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9 Organic Hair Dyes That You Will be Dye-ing to Try

Organic is the way to go.

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You may see ‘organic’ a lot more these days, with products such as cosmetics and skincare often marketed with the words on the label. That’s because people are becoming more informed about the harm and damage that some ingredients can cause to both humans and the earth.

The same goes for hair dyes. While we wish to dye our cool hair colour often, hair is normally dyed through chemical means. That can cause the hair to be drier, rougher, and lose its natural shine. Sometimes, the damage goes beyond saving and nothing can be done except cutting it all off. 

Is organic hair dye better?

Contrary to popular beliefs, organic hair dye is not made entirely without chemicals. They still require certain chemicals to be made into actual hair dye products. But, organic dyes (eespecially natural colours) are formulated with minimal percentages of chemicals and harmful substances ingredients like ammonia, sodium lauryl sulphate, and silicone are excluded. 

Thus, yes, organic hair dye is still better (healthier) than normal hair dye especially for those who have damaged or fragile hair. To find out what organic hair dyes are out there, we’ve curated a list for you to read through below.

Naturigin 100% Permanent Organic Hair Colour

SGD 26.6

NATURIGIN, an award-winning organic brand that has been hailed as the wonder in its field of organic hair dye. Not only is it vegan-friendly, but it is also paraben-free, ammonia-free, and SLS-free. The dye is formulated with certified natural lemon peel extract, natural oils, and other gentle extracts that nourishes the hair.

Even cancer patients can look forward to using this brand because it won’t cause any discomfort to the scalp. While the dye is generally safe for pregnancy, it is still advisable for pregnant ladies to check with their gynaecologist.

Naturalite Organic Hair colour Dye

SGD 23.9

Sometimes, grey hair is best left alone as they’re generally more fragile. But if you insists, the NATURALITE organic hair dye is formulated with natural oils and botanical extracts. 

There’s organic aloe extract, hydrolysed wheat protein, and organic argan oil, to name a few. All these ingredients serve as hair protection and hair health boosting as they help the hair to retain moisture and protein. This dye is also easy to apply and has long-lasting results on grey hair.

Radico Organic Hair Colour

SGD 10.5
3. Radico Organic Hair Colour
Best organic hair dye for white hair

Anyone can get white hair, not just those in their twilight years. Stress can be a factor in that. So what can you do? Get Radico Organic Hair Colour. Made from a variety of natural ingredients like henna, coffee, and hibiscus, it works fabulously on even white hairs. Soon, you’ll have a full head of natural-looking coloured hair.

Natur Erbe Hair Dye With Organic glycerol

SGD 32.00

Tired of your black hair? The Color Erbe hair dye will help with that. Available in 15 different colours, this organic hair dye is free from harmful chemicals like nonoxynol, resorcinol, and SLS. It comes in a cream form and is made with glycerol which is used to bring moisture to hair. So your hair will be bright and hydrated!

Silk Henna Natural Herbal Organic Henna Powder Hair Dye Color

SGD 16.99

You might have heard of henna before; a dye that people use for natural tattoos that face over time. Well, that can happen for your hair with this Silk Henna organic hair dye that’s made from natural plant ingredients, providing harmless yet beautiful effects on the hair and scalp. It also protects hair from pollution and sunlight in addition to giving long-lasting natural hair colour.

Joanna Organic Permanent Hair Dye

SGD 7.89

One of the easiest ways to dye your hair black is by simply using a shampoo that does the job for you. No need to look further as the Joanna Organic Permanent Hair Dye is here to the rescue. While the Naturia hair dye is put to work, the argan oil in it protects the scalp and hair during the colour treatment. Then, voila - black glossy hair!

Rishiri Natural Kelp Hair Colour Treatment

SGD 22.23

Laminaria ochotensis extract - this mouthful of a word represents a new type of hair colourant that originates in Japan. This product contains rich minerals and vitamin E for thick and glossy hair. It is great on grey hair and even damaged hair that cannot be chemically dyed anymore.

Naturigin (11.0 Extreme Blonde) 100% Permanent Organic Hair Colour

SGD 26.6

Bleaching can be very damaging to our hair. With organic ingredients, the harm can be reduced. Naturigin’s Extreme Blonde hair dye is a good option for those wanting to go blonde. Its ingredients are completely natural and certified organic, made free from harmful chemicals like parabens, ammonia, and resorcinol.

Mokeru Professional Use Natural Permanent Organic Hair Colour Dye Cream

SGD 18.00

Selecting a professional hair dye that is up to salon standards can be tricky. But not with MOKERU’s organic hair dye cream. The series gives a selection of colours from light to dark. Containing organic ingredients like herbs and hair tonic, it helps to reduce hair damage and allows the dye to absorb better into the strands, leaving smooth and shiny hair.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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