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12 Best Wok Pans in Philippines 2024 - Top Brands & Prices

Pretty fry for a versatile wok.

Have you ever thought of investing your money in quality wok pans? And on a side note, do you also think which is the best wok to buy in the Philippines?

Most of us will agree that those who prepare their daily dishes in their homes have thought of leveling up and enhancing our cooking with quality pans that work wonders for our needs. And for some who mostly watch the various cooking vlogs, they see the potential of wok pans –  yup, that includes me too! Wok Philippines has many varieties to offer; you have to find the wok pan that is perfect for you.

Well, for today’s series of wok Philippines pans, we got you covered! Surely, we have prepared several options depending on which is best for you – from affordability to quality; we all have it here in the 12 Best Wok Pans in the Philippines. 

When I said we got you covered, we also came prepared to answer frequently asked questions about choosing the best wok to buy in the Philippines. You can also see the customer review for each product – who knows? Maybe the customer review would make you buy the best wok pan. 


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12 Best Wok Pans in Philippines 2024 - Top Brands & Prices

Best Tefal Wok Pan - Value for Performance
Tefal Light & Clean Frypan
Check Tefal Light & Clean Frypan price below:
add_circle Anti-scratch
add_circle Equipped with Thermo-Signal Technology
add_circle With Thermo-Fusion
remove_circle Expensive than other wok pan brands

Why It's Our Top Pick

Tefal is considered one of the best wok pan brands due to its durable non-stick coating, even heat distribution, and ergonomic handle. Their pans are suitable for all stovetops, offering easy food release and cleaning, making Tefal a reliable choice for efficient and enjoyable cooking experiences.

If you are not tight on budget and want to explore and invest in wok pans, you should include this wok cooking pan from Tefal in your choices. This wok's price is much higher than other wok pans used only in home kitchens – but let the quality talk. Its technology indicates when to start cooking, a perfect guide when searing. Thanks to its quality materials, you can enjoy its unlimited, permanent non-stick coating. 

Best Carbon Steel Wok Pan
Chinese Carbon Steel Wok Pan
Kitchen Buddy Chinese Carbon Steel Wok
Check Chinese Carbon Steel Wok Pan price below:
add_circle Durable and Sturdy
add_circle Suitable for Gas Stove, Induction Stove, Open Fire, and Grill
add_circle Fish Scale Design
remove_circle Not Yet Seasoned

Carbon steel woks are primarily preferred in restaurants. Now, you can have a restaurant-like experience with this reasonably inexpensive deal from Kitchen Buddy. This carbon steel wok is made for everyday use – indeed, you can enjoy your favorite sinangag, stir-fry vegetables, noodles, and seafood dishes with this quality yet affordable wok pan.   

Best Fudong Wok Pan - Ninong Ry's Favorite
Fudong Traditional Chinese Wok
Original Fudong Wok
Check Fudong Traditional Chinese Wok price below:
add_circle Made with Carbon Steel
add_circle Pre-Seasoned
add_circle 1-year warranty on Wooden Beach Handle
remove_circle Wok Pan is slightly heavy

If you want to cook like Ninong Ry, a well-known Filipino chef vlogger, this wok pan from Fudong is your best option. Its carbon steel material quickly heats your pan, making it easy to recreate your restaurant flavor buds in the very comfort of your kitchen. Remember to season this wok cooking pan properly – see how it will work wonders for you. 

Best Wok Pan for Induction Cooker
Masflex Induction 28cm Non-Stick Copper Forged Wok with Lid
Masflex Induction 28cm Non-Stick Copper Forged Wok with Lid
Check Masflex Induction 28cm Non-Stick Copper Forged Wok with Lid price below:
add_circle Equipped with Heavy Gauge Aluminum
add_circle With 2-layer Non-Stick Coating
add_circle Copper Designed 3 Layer Dyflon Japan Non-stick Coating
remove_circle The lid’s Knob gets hot

While some worry that they might not experience cooking on a wok pan because of their stovetops, we finally have a solution for you! 

With Masflex Non-Stick Copper Wok Pan, you can fully enjoy cooking your best-loved dishes. You won’t have to worry about having unsuitable stovetops, as this wok cooking pan is made for an induction cooker and other stovetops. Plus, it is hassle-free as you do not need to season this wok cooking pan. Indeed, the mass needs a flexible wok pan.  

Best Large Wok Pan
Chinese Non stick Wok Pan with Wooden Handle
LCH Mall Chinese Wok Pan
Check Chinese Non stick Wok Pan with Wooden Handle price below:
add_circle 100% Hand Hammered Pow Wok
add_circle Healthy Non-Stick
add_circle Equipped with Full Aluminum Core
remove_circle Not Yet Seasoned

If you are looking for a large wok to use to set up your mini-restaurant business, this Chinese Wok from LCH Mall is your best friend in the kitchen. With its large wok quality, it is prepared to meet your large amount of cooking. And the good thing is you can ensure healthy cooking as this wok pan only requires a small amount of oil. 

But anyway, if you just like being prepared when cooking during special events in your home, this wok cooking pan is still perfect for you. With its sizes, you can choose the best one that fits your needs. 

