-inch display with a Full HD resolution. Moreover, there's the option to go for 144Hz or 240 Hz IPS panel, giving you the advantage of higher frame rates without suffering from motion blurs typically associated with fast-moving/action-packed games.

Choosing The Right Gaming Laptop

So, what to look for in a gaming laptop? From features to specs, here are 5 key things to note on before making the ultimate decision.

i) GPU

No gaming laptop would be complete without a dedicated GPU (read: Nvidia GeForce graphics) to help to define your gameplay visuals and images. 

If you’re short on budget and don’t mind playing on low-medium settings decently on a resolution of 1080p, choose:

  • GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 
  • AMD Radeon RX 560 

If you do play some VR games but can’t afford a high end model, pick a mid-range with:

  • GeForce RTX 2070 
  • Nvidia GTX 1060/1070
  • AMD Radeon RX 570/580/590

Now, of course, higher-end graphics card means better visual representation albeit at higher prices. If you don’t mind, for handling modern graphics-intensive AAA game titles, you can opt for those with:

  • Nvidia RTX 2060/2080
  • Nvidia GTX 1080/1070 Ti/1080 Ti
  • Nvidia Titan XP
  • AMD Radeon RX Vega 56/64

These can let you game pretty comfortably at 1440p resolution and 1080p monitors with higher refresh-rates.


ii) CPU & RAM

Now, if the GPU is akin to the heart and soul of your gaming laptop’s operation, then CPU represents the brain itself. 

As the most important factor to look at when buying a gaming laptop, consider investing on the one with the latest processor that has, at minimum, quad-core system. Moreover, go for the Intel Core i7 which offers better performance in executing heavier applications compared to the mid-range Core i5 (the higher the core number, the more powerful it is).

As for RAM, it is just as important to ensure your gameplay loads and run smoothly. Lower RAM space means less space to store temporary data (ex. where your active game is stored in order to let you access info quick). So, low RAM can affect lag when you load a game. This is particularly evident if you play a graphics-heavy game title. 

4GB is out of the question as most heavy titles now take up more than that. So at minimum, 8GB of memory is a must. But as games these days are pretty demanding, you should really consider 16GB of RAM.

iii) Display & Screen

Unless you do not mind a smaller laptop, it’s best to go for either 15” or 17” laptop for optimal viewing experience upon gameplay. If possible, look out for slim/thin bezels which gives you more screen-to-body ratio. Don’t forget about the frame rate as well, preferably at 144Hz and above (if you can afford them) for smoother and fluid gameplay, particularly for fast-moving images.

iv) Keyboard

When it comes to gaming, you’re going to spend a lot of time typing and pressing on your keyboard. Look for the laptop that comes with dedicated gaming keys or macro keys that allows you to personalise game settings. 

Especially for those that uses keyboards heavily to execute every action in-game, if you can find (and afford) a laptop with a mechanical keyboard, consider that. Mechanical keyboards  are more responsive (in speed) and durable than membrane keyboards. You wouldn’t want to spoil your keyboard too soon now, would you?

And of course, you may want to look for RGB backlighting regardless of colour/lighting coordination or illumination. This feature will come in handy for those who play in dark or dimly-lit indoor space.

v) Storage Capacity

Here’s the thing about the internal storage available in a laptop: SSDs generally run/load faster than the traditional HDDs. But of course, it all depends on your budget since SSD-equipped gaming laptops tend to be pricier by comparison. And if possible, look out for 1TB of storage since game installations these days do taking up a lot of space.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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