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12 Best Chopping Boards in Philippines 2024 - Top Products

Never get bored with the best chopping board!

As we all know, a chopping board is crucial for cooking/slicing. You can't chop vegetables, fruits, raw meat, etc., without using this tool, especially when preparing food. It is available in several widths and sizes and is often made of wood or plastic. 

The best chopping boards will all be listed in this article. Check out these products to see your options for the best chopping board and its chopping board price, especially if you enjoy cooking. These products will assist you in selecting the ideal cutting board for you.

12 Best Chopping Boards in Philippines 2024 - Top Products

Best Chopping Board For Knives
Chef's Classics Basics Chopping Board
Chef's Classics Basics Chopping Board
Check Chef's Classics Basics Chopping Board price below:
add_circle Odor-resistant
add_circle Non-porous
add_circle Legit and Sturdy
remove_circle Not too thick

Why It's Our Top Pick

Keep your countertops clean and safe with this durable, hygienic chopping board. The anti-microbial plastic makes cleaning easy and keeps bacteria away from your food. In contrast, the highly textured material keeps it from slipping on the countertop, no matter what you cut.

This board is made from the highest quality material. Bamboo's stylish, natural look adds a modern touch to your kitchen. The top is covered in soft, non-slip material that protects your countertop while you chop, slice, and dice. 

The best chopping board for knives is Chef's Classics. Why? Since it will take good care of your knives, they will resist severe scratches and keep their sharpness. This item is reliable and practical to use daily or anywhere.


You can chop, slice, or cut your food with style using chopping boards from Chef's Classics. Your knives will be protected by their thick, sturdy, and anti-microbial board, which also helps them to withstand deep scratches. Additionally, it has safety grooves to stop liquids from spilling and soft grip handles to keep them from falling off the countertop.

Why Buy This

Among all the types of chopping boards that are the best for knives, this product is the best! This product is portable, so you can quickly bring it to cookouts and picnics.

Best Overall Chopping Board
Slique 2-in-1 Defrosting Tray & Chopping Board
Slique 2-in-1 Defrosting Tray & Chopping Board
Check Slique 2-in-1 Defrosting Tray & Chopping Board price below:
add_circle Multi-purpose
add_circle It has an anti-bacterial function
add_circle Defrosting food frozen
remove_circle Pricey

Are you looking for the best chopping board? Well, this product is the ideal option choice for you. Slique Chopping Board preserves a fresh and delicious taste after you chop it. This multi-purpose cutting board works well for both chopping and defrosting frozen food. Also, if you have a friend who loves cooking, this is a fantastic gift idea that you can give. This product also has an anti-bacterial function.


This Slique 2in1 Defrosting Tray and Chopping Board perform well in conducting heat to speed up defrosting compared with natural thawing. The rubberized edge keeps the chopping board in place, including an anti-drip groove lip.

Why Buy This

This one is the most popular item under the Slique brand. This unique product serves dual purposes: a cutting board and a defroster for frozen food. And make sure to maintain a delicious, fresh flavor.

Best Bamboo Chopping Board
Edge Houseware Bamboo Chopping Board
Edge Houseware Bamboo Chopping Board
Check Edge Houseware Bamboo Chopping Board price below:
add_circle The board has good quality
add_circle Worth it for the price
add_circle Perfect for everyday use and anytime
remove_circle Always an issue with meats and acidic plants such as tomatoes

Many chefs adore the natural appearance of bamboo and its modern elegance. This Edge Houseware chopping board is a naturally light wood with a fine grain. Additionally, wooden bamboo cutting boards are easy to maintain than plastic. A little wipe with salt and lime restores their shine.


Several consumers highly praised the performance of this product. This bamboo board will maintain its smooth, streamlined appearance for a long time without worrying about wood scarring. Additionally, unlike the other types of chopping board, this chopping board bamboo is less prone to breakage and splitting due to its resistance to absorbing water. 

Why Buy This

Regarding bamboo chopping board brands, this item is the best for you. Due to bamboo's rapid growth and ability to be economically harvested, even builders and homeowners have begun to use it because of its exceptional resilience and low cost.

Best Plastic Chopping Board
Annil White Plastic Chopping Board
Annil White Plastic Chopping Board
Check Annil White Plastic Chopping Board price below:
add_circle Sturdy enough
add_circle Good for the price
add_circle Highly recommended for a plastic chopping board
remove_circle A smaller thin board is much too thin

Consider this Annil Plastic board if you want a simple plastic chopping board. This product comes in two sizes and is quite reasonably priced. In addition to its affordable pricing and superior performance, this cutting board is well worth purchasing.