Best Non-stick Wok Pan
Slique Granite Wok Pan
Slique Granite Wok Pan
Check Slique Granite Wok Pan price below:
add_circle PFOA Healthy Non-Stick Coating
add_circle Made with Pure Grade Aluminum and Granite
add_circle Induction-friendly base
remove_circle Shopee: No Warranty, Lazada: 7 days

Slique is one of Wok Philippines’ brands. Its wok pan is undoubtedly different from other wok cooking pans on the list. This wok pan is made from granite, making it a unique wok cooking pan among the rest. With its characteristic of being the best non-stick wok pan, you would never have to panic if you forgot to put oil while cooking your dish. And the best thing about the Slique wok pan is that it can withstand 450° F of oven heat. You can put this wok pan in an oven to apply some finishing techniques that will enhance your cooking. 

Best Authentic Chinese Wok Pan - value for money
Wok Bang Non-stick Carbon Steel
Wok Bang Non-stick Carbon Steel
Check Wok Bang Non-stick Carbon Steel price below:
add_circle Uncoated, Non-stick pan
add_circle Quaint wooden handle
add_circle Suitable for all types of cooking
remove_circle Still requires seasoning

 The best authentic Chinese Wok is a carbon steel wok from Wok Bang. In case you do not know, wok pans originated in China and are mostly made with carbon steel. This wok pan’s appearance has high walls, making it suitable for braising, steaming, and boiling. There are still other sizes, ranging from 34cm to 38cm. Plus, the surprising thing is you can enjoy all these Wok Bang qualities at a budget-friendly wok price – making it available for everyone. 

Best Handmade Wok Pan
Fypo Cast Iron Wok
Kitchenware Handmade High-quality Wok Pan Thick Full Seasoning Non-stick
Check Fypo Cast Iron Wok price below:
add_circle No Chemical Coating
add_circle Eco-Friendly
add_circle 1.6mm Strict Thickness Control
remove_circle Not Yet Seasoned

Any handcrafted product is said to be more durable than those purely made with technology. This handmade wok pan from Kitchenware might be the best to prove that handcrafted products are undoubtedly durable. Since it has no coating, it ensures healthy cooking – and yet, it still works like a non-stick wok pan. On a side note, this wok cooking pan is only suitable for gas stoves. 

Best Heavy-duty Wok Pan
Chef’s Classics Tarragon Non-Stick Wok
Chef’s Classics Tarragon Non-Stick Wok, 38cm
Check Chef’s Classics Tarragon Non-Stick Wok price below:
add_circle Scratch-resistant
add_circle Die-cast aluminum body
add_circle Equipped with Ergonomic Bakelite Handles
remove_circle Warranty not specified

Heavy-duty work always comes with a reasonable price – durability guaranteed.  If you are looking for a wok cooking pan that ensures durability and proves your money’s worth, Chef’s Classics’ Tarragon Non-Stick Wok is a good investment for your kitchen. This wok pan is made for cooking; you can enjoy trying all your personally picked dishes with this wok. On top of that, you can cook food with less oil, a perfect pair for your stir-frying, sautéing, deep-frying, and steaming techniques. 

Best Stir-fry Wok Pan
Kaisa Villa Stainless Non-Stick Wok Pan
Kaisa Villa Stainless Non-Stick Wok Pan Frying Pan
Check Kaisa Villa Stainless Non-Stick Wok Pan price below:
add_circle Healthy Fusion Non-Stick Coating
add_circle Comfortable Handle Glass Lid
add_circle Equipped with heavy-gauge impacted-bonded aluminum
remove_circle Not advisable for high heat

For some, it is a hassle to cook stir-fried food on a large and heavy wok pan. So, this wok pan from Kaisa Villa is your best partner in achieving your stir-fry cooking technique on your dishes. Your healthy dishes are best cooked using this wok pan because it is also allergic to too much oil. Since this wok pan is intended for stir-fries, the allowed heat is low to medium to avoid damaging its non-stick properties. Indeed, this wok cooking pan works wonders when utilized and cared for well. 

Best Stainless Steel Wok Pan
Chef’s Classics Cilantro Stainless Steel Wok Set
Chef’s Classics Cilantro Stainless Steel Wok Set
Check Chef’s Classics Cilantro Stainless Steel Wok Set price below:
add_circle Riveted Die-cast Stainless Steel Handles and Knobs
add_circle Oven Safe (excluding the lids)
add_circle Equipped with 18/10 mirror and satin belt
remove_circle Expensive than other wok pan brands

If you want to invest in good quality tools for your kitchen, this Cilantro Stainless Steel Wok Set from Chef’s Classics is worth it. These Cilantro series would make you feel that it is only fitting to spend money on high-quality wok pans that will never leave you and your kitchen behind. Let its quality talk you through its durability.  

These have three pieces: the wok pan, streamer, and oil rack. These sets will help you achieve that restaurant-like food experience. You can also steam your favorite seafood dishes with this wok pan set. 

Best Value Wok Pan
Stainless Steel Wok with Long Handle
Smiling Watermelon Stainless Steel Wok Pan
Check Stainless Steel Wok with Long Handle price below:
add_circle Made in Stainless Steel
add_circle Quickly heats
add_circle Stronger and Thicker
remove_circle No Warranty

With over five thousand products sold locally, this stainless steel wok pan from Smiling Watermelon dominates the best-selling wok pan in Shopee. This wok pan’s price is a bargain, making it available for purchase to everyone. Besides, the affordable ones can also be a first step in introducing yourselves to the world of wok pans. 


Choosing the best wok pan is essential for achieving excellent cooking results. Consider factors such as material, size, shape, and handle design. Reputable brands offer durability, performance, and customer support. A well-chosen wok pan enhances your cooking experience, bringing authentic flavors and versatility to your kitchen.

Hopefully, at the end of this article, you have finally found the best wok pan partner for cooking your dishes.

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