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10 Best Baby Walkers in Singapore 2024 - Reviews

Your baby’s new best friend.

From sit-in to push-behind walkers, here is a selection of baby walkers to keep your baby comfortable. These baby walkers provide your infant with the mobility they require while also ensuring their safety and stability. We evaluated ten baby walkers based on their stability, safety, ease of use and storage, durability, style and design, and overall enjoyment. You can give your infant a particular portion of their upbringing that they will enjoy with these baby walker Singapore. To assist you in purchasing the best baby walker in Singapore for your child. This article contains links for your convenience. 

10 Best Baby Walkers in Singapore 2024 - Reviews

Best Overall Baby Walker
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
Best Baby Walker Singapore - 2023
Check VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker price below:
add_circle It has a make-believe telephone handset with mechanical components
add_circle Increase the enjoyment of role-playing
add_circle Designed for babies and children aged 9 months to 3 years

The interactive learning baby walker comes with a changeable play panel and comes in a plain brown packaging. The piano keys in the early learning center produce music and promote creativity; the wheels work on carpeted and hard floors. 


This top-rated baby walker helps babies who have mastered pulling themselves up to walk on their own. VTech coined the name “Sit-to-Stand” to showcase its 2-in-1 feature by being a walker that doubles up as an activity center. Babies can sit down next to the push-around walker and play with the various assortment of toys on the front.  

Best Baby Walker for Carpet
Lucky Baby Jamboree 5 In 1 Multi-Functional Baby Walker
Lucky Baby
Check Lucky Baby Jamboree 5 In 1 Multi-Functional Baby Walker price below:
add_circle Can be converted into a rocker, push car, feeding seat, and activity center
add_circle Easy to assemble and disassemble
add_circle Comes with interactive toys to keep your baby occupied

Worried about getting a walker for your newly carpeted floors? Lucky Baby® Jamboree™ sports sturdy wheels that lets your baby move safely on carpeted floors! Its design allows for adjustable height positions – an important factor when choosing a baby walker. Equipped with the standard activity trays of two-in-one walkers, it’s also compact and wide-based for better stability.

Best Baby Walker with Wheels
Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker
Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker
Check Fisher-Price Musical Lion Walker price below:
add_circle The Stand & Walk mode is intended for older infants
add_circle It also includes music that plays as your baby walks
add_circle Baby will be encouraged to walk by playing rewarded songs and ditties as he goes

The Fisher-Price musical walker is ideal for introducing your child to the world of music-assisted walking. The walker is themed after a lion character, and it has two modes that you may switch between. Sit & Play and Stand & Walk are the two options. The Sit & Play mode is jam-packed with activities that your baby can enjoy while sitting.


The baby may play with a light-up nose, mirror with a peek-a-boo page, piano, colorful spinning dial, slider butterfly, amusing bat-at-rollerball ears, and clacker bead toes in the Sit & Play mode. 

Best Baby Walker for Hardwood Floors
Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker
Little Tikes
Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker
Check Little Tikes 3-in-1 Activity Walker price below:
add_circle The walker effortlessly changes into an activity table with a variety of entertaining and distinctive features.
add_circle Because the walker splits in half, the activity panel is near to the floor, babies can sit and play.
add_circle The wheels' adjustable speed control protects.

The Light 'n Go 3-in-1 Activity Walker can keep your child entertained as well as active. This infant activity walker features projected lights to inspire them to take their first steps, while the panel slides up to transform into a fun activity table full with sounds and moving components to keep them practicing their big motor skills while having fun.


The 3-in-1 Activity Walker can be used as a walker, a standing activity table, and a sit and play activity center all at the same time. 

Best 3 in 1 Baby Walker
Chicco 123 Baby Walker
Chicco 123 Baby Walker
Check Chicco 123 Baby Walker price below:
add_circle The 123 Baby Walker has six safety brakes that stop the walker when a step is taken.
add_circle The 123 Baby Walker's two height positions make your baby's first steps enjoyable and simple.
add_circle It promotes independent walking and growth.

Product Overview: 

The Chicco 123 Baby Walker is a walker that grows alongside your child. Converting a standard walker to a push along to a ride on when the walker is no longer necessary. Because of its multifunctionality, this 123 kid Walker will last your kid until he or she is three years old. 


The interactive toy panel is available as needed, with manual activities, lights, and noises, and it may be withdrawn at any time. 

Best Budget/Cheap Baby Walker
Fisher Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker
Fisher Price
Fisher Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker
Check Fisher Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker price below:
add_circle The easy-grip handle and strong 4-wheel base aid in stabilizing those shaky first steps
add_circle Lots of catchy slogans, sounds, and melodies encourage and reward even more moving and grooving
add_circle Assisting children in becoming more stable on their feet

The Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker is the kind of first companion you want for your child, from teaching first words to encouraging first steps. Spinning, flipping, rolling, and twisting!


