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8 Best Tower Fans That Keeps it Stylish Yet Cool

Much more space-saving than your average standing fans.

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A tower fan is an economical option to circulate cool air in your room without taking up too much space. These electrical appliances can be placed in a corner of the room and generate a powerful breeze, circulating cool air which can travel up to 100 feet away. 

Other than increasing your comfort with cooler air, the tower fan protects your budget, namely your electrical bill, as it costs less to run compared to an air conditioner.

However, not all tower fans are created the same. Tower fans come with various features and are designed to meet different purposes. In today’s article, we have reviewed the top tower fans you can get in Singapore to cool you down. 

Tower fan vs standing fan

The standing/pedestal fan is designed with an adjustable stand that elevates the fan approximately two to four feet off the ground to direct airflow for maximum comfort. While a standing fan may be more powerful than a tower fan, it is considerably much more bulky and noisier to operate. 

Moreover, most standing fans operate with simpler mechanism and doesn't have additional fancy features to cool a room.

Tower fans on the other hand, are slender appliances that come with vertical blades which oscillates at the base to blow out air at various angles. Many tower fans are also of bladeless in design, and can quietly deliver a powerful airflow as well as are much easier to clean. 

Various models even come with purifying and advance cooling technology to further enhance circulation of clean air. Thanks to their slim and compact profile, tower fans are also very portable and are more flexible to be placed anywhere in your room.

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan TP04

SGD 725
1. Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan TP04
Best rated tower fan
Updated on 15th May 2020

This powerful tower fan not only cools you down, but it can even automatically detect air pollutants and capture it within its HEPA and activated Carbon filters. The Dyson Pure Cool TP04 features Glass HEPA filter to trap microscopic allergens as small as 0.3 microns - that includes the likes of pollen, bacteria and mould spores. 

Moreover, the fan has an Air Multiplier technology to project 77 gallons per second of cleaner air around the room.

Dyson Pure Cool™ TP00 Tower Purifier Fan

SGD 449.00
2. Dyson Pure Cool™ TP00 Tower Purifier Fan
Best tower fan with air purifier
Updated on 24th April 2020
add_circle Quiet and automatic operation
add_circle Smooth air output
add_circle Detailed information about air quality
remove_circle Expensive

Dyson’s Pure Cool TP00 Air Tower comes with an effective air purifier to help you remove up to 99.95% of allergens and pollutants to keep the air in room clean. The air purifier tower comes equipped with 360° Glass HEPA filter to capture ultrafine particles, pollen, bacteria, and even pet dander from all angles while circulate cool, clean air across the room.

Mistral MFD4880R Remote Tower Fan

SGD 143
3. Mistral MFD4880R Remote Tower Fan
Best tower cooling fan - the strongest
Updated on 15th May 2020

The Mistral MFD4880R Tower Fan lets you take full control of your cooling choices as it combines superb air circulation with 120° of oscillating motion to cool your entire room. Its motor has a RPM of 1350 max, and is powerful enough to deliver a breeze at up to 9 feet away. 

Featuring six speed selection with three different fan modes (Normal, Natural, and Sleep), the tower fan is set to provide you with the highest level of comfort you need on a hot day.

Mistral Tower Fan MD300

SGD 53
4. Mistral Tower Fan MD300
Best buy tower fan - good for its value
Updated on 15th May 2020

Why spend hundreds when you can get an affordable tower fan that is not only portable but works just as well? Featuring three speed selections and a 2-hour timer function, the Mistral MD300 Tower Fan comes at a reasonable price to cater to various budgets. 

The oscillating function even gives the tower fan a degree of versatility to cool your entire room under minutes. Of course, its operations are simple, but the fan does get the job done.

PowerPac 46 Inches Tower Fan (PPTF460)

SGD 95
5. PowerPac 46 Inches Tower Fan (PPTF460)
Best oscillating tower fan
Updated on 15th May 2020

Sporting a slim profile, the PowerPac PPT460 is a space-saving tower fan that is ideal for smaller living rooms. As it’s compact in size, this tower fan cools the room with just 50watts - much lower than the standard 100w for tower fans. 

It comes equipped with three speed selections and a widespread oscillating function to provide the entire room with a comfortable, soothing sensation. The PPT460 even has a remote control to let you take full control of it without getting out of your chair.

Dyson Bladeless Tower Fan AM07

SGD 499
Best tower + standing fan
6. Dyson Bladeless Tower Fan AM07
Best quiet tower fan
Updated on 5th June 2020

A quiet fan is hard to come by. But Dyson Cool AM07 delivers its best with its great bladeless cooling solution that circulates uninterrupted air. Its Air Multiplier technology guarantees features streamlined air channels to deliver extreme cooling effect. 

The tower fan promises a quiet operation to cool your room down without any humming or buzzing noise to interrupt your rest. But some have said that the fan does emit some noise at full speed. Still, you get quite a cooling device with a bladeless design which means no awkward safety grille or blades for easy maintenance. 

Honeywell HFY-045 Tower Fan with Ionizer

SGD 129
7. Honeywell HFY-045 Tower Fan with Ionizer
Best tower fan with temperature control
Updated on 15th May 2020

The Honeywell HFY-045 Tower Fan lets you stay cool in style as it combines intelligence, convenience and high performance in one device. This tower fan features an ionizer, advanced LCD digital control and even a programmable thermostat to help you maintain your desired room temperature. With an oscillation function and multiple breeze mode settings, the HFY-045 Tower fan efficiently delivers refreshingly cooling sensation to keep you comfortable all day.

Dyson Pure Cool Link TP03 Air Purifier Tower Fan

SGD 699
8. Dyson Pure Cool Link TP03 Air Purifier Tower Fan
Best tower fan that’s easy to clean
Updated on 15th May 2020

On the contrary, bladeless fans do actually, in fact, have blades in them. Therefore, to ease maintenance and cleaning, one which components are easily disassembled is your best choice.

Dyson’s Pure Cool Link TP03 Air Purifier Tower fan is one to consider. It has a streamline profile of a bladeless fan that’s easy to wipe down whereas its base can be easily removed for convenient filter replacement. 

More importantly, the fan cools down your room while removing up to 99.95% of superfine particles. With Air Multiplier technology and Night-time mode, this tower fan delivers a cool stream of purified air without interrupting your sleep.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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