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15 Best Keyboards in Philippines 2024 - Prices & Brands

Keyboards are essential

Do you want to find new ways to win more often and improve your performance? If that’s the case, you need a good keyboard right away. Whether you work, go to school, or play games, you value the keyboard you use. When we talk about how to buy a keyboard, we’re talking about the most important things you should consider before purchasing. You must have a reliable set of keys that won’t break when you’re in the middle of something.

In preparation for that event, we have put all of the best keyboards on the market right now on one page so that you can find what you need quickly. We will tell you your options for getting the best keyboard in the Philippines.

15 Best Keyboards in Philippines 2024 - Prices & Brands

Best Value for Money Keyboard
Anne Pro 2 Gaming Keyboard
Check Anne Pro 2 Gaming Keyboard price below:
add_circle Backlit RGB key mapping
add_circle Space-saving
add_circle Dual function keys
add_circle Many switches to choose from
add_circle Quality build and elegant design
add_circle Customizable RGB theme
remove_circle No number pad
remove_circle Minimal extra features

Why It’s Our Top Pick

The Anne Pro 2 is an excellent choice for a gaming keyboard. Gateron Brown switches give our product a solid, well-made feel. They provide good tactile feedback and don’t need much force to work. The keyboard also has individually lit keys with full RGB lighting; with the software that comes with it, you can set a macro to any key.


  • Dimensions: 11.18” x 3.81” x 1.57”
  • Connection type: Bluetooth / USB Type-C
  • Switch: Gateron Switch / Cherry MX

The Anne Pro 2 is the best wireless mechanical keyboard on the market. This gaming keyboard is 60% smaller and only works with Bluetooth. It can connect to up to four different devices. Now, you know how to use a wireless keyboard with your computer whenever possible.


The Anne Pro 2 wireless mechanical keyboard is a beautiful piece of technology. Because full RGB lights light its body, this computer keyboard will be the most aesthetically pleasing addition to your setup. With macros, you can program various switches with all the necessary keys. As a gamer, you will have a lot of fun with it.

Why Buy This:

The keyboard computer is strong and doesn’t take up much space because it is thin and well-made. Typing on this keyboard is fun because the keys feel good and respond quickly.

Best Keyboard for Mac
Apple Magic with Touch ID Keyboard
Check Apple Magic with Touch ID Keyboard price below:
add_circle Connects to any device via Bluetooth
add_circle Great typing quality
add_circle Quiet typing noise
remove_circle No multi-device pairing


  • Dimensions: 10.2” x 8.0” x 0.9”
  • Connection type: Bluetooth 
  • Switch: Scissor switch / Rubber dome

The Apple Magic Keyboard has finally come to the Philippines. Your search is over if you use a Mac and are looking for a new keyboard. It’s a high-quality keyboard case that works with Touch ID. This lets you enter websites and purchase quickly, easily, and safely.


It’s incredible how fast and accurately you can type on this keyboard. It’s also nice that it doesn’t have a cord and can be charged quickly through a USB-C port. It also has a long battery life. It can be used for at least a month. It is the best Mac keyboard because it has all the features you need in a small, attractive package.

Why Buy This:

You can type quickly and accurately with Touch ID on the Magic Computer Keyboard. It also has an internal battery that lasts a very long time and keeps your keyboard working for at least a month without being charged. It works without wires and can be trusted.

Best Mechanical Keyboard
Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series Keyboard
Check Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series Keyboard price below:
add_circle Compact design
add_circle Detachable USB-C cable
add_circle Physical Tournament Mode switch
remove_circle Overrated 8000Hz


  • Dimensions: 1.78” x 14.13” x 6.50” 
  • Connection type: USB Type-C
  • Switch: Cherry MX Red

If you want the best mechanical keyboard, the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series is the way to go. This tenkeyless keyboard has a Cherry MX Red key switch; durable PBT double-shot keycaps, and nothing else you don’t need.


This mechanical keyboard’s fast response time will ensure you win any challenging game. Besides that, you can use macros to give any of its keys their functions. The body is small, well-made, and has RGB lighting to make the best gaming environment possible.

Why Buy This:

The best esports players in the world spent years working with researchers and developers to make the Corsair Champion Series. It was created to give them every possible advantage. Competitive gamers use CHERRY MX Red key switches because they have a low spring force and linear travel, which makes them push like butter.