It includes a high-quality board and a plastic substance that, despite its modest appearance, may be used to slice fruits, vegetables, meat, and other foods. White and green are the only two colors available. The board shape is round with short and long sizes.

Why Buy This

This tool cuts anything well and offers a basic plastic board. However, if you use your knives roughly, they might scratch this board. So that it can last a long time, you must use this product gently.

Best Wooden Chopping Board
Simply Creative Wooden Cutting Board
Simply Creative Wooden Cutting Board
Check Simply Creative Wooden Cutting Board price below:
add_circle Durable
add_circle Perfect for cutting raw food
add_circle Easy to clean
remove_circle May dull or damage a knife during use

The brand says "Simply Creative," which states that their chopping board is simple but elegant. Their product has the best wooden chopping board made of Gemelina, Mahogany wood. Also, due to its durability and ability to protect your knives, this board is ideal for slicing meats, chicken, seafood, etc.


You can slice anything with the best basic wooden chopping board that Simply Creative offers you. Mahogany and Gemelina woods are mixed in them. You can chop or cut anything on this board because it is solid.

Why Buy This

The Simply Creative chopping board benefits you due to the use of its wood. Additionally, you'll have a thick, solid cutting board that will make it simple for your knife to chop through anything.

Best Chopping Board For Meat
Gourdos Chopping Board
Gourdos Chopping Board
Check Gourdos Chopping Board price below:
add_circle Thick and sturdy
add_circle Good quality
add_circle Affordable
remove_circle It becomes scaly and oily, leading to cracking and splitting

This Gourdos chopping board is 100% natural eco-friendly bamboo that is good for chopping meat. Warm soapy water is required because it is inherently antibacterial and microbial. Sadly, this product is not immune to heavy falls or repeated knocks, which will cause cracks, splits, or scuff the bowls and may render them unsafe.


The most excellent chopping board for meats is this one. But as it is exposed to the environment (water), it becomes increasingly scaly and dry, leading to cracking and splitting. Therefore, you must think of it like your skin.

Why Buy This

You'll get the best cutting board for meat by purchasing this item. It is a brand-new, high-quality item that received 5 out of 5 compliments from customers. Although elegant and portable, you should handle it carefully to ensure longevity.

Best Round Chopping Board
Eiderfinch Chopping Board Round With Rotating Handle
Eiderfinch Chopping Board Round With Rotating Handle
Check Eiderfinch Chopping Board Round With Rotating Handle price below:
add_circle With rotating handle
add_circle No water seepage
add_circle Prevent stain
remove_circle Only have one color

This product is perfect if you want a classy, rounded chopping board. The rotating, round Eiderfinch chopping board will make it simple for you to cut anything you want at any angle. Additionally, it used high-quality PE material, which is wearable, eco-friendly, and safe for the body, to make this chopping board.


The chopping board is also capable of effectively preventing a stain. It features a fine grid with an anti-slip design. You will love that it is made of PE materials, which are tasteless and odorless and have high strength and good toughness. You can also use it on both sides.

Why Buy This

This is a terrific product to purchase in all round types of chopping boards. It is easy to use with a rotating handle, which is advantageous for someone mischievous in slicing. Additionally, its beautiful simplicity and traditional color coordination also enhance your taste.

Best Chopping Board For Vegetables
Carote Antibacterial Chopping Board
Carote Antibacterial Cutting Board
Check Carote Antibacterial Chopping Board price below:
add_circle Highly recommended for slicing veggies
add_circle Cute and Elegant
add_circle Non-toxic and odorless
remove_circle When you use it, it's not as stable

Carote Antibacterial cutting board is super good for slicing vegetables. This product uses safe PP material for the chopping board to ensure maximum protection. Vegetables also benefit from it because it is antibacterial and safely moistens juice. The product is affordable because it is 3pcs with different sizes with handle mildew proof two-sided reversible.


The Carote Antibacterial gives us their chopping board's safe and healthy PP material. This product includes different boards for different foods, separating the raw and the cooked.

Why Buy This

This item provides you with a safe, non-toxic, and odorless. It also features a soft edge so you can use the item safely without worrying about getting wounded. Get yours immediately for a great chopping board for slicing fruits, veggies, raw meats, and other things!

Best Stainless Chopping Board
LaVie Stainless Steel Chopping Board
LaVie Stainless Steel Chopping Board
Check LaVie Stainless Steel Chopping Board price below:
add_circle Durable
add_circle Easy to clean
add_circle Can't damage the tool
remove_circle Heavy

Are you trying to find a high-quality stainless steel chopping board? Well, this product is good for you. This LaVie chopping board comprises 304 stainless steel, free of contaminants and chemical coating. It can cut anything, including raw meats, veggies, and fruits. There won't be any dirt, trash, or plastic fibers to contaminate your food because stainless steel cutting boards won't mold, break, or warp like wood or plastic ones do.


