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8 Best Laptop Stands for All Kinds of Work & Play Situations

Keeping your laptop at arm’s length.

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Laptops are versatile gadgets easily used anywhere conveniently. However, long exposure to eye strain and bad posture negatively affects users’ health. So instead, opt for an ergonomic laptop stand to enhance the height and eye level of your laptop for a more comfortable usage. Laptop stands easily create a much more productive and healthy creative space.  

Here’s a selection of affordable laptop stands for your specific needs.

Steklo Universal Laptop Stand

₱ 612
1. Steklo Universal Laptop Stand
Best laptop stand for desk
Updated on 18th June 2020

Are you looking to set up a permanent rise for the laptops and tablets used at home or office? This simple yet elegant looking laptop stand is an adjustable and easy fit for all screen sizes. It folds easily and fits right into your laptop pack without unwanted intrusion. With enhanced airflow system, using this laptop stand ensures your equipment remains cool throughout the long working hours.

RGBasics Aluminium Laptop Stand

₱ 799
2. RGBasics Aluminium Laptop Stand
Best vertical laptop stand
Updated on 24th June 2020

A futuristic design complementing thin and lightweight devices, this laptop stand optimises desk space while cradling your notebooks gently. The flexible dock size accommodates varying laptop width and thickness. Moreover, this durable stand has a wider base to protect your screen from accidentally toppling. Paired with a protective silicone mat, it takes precautions from falls and ensures stable placement.

OEM Aluminium Laptop Stand

₱ 1899
3. OEM Aluminium Laptop Stand
Best Mac laptop stand for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro – ergonomic design
Updated on 11th July 2019

Invest in a smart and casual looking laptop stand to be used on an office desk or a home office. This stand’s unique design features a comfortable eye level height as well as a heat absorbent holder to avoid the physical strain for users while spending long hours in front of the screen. Moreover, the sturdy stand ensures your device is secured all the time.

Ultra-Thin Portable Laptop Stand

₱ 235
4. Ultra-Thin Portable Laptop Stand
Best portable laptop stand
Updated on 11th July 2019

A cheaper alternative to the usual metal and high-grade plastic designs, this simple yet innovative looking laptop stand is perfect for light and compact looking gadgets. Utilising a folding concept, the stand stays completely invisible and out of sight when placed on a surface. Perfect for a minimalistic user in need of a little extra help.

Ultralite Folding Portable Laptop Table

₱ 595
5. Ultralite Folding Portable Laptop Table
Best travel laptop stand
Updated on 3rd July 2020

Often we look for simple and versatile accessories to bring along while travelling. With this foldable laptop table, it’s now possible to create your very own office environment anywhere while being on the go. 

A super light alternative to the common laptop stands, it increases storage space as well as allows writing space while working. The spacious dimensions are ideal for a stable workplace, be it on the bed or even in a car.

S500 Adjustable Laptop Stand With Cooling Pad

₱ 615
6. S500 Adjustable Laptop Stand With Cooling Pad
Best cooling laptop stand with fan – ideal for gaming
Updated on 30th June 2020

This durable laptop stand and cooling pad combination is best for long hours of gadget usage, particularly during gaming sessions! It has an adjustable and lightweight construction with five functioning fans as well as equipped with two 2.0 USB ports to optimise the visual angle while increasing accessibility. 

The laptop stand effectively cools down overheated notebooks and laptops, which essentially helps to avoid mishaps during an important game battle. 

Nextstand Foldable Laptop Stand

₱ 499
7. Nextstand Foldable Laptop Stand
Best adjustable laptop stand for professional DJs
Updated on 24th June 2020

Using laptops at an elevated height could prove to be tricky without the right reinforcements. That means placing the laptop at a correct angle on a DJ podium is not always possible. With this sturdy laptop stand made from industrial grade materials, it delivers a posture correct device with thorough ventilation for your tech needs. 

The stand allows the equipment to be elevated up to the best viewing angle while sitting or standing. Furthermore, it also offers a universal fit holding up to 20 pounds, for all types of laptops.

Foldable Laptop Stand

₱ 387
8. Foldable Laptop Stand
Best laptop stand for bed
Updated on 11th July 2019

Just like breakfast on bed, enjoy your laptop in bed with this foldable laptop stand. This reinforced device made from quality materials is durable and safe to house your gadget as well as accompanying accessories and files. Designed in a comfortable size, it is both spacious and secure to be placed on a soft bed. Moreover, this handy tool doubles us as a breakfast table while being efficient as your very own home office. Effortlessly increasing the versatility of its usage.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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