This zebra is jam-packed with stimulating, hands-on activities for seated babies. Your baby may turn the book page or push the light-up buttons to learn everything about the ABCs and 123s with new animal companions through sing-along melodies and phrases! 

Best Baby Walker for 4 Month Old
VTech First Steps Baby Walker
VTech First Steps Baby Walker
VTech First Steps Baby Walker
Check VTech First Steps Baby Walker price below:
add_circle The baby is drawn to the light-up sun.
add_circle Manipulative skills are developed through the use of moving gears, form sorters, barn doors, and rollers.
add_circle Walking motor skills and hand-eye coordination are improved.

With this amazing 2-in-1 walker and play center, you can watch your child take their first precious steps. The sturdy walker provides all the support they need to take their first steps, with textured wheels, an easy grip handle, and a durable design. The exciting activity panel on the walker may be removed for additional sit-down play! 

Features: Little ones will be exposed to numbers, shapes, animals, and colors via a variety of interesting games, bright music, and kind remarks.

Best Baby Walker with Tray
Bright Starts 10489 Kaleidoscope Safari Walker Baby Infants Fun walkers
Bright Starts
Bright Starts 10489 Kaleidoscope Safari Walker Baby Infants Fun walkers
Check Bright Starts 10489 Kaleidoscope Safari Walker Baby Infants Fun walkers price below:
add_circle Fabric can be washed without risk.
add_circle Includes a toy bar or links to keep baby entertained and delighted.
add_circle Folds up easily for convenient storage and saving space.

This baby walker has A steering wheel that triggers lights, sounds, and melodies on a removable electronic toy station. It has volume control and can be removed for floor play or use on the go.


Rubber feet that brake when a baby gets too close to uneven surfaces like stairs are among the safety features. It also has a strong, wide frame.

Best Baby Walker with Toys
BRIGHT STARTS 3-in-1 Around We Go
BRIGHT STARTS 3-in-1 Around We Go
Check BRIGHT STARTS 3-in-1 Around We Go price below:
add_circle There are 15+ activities, including a piano station with three play options; flip the book to trigger melodies, humorous sounds, and the piano.
add_circle Station for action and reaction with a bead chaser, popping characters, and a spinner.
add_circle The seat pad can be machine washed.

First and foremost, have fun! This award-winning activity station features a one-of-a-kind seat that allows the baby to securely walk or run around the activity table's outside edge! It's like a walker and an entertainer rolled into one! Your infant will be fascinated and challenged by fashion through the toddler years!

Features: An electronic toy station with volume control and three modes of play: melodies, animal sounds, and piano notes, as well as a flip book with colorful characters, are among the 15+ activities.

Best Wooden Baby Walker
Hape Wonder Walker
Hape Wonder Walker
Check Hape Wonder Walker price below:
add_circle Five onboard activities include movable knobs, gears, and colorful balls.
add_circle Coordination and fine motor skills are improved.
add_circle Setback wheels with rubber trim will preserve the floors.

This well-balanced Wonder Walker from Hape has a robust base for pulling up and a distinctive design. Pushing becomes a breeze. Five onboard activities, including moveable knobs, gears, and colored balls, transform it into a busy box on wheels. The activity walker's rubber-trimmed setback wheels will protect the floor. 


Simple 15-minute assembly. A child-safe paint finish and robust wood structure are included.

What is a baby walker?

A baby walker is a wheeled circular frame that seats a baby who has not yet learned to walk. Some individuals believe that baby walkers are useful for entertaining their newborns and teaching them to walk. This is not correct. Baby walkers are risky and might potentially delay your baby's walking development.

How helpful a baby walker is?

Some people think that baby walkers are good and bad, and that they are useless for amusing their infants and teaching them to walk. That's incorrect. A baby walker is a frame with wheels that seats a child who is still learning to walk.  Baby walkers may be able to aid in your child's learning to walk.

Buying Guide: How to choose a baby walker?

Push walkers for baby are useful item of equipment that can help newborns learn to walk, keep them engaged, and keep them from crawling out the door on their own. Doctors have long believed that it has baby walker benefits to help babies strengthen leg muscles faster, allowing them to walk sooner. 

Most baby walkers also function as small seats and tables for newborns, allowing them to begin tinkering with utensils or playing with their toys on them. They can also be used to support a sleeping baby. It is critical to acquire the best baby walker possible, especially if you intend to have more than one baby in the future. Here are some suggestions for finding best walker for baby.

  • Price comparison

When you've located the ideal walker and have the time, check pricing between stores. It wouldn't hurt to try other stores to see if they have the identical walker for a lower price.

  • Examine carefully for flaws.