With the butcher block supported in this product, you can easily cut cheese, pizza, veggies, meat, and other foods. Unlike bamboo wood or plastic, this chopping board can be used in the oven so that you may have the ideal serving platter for your gathering or party.

Why Buy This

This chopping board came highly recommended. It features good quality with its hand-held design, easy to clean, no mildew, one-piece forming, drawing, and polishing, and 304 stainless steel. 

Best Foldable Chopping Board
Trudeau Medium Foldable Chopping Board
Trudeau Medium Foldable Chopping Board
Check Trudeau Medium Foldable Chopping Board price below:
add_circle Easy to bring
add_circle Hassle-free
add_circle Easily slide chopped food items into a bowl or pot
remove_circle A little bit pricey for its quality

The best thing about this product is its convenience, which is great because we all know how easy it is to bring a folding chopping board on an outing with friends or family, especially if you're one of the people in charge of preparing food. This Trudeau item always rests flat on the counter and won't cause your pricey kitchen knives to go dull.


Trudeau's foldable cutting board offers the most convenient chopping experience for all your food preparation needs. The board does not absorb flavors or odors, and its anti-skid base keeps it from sliding to ensure maximum safety.

Why Buy This

By purchasing this product, you'll have an easy-to-bring chopping board. This foldable board will make spillovers a thing of the past and lets you easily slide chopped food items into a bowl or pot. It has sliding to provide the highest level of safety.

Best Collapsible Chopping Board
Home Zania 2in1 Multi-functional Chopping Board
Home Zania 2in1 Multi-functional Chopping Board
Check Home Zania 2in1 Multi-functional Chopping Board price below:
add_circle Easy to drain
add_circle 2in1 Multi-functional (Foldable Cutting Board and Washable Vegetable Basket)
add_circle Space-saving design
remove_circle Not so durable

Home Zania has the best collapsible board product of all the different types of chopping boards. This design makes room for kitchen cabinets or tabletops by saving space. The board is also simple to clean. Additionally, it includes a slip-resistant bottom that keeps the dishwashing stable, a comfortable handle, and a design-appropriate height and thickness.


The Home Zania cutting board is functional when camping. This product is crucial for your RV or travel trailer because it does two different tasks simultaneously, considerably boosting your kitchen work's efficiency. This board also serves as a dish tub for washing dishes, fruits, vegetables, raw meat, seafood, and a dish rack for utensils.

Why Buy This

This product will give you a 3in1 multi-functional foldable cutting board and washable vegetable basket. It is a collapsible, adjustable, and space-saving design. Additionally, you can purchase it at an affordable price, which will not reach 200 pesos.

Best Heavy-Duty Chopping Board
Eurochef Heavy Duty Chopping Board
Eurochef Heavy Duty Chopping Board
Check Eurochef Heavy Duty Chopping Board price below:
add_circle Elegant and durable restaurant and hotel use
add_circle Excellent choice for cutting vegetables, meat, and fruits.
add_circle Long-lasting
remove_circle Heavy to bring anywhere

The Eurochef chopping board is ideal if you need heavy-duty boards! Most heavy-duty boards used by chefs in restaurants and hotels have a thick, upscale appearance like Eurochef. Due to its thickness, it won't crack and is hygienic.


The Eurochef Heavy-duty chopping board offers you a hygienic board that prevents bacteria from spreading on the board. This sturdy cutting board resists cracking easily. Additionally, this board is an excellent option for chopping fruits, veggies, and meat.

Why Buy This

This chopping board for veggies, fruits, and meat came highly recommended. It has become the best heavy-duty cutting board suitable for hotels or restaurants. Its appearance is also elegant and sturdy.

What is a Chopping Board?

A chopping board is durable for cutting veggies, fruits, meats, etc. This tool is commonly used in preparing food to slice it in any style you like. Additionally, it is a supporting tool to keep the sharpness of your knives. 

Cutting boards come in various widths and sizes and are frequently constructed of wood, bamboo, or plastic. They are also made of glass, steel, or marble are also available. Although harder than hardwood or plastic cutting boards like nylon or Corian, they are less difficult to clean.

Chopping Board Uses and Functions

Chopping boards are used as a protective surface to cut or slice things. To prevent cross-contamination and food poisoning, the sanitation of chopping boards is crucial. 

