Compact, multi-functional and convenient, the food processor is a crucial kitchen appliance due to its ability to take on a multitude of tasks. Whether you’re cooking for a large crowd, whipping up dips, or making dough, a food processor can help cut down on meal prep time.

With a wide range of food processors available in the market, it can be challenging to find the right one that'll suit your needs. Hence why we've done some research to help pick the best food processor for you.

1. Philips Daily Collection Food Processor

Best food processor with an adjustable slicer - suitable for kneading doughs
Price from SGD89.00
Lazada Singapore SGD89.00

The Philips Daily Collection Food Processor is a multi-purpose food processor with an affordable price tag. It can be used to slice vegetables, knead dough, mix cake batter, whip cream as well as egg whites. This heavy-duty food processor with fancy attachments will save a lot of time and speed up your kitchen work.

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2. Philips Avance Collection Food Processor

Best food processor with a dough hook and whisk
Price from SGD269.00
Lazada Singapore SGD269.00

The fastest way to knead dough is by using the Philips Avance Collection Food Processor. Along with basic food processor features, it comes with a metal dough hook to work the gluten and form the dough. There's also a double metal balloon beater to quickly whisk up cream and egg whites. Combine these attachments with the strong motor,  and your dough will be ready in no time.

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3. Bosch Compact Food Processor

Best for rempah
Price from SGD278.00
Lazada Singapore SGD278.00

Rempah, also known as spice paste, is traditionally made with mortar and pestle. Today, it can be easily done with a food processor. This compact food processor from Bosch has a particular grinding function - the 'MultiLevel 6' double blades. It helps to chop, grind and mix vegetables, herbs, spices and even coffee beans.

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4. Kenwood Multipro Home Food Processor

Best all purpose food processor
Price from SGD399.00
Lazada Singapore SGD399.00

Cooking is fun but prepping food can be time consuming. So, let this Kenwood Multipro Home Food Processor do all the hard work for you. It has a 3-litre capacity to fit a large amount of food and uses 1000W of power to speed things up. There's a wide range of attachments like a stainless steel knife blade, whisk tool, grater and citrus press for all your cooking needs.

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5. Braun FP5150 Food Processor

Best food processor with a blender and juicer
Price from SGD299.00
Lazada Singapore SGD299.00

If you have a limited countertop space, then the Braun FP5150 Food Processor is for you. It comes with multiple attachments such as a shredder, slicer, dough tool, blender, juicer attachment and even a French fries disc to help you complete any kitchen task. This blender is compact and boasts a 1000W of power to help you prepare food to your desired consistency.

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6. Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor

Best for nut butter and almond butter
Price from SGD854.00
Lazada Singapore SGD854.00

When it comes to making delicious and healthy nut butter, the durability and quality of your food processor matters. The Cuisinart’s Elite Collection 14-Cup Food Processor can do the job perfectly well.

This sturdy appliance has 1400W of power to chop and grind the nuts to the right consistency. It also has a firm aluminium base to avoid your food processor from toppling over when it's hard at work.

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7. Kenwood Food Processor

Best food processor with a weighing scale and built-in timer
Price from SGD499.00
Lazada Singapore SGD499.00

Kenwood kFlex 3-in-1 Food Processor System is designed with a mixer and blender with a powerful motor and large capacity. This food processor can help you whip up cake batters, bread dough, juices and even smoothies. It also comes with a built-in timer and a weighing tray, so you don't need extra kitchen tools for those.

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