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7 Best Mountain Bikes That’ll Help You Climb To the Top

“On the trail we blaze!”

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The best mountain bike can be anything to anyone, depending on your need. Whether you want to go the distance or gain some air, any of these bikes could be the best one for you! So, continue reading to find the one true ride of your life.

Polygon Mountain Bike Cascade 2

SGD 349.00
1. Polygon Mountain Bike Cascade 2
Best mountain bike under S$ 500 – suitable for beginners

Without breaking the bank, take up mountain biking with a bike that will get you some traction on trails and on your daily commutes. 

An all-rounder that is lightweight and durable, the Cascade 2 frame is made entirely of AL6 alloy, a lightweight complement to the 27.5” wheels that promise less rolling resistance. Along with those is also a 100mm travel suspension fork that will smooth out any bumps that come your way. 

700c Crolan Road Bike

SGD 240
2. 700c Crolan Road Bike
Best mountain bike for climbing - with drop bars

To drop or not to drop, ask every cyclist and they’ll tell you which side they are on. But we can surely agree that drop bars offer more hand positions. Whether on the hood, bard or in the drops, they are kinder on the wrist. And a relief for long rides as well as climbing steep roads.

This road bike does all of that, giving you better leverage, grip, as well as allowing you to apply more power to your pedals when climbing. Plus, you are also in a more aerodynamic position.

Bianchi Duel 27.S

SGD 890
3. Bianchi Duel 27.S
Best mountain bike with disc brakes

Lightweight and aggressive, it’s easy to go fast on the Duel 27.S. But no matter the speed, always trust that you are in control with its Shimano BR-MT200 hydraulic disc brake, a reliable braking system for precise handling. 

27.5” tires are fitted on a lightweight aluminium frame that features a stable cross-country riding position for long races. A renowned brand that has accompanied some of the best cyclists from around the world, Bianchi has been building bikes since 1885 and you can expect nothing short of exceptional quality from them.

Marin Rift Zone 3

SGD 2999
4. Marin Rift Zone 3
Best mountain bike with suspension and big wheels

Don’t be afraid to take big hits with Marin’s MultiTrac suspension system, an award-winning suspension system capable of absorbing large drops. Fine-tuned for better balance through years of ride and test, feel the confidence to take bigger risks when backed by such a suspension. 

Also, notably as one of Marin’s fastest bikes, this speedy little devil comes with 29” wheels that offer better traction, angle control and more efficient acceleration for a smooth, stable and fast ride. 

Marin Wildcat Trail WFG 1

SGD 550

Catering to the female physique, Marin’s range of wildcat bikes are designed with women in mind. Its alloy frame features a Women’s Fit Geometry to better fit female riders. This includes components like women-specific saddles for more comfort, narrower handlebars for better control and adjustable reach brake levers. 

With 27.5” wheels that are lightweight, this bike is a cross between a trail and sport mountain bikes, an entry level roller that’ll make you an avid rider. 

Hyper XT Foldable Mountain Bike

SGD 329

Sure, we’ve heard of foldable bikes. But a foldable mountain bike, is that even possible? 

With full suspensions, double disc brakes and 21-speed shifters, the Hyper XT Foldable Mountain Bike challenges what’s possible. With its rims made of Magnesium Alloy, this lightens the whole bike to give it an increase in acceleration.  So, travel with it anywhere or always be ready for adventure by leaving it in the back of your car.

COFIDIS Q20 Kids Mountain Bike

SGD 599

Mountain biking is a great sport to get kids outdoors and moving. But as always, safety is every parent’s top priority. With only 7 speeds, the Q20 gives just enough including proper suspension to get kids started without going off the rails. 

It is also equipped with 140mm disc rotor for braking and a low standover for easy mobility. The aluminium alloy frame is lightweight but built to withstand rough handling.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!


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