Furthermore, washing the cutting board after use is insufficient to stop the formation of bacteria. Regardless of the material used in their construction, cleaning boards and knives with a bleach and water solution after each use would be best. Cut raw meat, particularly chicken products, on a board that isn't used for cooking meat or other foods is also a good idea.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Chopping Board

A chopping board is useful for our meat, vegetables, fruits, and other things you may cut into slices. Nevertheless, given their similarity in appearance and customer comments, selecting the ideal material may be challenging. So, if you intend to purchase a chopping board, here is the guide for you:

  • When you purchase a chopping board, you should know its pros and cons, especially the material used, because there are different types of chopping boards in the online market that will make it difficult to choose.
  • Look for a chopping board that cannot easily slip, so it should always be skid-proof and sturdy.
  • Comparing ratings, which demonstrate how well a chopping board slice various things, is a good idea.
  • It makes obvious that chopping boards should last a while since we don't change or replace them as frequently as other kitchen consumables. So choosing a chopping board that shouldn't dull the knife's edges despite being used frequently or leave deep ridges where bacteria can thrive must prioritize.
  • Since the cleanliness of the chopping board is crucial to the overall hygiene of the food preparation process, choose the best material that demonstrates this.
  • As this is the most frequent way of cross-contamination, it is important to purchase separate boards for raw meat, vegetables, and other ready-to-eat food products. Therefore, you should buy the best-fitting cutting board for each use.

Best Chopping Board Brands in the Philippines

You are probably going through a tough time searching for the best chopping board in the Philippines because there is a lot of type of chopping board available today. Don't worry. We have done all the hard work for you and listed some of the best brands of cutting boards available in our country today.

Chef’s Classics Chopping Board - This chopping board brand offers elegant and durable products. It prevents bacteria from spreading on the board since it’s easy to clean and sanitize. 

Royal Crown Chopping Board - Chopping boards from Royal Crown are easy to grab and hold. It has a better cutting surface because the smooth surface keeps the knives from quickly dulling.

Eurochef Chopping Board - For everyday use, Eurochef chopping board is ideal. This can also be used as a serving board and dual-purpose kitchen equipment. The cutting board is durable, a worth to buy.

Carote Chopping Board - This brand uses nontoxic and odorless material. It’s a cost-effective and mildew-proof chopping board. It is easy to grab because it has handle.

Slique Chopping Board - One best feature of this board is the 2-in-1 function - a defrosting tray and chopping board. It has a fashionable and environmentally friendly design.  

Chopping Board Price Range in the Philippines

The price range of chopping boards in the Philippines can vary depending on the board's material, size, and quality. Here are some price ranges for different types of chopping boards:

  1. Plastic chopping boards - Plastic chopping boards are the most affordable option and can cost anywhere from PHP 100 to PHP 500, depending on the size and brand.
  2. Wooden chopping boards - Wooden are generally more expensive than plastic boards and can cost around PHP 300 to PHP 2,000 or more, depending on the size, quality, and type of wood.
  3. Bamboo chopping boards - Bamboo chopping boards are similar in price to wooden boards. Depending on the size and quality, they can cost around PHP 300 to PHP 2,000 or more.
  4. Glass chopping boards - Glass is often the most expensive option, costing around PHP 500 to PHP 3,000 or more, depending on the size, thickness, and brand.

Where to Buy Chopping Board in the Philippines?

Chopping boards are widely available in the Philippines. Here are some options:

  1. Home stores - Stores like SM Home, Landers, and Crate & Barrel offer a range of chopping boards and kitchen accessories.
  2. Hardware stores - Hardware stores like Ace Hardware, True Value, and Handyman also offer chopping boards and other kitchen tools.
  3. Supermarkets - Some supermarkets like Robinsons Supermarket and Rustan's Supermarket also offer a selection of chopping boards.
  4. Online marketplaces - Online shopping platforms like Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora offer various chopping boards from different brands.
  5. Specialty stores - Specialty stores like Gourdo's and The SM Store's Cooks Exchange offer a range of chopping boards and other kitchen tools.

It's always best to compare prices and read reviews from other customers to ensure you get the best value. Also, choose a chopping board that suits your needs and preferences, considering the material, size, and required features.


There are a lot of advantages to buying chopping boards. There are a lot of options that are suitable for our needs. But, when choosing one, we must look further at its features or if it matches our preferences. There are various chopping boards, but this article aims to help you choose the best one. We enumerate all the best chopping boards and the brand that will help you choose what's best for you. Chopping boards are a must-have to help us chop, slice, or cut anything.

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