Best Keyboard for Laptop
Razer Cynosa V2 Gaming Keyboard
Check Razer Cynosa V2 Gaming Keyboard price below:
add_circle Multiple settings for incline
add_circle RGB backlight that can be changed
add_circle Macros programmable
remove_circle Slippery keycaps


  • Dimensions: 18.25” x 6.6” x 1.19”
  • Connection type: USB
  • Switch: Rubber dome switches

The Razer Cynosa V2 is the best gaming keyboard if you like the traditional membrane layout and play video games often. Each key on this membrane keyboard is lit by chroma RGB lighting, and the many configuration options give you much freedom to change things.


With these membrane computer keyboard keys, you can do almost anything. It is easy to use and only asks the user to do a little. Each button can be changed to make the experience more personal, and the commands work better. This computer keyboard key is comfortable and quiet enough to use for long periods.

Why Buy This:

The Razer Cynosa V2 has better per-key lighting and more RGB customization options. Its quiet operation and soft underside make it ideal for long gaming sessions.

Best Keyboard for Gaming
CoolerMaster CK550 V2 Keyboard
Check CoolerMaster CK550 V2 Keyboard price below:
add_circle Command and control within the ship
add_circle High-quality, reliable software
add_circle Complete with a cushioned wrist rest
remove_circle Extensive damage to ABS keycaps


  • Dimensions: 18.11” x 5.31” x 1.61” 
  • Connection type: USB 2.0
  • Switch: Mechanical Blue Switch

You can get a good gaming keyboard in the Philippines for less than ₱4,000. It has everything that a high-end mechanical gaming keyboard would have. It has a body that is strong and well-made. It is easier and more fun to use because it has a wrist rest built in.


The CoolerMaster CK550 V2 is the best choice for mechanical gaming PCs for beginners. This is how to do it if you want to get into the gaming business. It’s blue, the keycaps can be changed, and you can choose from three switches. It is made with a body that lights up with RGB lights and has a simple, high-quality design.

Why Buy This:

The CK550 V2 Gaming RGB Keyboard is up to the task with reliable Mechanical switches and On-the-Fly Controls for quick changes. The CK550 V2 is the best choice for people who want to make their keycaps because it has a standard layout and bottom row.

Best Wireless Keyboard
Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Gaming Keyboard
Check Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro Gaming Keyboard price below:
add_circle Full RGB backlighting
add_circle Great build quality
add_circle Low pre-travel
add_circle Leatherette wrist rest included
remove_circle Straight profile


  • Dimensions: 17.7” x 9.8” x 1.7”
  • Connection type: Bluetooth or USB type a dongle
  • Switch: Razer™ Mechanical Switches

Wireless keyboards have become very popular in recent years because they are easy to move around and work well most of the time. One of the best wireless keyboards that can be bought in the Philippines is the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro. It has a case made of aluminum, a digital screen with many features, and four controllers for media.


The Razer BlackWidow V3 Pros is made by the most well-known company that makes keyboards. It also has the most advanced wireless technology and very low input latency. With its fast response time, you can have the best gaming experience possible.

Why Buy This:

You can change the RGB lights on the body of the computer keyboard keys to match the game you are playing. You can also set up macros on the keyboard’s keys to help you send orders faster.

Best Ergonomic Keyboard
Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard
Check Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard price below:
add_circle Extra-comfortable wrist rest
add_circle Extended asymmetrical keys
add_circle Curved and split ergonomic shape
remove_circle It takes up more room


  • Dimensions: 17.95” x 9.17” x 1.89”
  • Connection type: Bluetooth and USB Receiver
  • Switch: Rubber dome with scissor mechanism

Unlike any other, an ergonomic keyboard is designed to ease the strain on the hands and wrists. The Logitech K860 is a supportive, ergonomic keyboard designed to help users maintain a healthier posture as they type.


As scientific studies have shown, the Ergo K860 is a highly efficient ergonomic keyboard computer. While using it, your wrist is supported, making typing more pleasant. It improves both your speed and accuracy when typing. Now, you don’t have to choose between working hard and caring for your health.

Why Buy This:

With a curved, split keyframe, your fingers can move more freely, leading to faster and more accurate typing. The sloping design relieves stress on the wrists and forearms, allowing users to rest their hands and arms without discomfort.

Best Keyboard for Android
Rii i4 Mini Keyboard
Check Rii i4 Mini Keyboard price below:
add_circle Dual-mode connectivity
add_circle LED backlight keys with touchpad
add_circle Rechargeable battery
remove_circle No battery indicator


  • Dimensions: 7.1” x 4.2” x 0.9”
  • Connection type: Bluetooth and USB dongle
  • Compatible with: Laptops/Computer/Smart TV/Tablet/Cellphone/ Android

The Rii i4 tiny is one of the market’s best wireless, portable keyboards. There is an interface that works in both modes. The first is Bluetooth, which, depending on the device, can connect from up to four meters away. The second option is 2.4G wireless, which only needs the USB dongle to be plugged in.