Examine every aspect of this walker as carefully as you would a clothing or a smartphone that you are going to purchase—look for rough sections, loose components, hardened parts that shouldn't be hard, and edges where there shouldn't be. 

  • Select non-toxic materials.

Ask the shop assistant about the materials used to build the walker, even if you sound nitpicky. If they are unable to respond, look it up online. 

  • Look for security features.

This is critical since you're giving your infant some independence when he's in the walker. Seat belts should be a no-brainer because they are required if your home has walls. 

  • Examine the walker's weight and maneuverability.

If the baby walker is overly heavy, your child may not enjoy using it or may not be able to move it at all. It would suffice as a chair, and you require a baby walker. 

  • Select a walker with a wide base.

Baby walkers with wide bases provide a double safety benefit. For starters, it reduces the possibility of the walker toppling over and falling, which could result in significant injury to the baby.

  • Read reviews first.

Before learning anything about baby walkers, you had to travel to the store or see one in person from a fellow parent. 

Best Baby Walker Brands in Singapore

Here are a few well-regarded baby walker brands in Singapore:

  1. Fisher-Price: Fisher-Price is a globally recognized brand known for its quality and innovative baby products. They offer a range of baby walkers with various features and designs.
  2. VTech: VTech is another reputable brand that produces interactive and educational toys for children. They have baby walkers that incorporate learning activities and music to engage babies.
  3. Chicco: Chicco is a well-established brand that focuses on creating safe and reliable baby products. They offer baby walkers with sturdy designs and features that promote child development.
  4. Joie: Joie is a brand that specializes in baby gear and equipment. They offer baby walkers with adjustable heights, comfortable seating, and safety features.
  5. Bright Starts: Bright Starts is known for its vibrant and engaging baby products. They have baby walkers that come with toys, music, and interactive features to keep babies entertained.
  6. Evenflo: Evenflo is a trusted brand that produces a wide range of baby products, including baby walkers. They offer walkers with various features like adjustable height, removable toy trays, and easy maneuverability.

Remember to prioritize safety when choosing a baby walker. Look for models that have sturdy construction, wide bases for stability, and safety features such as brake pads or stair-fall prevention mechanisms. Always supervise your baby when using a walker and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for proper usage.

Baby Walkers Price Range in Singapore

The price range of baby walkers in Singapore can vary depending on the brand, features, and quality of the product. Here's a general overview of the price range you can expect:

  1. Basic models: Basic baby walkers without many additional features can range from SGD 30 to SGD 60.
  2. Mid-range models: Baby walkers with more features such as music, interactive toys, and adjustable heights usually fall in the range of SGD 60 to SGD 100.
  3. High-end models: Premium baby walkers from well-known brands with advanced features, superior build quality, and additional safety measures can range from SGD 100 to SGD 200 or more.

Keep in mind that these price ranges are approximate and can vary depending on factors such as the retailer, current promotions, and specific models. It's always a good idea to compare prices across different stores and online platforms to find the best deal. Additionally, consider prioritizing safety and quality over price when choosing a baby walker for your little one.

Where to Buy Baby Walkers in Singapore?

In Singapore, you can find baby walkers at various retailers both online and offline. Here are some popular places where you can buy baby walkers:

  1. Department Stores: Major department stores in Singapore such as Takashimaya, Robinsons, and Metro often have a dedicated baby section where you can find baby walkers.
  2. Baby Specialty Stores: Stores specializing in baby products like Mothercare, Pigeon, and First Few Years offer a wide range of baby walkers. These stores usually have knowledgeable staff who can assist you in choosing the right product.
  3. Online Retailers: Online shopping platforms like Lazada, Shopee, and Qoo10 have extensive collections of baby walkers from different brands. You can browse through a variety of options, compare prices, and read customer reviews before making a purchase.
  4. Baby Fairs and Exhibitions: Singapore hosts regular baby fairs and exhibitions where you can find a wide range of baby products, including baby walkers. These events often offer discounts and promotions, making them a great opportunity to get good deals.
  5. Secondhand Marketplaces: If you prefer to buy secondhand or discounted baby walkers, you can explore platforms like Carousell or Gumtree. However, be sure to thoroughly inspect the item for any damages or safety concerns before making a purchase.

Remember to check the reputation of the seller, compare prices, and read customer reviews before buying a baby walker from any platform. Additionally, ensure that the retailer or platform you choose offers reliable customer support and return/exchange policies in case you encounter any issues with your purchase.


When you have a baby at home, every minute is more enjoyable! The most significant and unforgettable moment for them is when they learn to walk. Their smile is more than enough to change the atmosphere of your home. Many factors contribute to the baby's ability to walk. Parents, siblings, and the crucial baby walker are among them.

A baby walker is nothing short of a lifesaver because it aids with baby walking. Because of their efforts, they enable children to move swiftly from one location to another. A baby walker will help your kid without difficulty or defects.

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