Cycling has risen to be one of the means of travelling in today’s society, despite being an all-time favourite leisure activity for most of us since the old days. We’ve all come across people cycling to places, even to work, and it’s becoming a trend.

Here’s why; cycling is environmentally friendly. It requires no fuel, no parking fees, and you can surely skip the traffic with it too. With Singapore offering many beautiful cycling trails to marvel on, we’ve gathered a list of the best bicycles that'll suit you.

1. Montague Boston Foldable Bike

Best bicycle without gear
Price from SGD1,600.00
CycleLogy SGD1,600.00

The Montague Boston foldable bicycle is extremely portable; you can place it anywhere you want after a ride. This fixed-gear bike offers you simplicity and excellent performance. Enveloping the bike is super quick and easy as it can be done in about 20 seconds.

2. Marin San Rafael DS1 Hybrid Bike

Best bicycle with gear
Price from SGD650.00
Rodalink SGD650.00

Marin San Rafael DS1 is a versatile hybrid bicycle that's suitable both for the paved and the rocky roads. With its aluminium frameset, the bike is smooth at shifting gears and has good balancing. Riding downhill would not be a problem.

3. Giant ATX 1 27.5 Mountain Bike

Best bicycle with disc brakes
Price from SGD469.00
Tay Cycle SGD469.00

The Giant ATX 1 is one of the best bicycles among its various range of MTB series. This lightweight bike features matte-finish frames and powerful disc brakes for any weather conditions; ideal for supreme steering controls. It also gives you a comfortable riding posture and is heavily equipped with treaded tyres. You'll be extra safe when making your way through rocky trails and harsh urban roads.

4. Bobbin Gingersnap St. Ives Kids 12in (With training wheels)

Best bicycle with a basket for kids
Price from SGD450.00
FootLoops SGD450.00

Your child’s first bicycle should be a little special like this one from Bobbin Gingersnap. It comes with a beautiful wicker basket at the front and glossy pastel colour. The brown saddle is perfectly cushioned for comfortable seating and gives your child an upright riding position; for your child’s back support.

5. Linus Roadster Sport City Bike

Best beginners’ bicycle for commuting
Price from SGD880.00
Hello, Bicycle! SGD880.00

Are you a beginner at cycling and fond of strolling through the boulevard? Then this Linus Roadster is made for you. It's great for commuting across the flatlands and around city areas like Singapore. This bike has a modern interpretation of the classic European models in the 60’s. Designed with a rack for carrying your belongings, the sleek bicycle also comes with fenders.

6. Linus Dutchi 3

Best bicycle for women
Price from SGD880.00
Hello, Bicycle! SGD880.00

Cycling with skirts and dresses can be a challenge at times, especially for those who’d want to keep their apparels in place throughout the ride. Fret not as this Linus Dutchi 3, a Dutch-style bike, is made especially for women.

Best for riding on flat areas and shorter routes, this bike portrays the most basic yet elegant look; it has sturdy and femininely pristine features. While its grips are made of genuine leather, this bike is highly durable and comes with a variety of chic colours.

7. Nirve Matilda 7-Speed Cruiser Bicycle

Best bicycle for seniors
Price from SGD272.00
Lazada Singapore SGD272.00

Matilda 7-Speed Bicycle is ideal for the boardwalks and simple commuting through its classic yet fancy look. Suitable for seniors, this bike is equipped with low-slung frames, an extra comfortable saddle, wide handlebars, and smooth paddles. Additionally, the cool patterns on the frames will certainly turn heads.

8. Giant SCR 1 Road Bike

Best bicycle for adults - suitable for men
Price from SGD950.00
Tay Cycle SGD950.00

The Giant SCR Road Bikes is made for racing and long-distance rides. It's a great road machine for fitness training as well. Made with aluminium frames, the bike maximises its speed throughout the ride while reducing its friction using its pumped-up tyres.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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