The Rii i4 mini is easy to take anywhere because it is small and light. It is small, has the shape of a gamepad, and has a touchpad built right into the body. It is a great company because it works with so many different kinds of electronic devices. Also, the keys have white LED lighting that works well even when it’s dark.

Why Buy This:

This small wireless keyboard can use Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless technologies. It can be used for many things, like typing text, sending e-mail, controlling the TV, and playing games. It works with TV boxes that run Linux, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows, as well as PCs and laptops. You can use it while sitting on the couch because it is easy to move around and doesn’t weigh much.

Best Affordable/Budget Keyboard
HyperX Alloy Core RGB Keyboard
Check HyperX Alloy Core RGB Keyboard price below:
add_circle Multiple RGB effects
add_circle Spill-resistant
add_circle Cheap and affordable
remove_circle No software support for customization


  • Dimensions: 17.44” x 6.90” x 1.40”
  • Connection type: USB 2.0 
  • Switch: Membrane Switch

The smooth and bright RGB lighting effects on the keyboard will improve how it looks and works for gaming. It’s built like a tank and made to last a very long time. It’s an excellent multi-media keyboard for gamers in every way except that it doesn’t light up. It is also not too expensive, which is another big plus.


The HyperX Alloy Core RGBTM gaming keyboard is stylish and affordable. It has smooth, dynamic RGB lighting effects and HyperX’s unique, radiant light bar. Its six different lighting effects and three brightness levels strike an outstanding balance between being flashy and cheap. The Alloy Core RGB was made with a strong, reinforced plastic frame to make it stable and reliable for gamers who use their keyboards often.

Why Buy This:

It’s true that some gamers like how RGB computer keyboard keys make the graphics better while they play. You might consider getting the HyperX Alloy Core if this sounds like you. The RGB lighting effects on this membrane keyboard are beautiful. If you have little money, this is your best choice.

Best Rated/Selling Keyboard
SteelSeries Apex 5 Keyboard
Check SteelSeries Apex 5 Keyboard price below:
add_circle A great hybrid keys
add_circle Aluminum body
add_circle Comes with a wrist rest
remove_circle Mechanical switches may be more enjoyable.


  • Dimensions: 1.4” x 17.5” x 5.5”
  • Connection type: USB 
  • Switch: SteelSeries Hybrid Mechanical RGB Switch

The Apex 5 combines a mechanical keyboard’s excellent performance and clicky feel with the durability and convenience of IP32 water protection. So, the keyboard is safe from spills and other damage caused by liquids. It also has a high-quality magnetic wrist rest and an OLED Smart display, and each key on the keyboard can have its RGB lighting set up. Apex 5 is the best way to bring together the natural and virtual worlds of the game industry.


It is a hybrid keyboard, which has both membrane and mechanical keys. It can be touched, and you feel very nice when you click it. The keys on this type of keyboard feel smoother and more consistent than those on membrane keyboards.

Why Buy This:

The frames of keyboards are made of aluminum, so you can be sure they will last a very long time. The Apex 5 will give you a complete and satisfying gaming experience.

Best Keyboard For Typing
Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Keyboard
Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Keyboard_1
Check Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Keyboard price below:
add_circle The style that is both expensive and reliable
add_circle Good performance when typing text
add_circle Long-lasting batteries
remove_circle All that can be seen in the dark is a pure white glow.


  • Dimensions: 167.64 x 449.58 x 40.64mm
  • Connection type: Unifying receiver or Bluetooth
  • Switch: Scissor switches

Your productivity level will grow due to the keyboard’s ability to provide a fluid and responsive experience. It is also wireless and has a battery life of up to ten days, which can be extended to five months if the illumination is turned off.


This full-size computer keyboard is ideal for composing official documents, a school report, or working under pressure. Using Bluetooth and a Unifying Receiver, it can connect to three separate devices. It is a prudent choice for a keyboard computer that will be kept on your desk.

Why Buy This:

The Logitech MX Keys is an excellent choice if you only need a standard computer keyboard and plan to use it daily. This computer keyboard was created to enhance the typing experience and is among the best in the Philippines.

Best Keyboard for Programming
Ducky One 3 SF RGB Keyboard
Ducky One 3 SF DayBreak RGB_1
Check Ducky One 3 SF RGB Keyboard price below:
add_circle Great typing quality
add_circle Great customization options
add_circle Excellent backlighting
remove_circle Built-in software can be confusing to use


  • Dimensions: 11.9” x 4.3” x 1.6”
  • Connection type: Detachable USB-C cable 
  • Switch: Cherry MX-branded

If you are a programmer, you know that the keyboard is one of the most important things that affect how much you get done at work. How well you do is essential to motivate you and how you feel when coding. If that’s the case, Ducky One 3 is your best choice because it has everything you could want.


The Ducky One 3 is a great programming keyboard with excellent typing quality and a strong build. Because it is small and light, you can reach any key on the keyboard quickly and with ease.

Why Buy This:

Both the keycaps and the switch stabilizers are great. They look and feel like high-end parts. It also lasts a long time, which lets you use it for a broader range of coding tasks.

Best Keyboard for Work
A4Tech KRS-8572 Keyboard
A4Tech KRS-8572_1
Check A4Tech KRS-8572 Keyboard price below:
add_circle Computer keyboard price is low and affordable
add_circle Compatible with multiple devices
add_circle Durable
remove_circle Limited features


  • Dimensions: 17.87” x 6.02” x 1.25”
  • Connection Type: USB
  • Switch: A-Shape, Round Edge

The A4Tech KRS-8572 is the best small keyboard with a lot of functions. This keyboard has the standard QWERTY layout, a full numeric keypad, and a free mouse.


The A4Tech KRS-8572 can do everything else a keyboard can do and more. It works with many devices, such as laptops, Smart TVs, game consoles, and more. Once the USB dongle is connected to your desired device, it can be used.

Why Buy This:

This keyboard layout saves space in many ways. For example, it has a separate number pad and full-size function keys. The included mouse is easy to track and move around with because it is streamlined and made for comfort.

Best keyboard for iPhone
Logitech K380 Keyboard
Logitech K380
Logitech K380_1
Check Logitech K380 Keyboard price below:
add_circle Light experience with typing.
add_circle Lightweight and small in size.
add_circle Up to three devices can pair with other devices.
remove_circle ABS keycaps feel a bit cheap


  • Dimensions: 16.0 x 279.0 x 124.0 mm
  • Connection Type: Bluetooth Classic
  • Switch: scissor switches

The Logitech K380 is a high-quality portable keyboard that lets you type comfortably wherever you take it. It works with almost any Bluetooth device, and its small size makes it easy to carry around. It has shortcuts for controlling media and can connect to many devices simultaneously.


The Logitech K380 is an excellent keyboard for smartphones and tablets. It works very well with most mobile operating systems and can be used with any device connected to Bluetooth. It works with all devices.

Why Buy This:

It can pair with multiple devices to connect it to your keyboard, computer, and phone simultaneously. It is also easy to move around with because it is portable.

Best keyboard for iPad
Keychron K2 Mechanical Keyboard
Keychron K2 Mechanical Keyboard_1
Check Keychron K2 Mechanical Keyboard price below:
add_circle Long-term use of a low profile is comfortable
add_circle Connects to up to three Bluetooth devices.
add_circle It is well-made.
remove_circle Keys are constricted and sensitive


  • Dimensions: 14.56” x 7.08” x 2.75”
  • Connection Type: Wireless
  • Switch: Red with type C RGB

The Keychron K2 Mechanical Keyboard is small and easy to carry. It can connect wirelessly and with a cable. You could type all day long on this one keyboard. The three Gateron G Pro switch configurations let you choose between smooth, clicky, or mixed feelings. Up to 50 million keystrokes will be needed to ensure everyone’s answers are identical.


The layout of the media keys on the mechanical Keychron K2 keyboards is the same as on a Mac. It has the same duplicate media keys as the regular Mac OS. Every K2 keyboard comes with three keycaps. Two are for Macs, and one is for Windows. In addition to its many stylish designs, the Keychron has almost fifteen different RGB lighting effects.

Why Buy This:

If you type many words daily, K2 is a good choice. From the three types of Gateron switches, you can choose a linear, clicky, or hybrid layout (Blue, Brown, Red). The K2 works with Bluetooth 5.1, the latest version, and can also be used with a cable. You can connect with your phone, computer, or tablet. You can connect the computer keyboard to your other

What is the Difference between a Membrane Keyboard and a Mechanical Keyboard?

The switches are the key distinction between these two. Membrane keyboards employ rubber domes pressed down with each keypress to connect to tiny electrical contacts, whereas mechanical keyboards use a spring-loaded mechanism to press a physical switch. Usually, membrane keyboards use in the office, while mechanical keyboards are used in gaming.

How to Clean your Keyboard

  • As people say, "Prevention is better than cure". So, first, don't get your keyboard and place it in a dirty and dusty area.
  • You can remove some dust and dirt by carefully flipping your keyboard over and lightly pressing it. But don't shake it because it can harm your keyboard.
  • Use an air spray or dust spray to blow away the dirt stuck in your keyboard.
  • Screen Wipes can also be used. Apply it lightly to your keys to remove dust, then clean it.
  • Cotton Swabs, dry or mildly wet, can also be used. To remove extra dust, wipe gently and slowly between the keys and over the tops and bottoms.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Keyboard

Did you know that keyboards nowadays are not just simple input devices? They can do more, depending on the features they have. Here are some things to think about while purchasing a keyboard.

  • Purpose: Determine the primary use of the keyboard, whether it is for casual use, gaming, or professional use.
  • Key switches: Consider the type of key switches you prefer, such as membrane, mechanical, or scissor-switch.
  • Layout: Consider the layout you prefer, such as a full-size keyboard with a number pad, a compact keyboard, or a tenkeyless keyboard.
  • Connectivity: Decide whether you prefer a wired or wireless keyboard, and consider the keyboard's compatibility with your device.
  • Additional features: Consider whether you need additional features such as backlit keys, media control buttons, programmable keys, and macro recording.
  • Budget: Set a budget and choose a keyboard that fits your needs and budget.
  • Brand reputation: Choose a well-known brand with a good reputation for producing quality keyboards.

Best Keyboard Brands in the Philippines

With so many varieties of keyboard brands on the market, you can surely take your time and choose the best one. When obtaining the best for your money, you must consider the best features at an ideal price. The following keyboard brands highlight the highest quality of the best keyboard in the Philippines.

Logitech Keyboard

Overall, Logitech makes excellent keyboards among the best performers we've seen. Logitech's gaming business creates incredible gaming keyboards, too, and has been a leader in wireless technology advancement. 

Corsair Keyboard

Corsair keyboards are generally well-made; even the entry-level models have good build quality and few faults. Mechanical switches by Cherry MX. Corsair typically utilizes genuine Cherry MX switches, which is wonderful because you know exactly what kind of typing experience you'll get based on the switches you get.

Apple Keyboard

Apple's keyboards are small and elegant but far from the only good keyboard for Mac users. There are several wonderful Mac keyboards, whether you write all day, play fast-paced games, demand superior ergonomics, or enjoy the blaring comfort of mechanical keys.

Rii Keyboard

Rii keyboards are one of the top picks because of the following: the keys sound good; the keys have been elevated to prevent dirt and hair from accumulating as easily, making them easy to blow out and clean; the construction appears to be well-made and sturdy; it is inexpensive and; anti-ghosting characteristics that are suitable for gaming.

Razer Keyboard

Razer has a great selection of gaming keyboards and some solid ones for office use. Although their keyboards are well-made and have a choice of switches, they can be pricey.

Keyboards Price Range in the Philippines

The price range of keyboards in the Philippines varies widely, depending on the brand, features, and quality. Here's a rough estimate of the price range for different types of keyboards in the Philippines:

Basic office keyboards: PHP 500 to PHP 1,500

Mid-range keyboards: PHP 1,500 to PHP 3,500

High-end gaming keyboards: PHP 3,500 to PHP 10,000 or more

Mechanical keyboards: PHP 2,500 to PHP 10,000 or more

Please note that this is just an estimate, and prices may vary depending on the specific model and where you purchase the keyboard. Remember that higher prices usually correspond to better quality, additional features, and better build quality. It's best to set a budget and compare prices from different brands and sellers to find the best keyboard for your needs and budget.

Where to Buy Keyboards in the Philippines?

There are several places where you can buy keyboards in the Philippines, including:

Online marketplaces: Websites such as Lazada, Shopee, and Amazon are popular online marketplaces in the Philippines where you can find a wide selection of keyboards from various brands.

Computer shops: Computer shops and electronics stores such as PC Express, Octagon Computer Superstore, and ElectroWorld offer a wide selection of keyboards for sale.

Official brand stores: Many keyboard brands, such as Logitech and Razer, have official stores in the Philippines where you can purchase their products.

Department stores: Department stores such as SM Appliance Center and Power Mac Center also carry a selection of keyboards.

By shopping around and comparing prices and features, you can find the best keyboard to meet your needs and budget in the Philippines.


In conclusion, we hope you enjoy our complete list of the best keyboard Philippines. You now know what we look for in a keyboard and what brands we think are the best. Not only that, but it depends on your tastes and preferences.

You can choose the keyboard that best fits your needs, but it will still work. Any of these 15 best keyboards Philippines is a good choice.

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