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11 Best HD TVs That Display Your Favourite Shows as Clear as Water

Feast your eyes on high definition content.

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Televisions have come a long way as a household entertainment. Consumers who are on the lookout for a good, HD TV will find that confusing acronyms are rife in the marketing of these TVs. These TVs are also packed to the brim with cutting-edge yet unfamiliar features and technology, making it much more confusing to choose your preferred choice. 

Additionally, it’s important to clearly understand what resolution tech you’re looking for, how much space you have to accommodate the TV, and what kind features are essential before you can choose the TV that’s right for you.  

Let us break it down to you on the best HD TVs for your home.

Is LED TV or HD TV better?

An HD TV stands for high definition television and it denotes TVs that can display a 720p or higher (1080p, 4K, and 8K) resolution image. On the other hand, LED TV is a type of liquid crystal display (LCD) panel that uses small and efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to provide backlighting to the screen. 

Therefore, they are not different kinds of TV. In fact, as long as an LED TV can support formats of 720p or higher, then it qualifies as an HD TV. 

Below you’ll find some of the best HD TVs that come in varying sizes, budgets, and features.

LG C9 (55C9PTA)

RM 6879

The LG C9 works practically with any type of content and is suitable for many purposes whether it’s TV shows during the day, movies at night, or the occasional gaming session. Its display has accurate reproduction, precise lighting, and perfect deep blacks. In terms of sound quality, the C9 can get really loud while still maintaining clear dialogue, and it also delivers a good amount of punch and body to the bass. 

This LG ThinQ AI-enhanced TV also has extremely intuitive smart TV features like conversational voice recognition as well as a Home Dashboard feature. With these, you can interact with your other smart home devices just by speaking.

LG E8 (65E8PTA)

RM 11999

The thick sheet of glass which supports the screen of the LG E8 gives off an illusion of the TV floating in mid-air for a more immersive experience during your gaming sessions. As the TV supports HDR formats, compatible games will have remarkable picture quality and more dynamic visuals. 

What makes the E8 great for gaming is also its low input lag and brilliant motion handling which makes it easier for you focus in fast-paced games like first-person shooters. Moreover, the performance of the E8 for dark room gaming is also impressive as the E8 can produce perfect blacks.

TCL 32D3000

RM 485
3. TCL 32D3000
Best HD TV under RM500

The TCL 32D3000 is proof that you can grab yourself a bargain and still enjoy a crystal-clear, high definition viewing experience. With ultra-slim bezels that not only make the setup look more sophisticated, this also provides more screen real-estate to maximise your viewpoint. 

Furthermore, the TV is host to a built-in USB input so you can record live programs into a USB storage drive, letting watch them at a more convenient time.

Toshiba 32-inch Pro Theatre LED TV TSB-32L3750

RM 575

The Toshiba 32-inch TSB-32L3750 manages to pack a ton of features in its compact 32-inch frame. First off, the TV can connect to your smartphone to display all contents on your phone onto the big screen. More so, the TV acts as an electrical power charger so that your phone is constantly charged as long as the two devices stay connected. 

Plus, you can use a USB flash drive or a hard disk drive to easily record and playback terrestrial digital TV programs. Additionally, the TV also features a virtual surround sound system for a clearer and more dynamic sound quality.

Samsung RU8000 Smart 4K Premium UHD TVUA55RU8000KXXM

RM 3579
add_circle FreeSync (VRR) technology and Real Game Enhancer support
add_circle Dynamic Crystal Colour
add_circle Powerful 4K UHD processor
add_circle Built-in Bixby
add_circle Built-in Apple TV app for the first time
add_circle Chromecast Assistant, Amazon Alexa and AirPlay 2 support
remove_circle No DTS
remove_circle No local dimming

What makes the Samsung RU8000 a winner is their smart interface, which runs on Samsung’s intuitive, smooth-to-navigate, and user-friendly Tizen OS. Besides the generous number of preinstalled apps, the Samsung app store provides a large selection of apps and programs that is sure to meet any of your other needs in clear, HD quality.

Furthermore, its remote control is equipped with a built-in microphone and supports Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby. With that you can perform certain TV functions like launching apps and changing settings with the sound of your voice.

Samsung Q90R (QA65Q90RA)

RM 13499

Due to its native contrast ratio and excellent local dimming support, the Samsung Q90R can rival OLED TVs as it can produce pure blacks for impressive dark room viewing. The TV also performs great in bright rooms as it can achieve 1300 nits peak brightness and handle reflections really well. 

Additionally, the Q90R has a wide colour gamut so HDR contents are full of rich colours and bright highlights. If you’re an avid gamer or enjoy watching sports, then you will be delighted to know that the Q90R has fast response time for impeccable motion handling.

LG E9 (65E9PTA)

RM 15998

Take your home theatre system to the next level with the LG E9 and its ability to produce cinema-like picture quality thanks to its near-perfect, uniform blacks. The E9 has excellent viewing angles for wide seating arrangements which will be useful for whenever you host movie nights. 

Besides, the TV has built-in 4.2 channel speakers for impressive audio separation which will put you right in the heart of whatever you’re watching.

LG B9 (65B9PTA)

RM 8629

Besides displaying 480p, 720p, and 1080p content with great upscaling capabilities, the highest-quality 4K and HDR video inputs are where the LG B9 truly shines. Alongside clarity is also the TV’s OLED panel which delivers perfect black levels that contrasts well with rich colours. 

Furthermore, the B9 has wide viewing angles so images remain clear even when viewed from an odd angle. Also, the TV supports Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos so image and sound quality from streaming services like Netflix and some 4K Blu-Ray discs stay just as dynamic.

Sony W650D (KDL40W650D)

RM 1349

The processing engine of the Sony W650D analyses, cleans, and refines images of Full HD content for a more detailed and realistic watching experience. Its narrow bezels, slim body, and minimalistic stand of the Sony W650D makes its Full HD content pop even more. 

As the TV is host to plenty of connectivity inputs like two HDMI ports, two USB ports, and an ethernet port, you can conveniently route the cables inside the back legs of the stand for a cleaner setup. On top of that, the TV also offers smart features like the ability to stream apps, screen mirror with Miracast, as well as built-in Wi-Fi.

Philips 24PHT4003

RM 389

The Philips 24PHT4003 / 24PHT4003S utilises Digital Crystal Clear engine to display content with optimal contrast, colour, and sharpness for natural-looking images. With everything you need to make your viewing experience pleasant and convenient, the 24” inch TV has a USB input so you can plug in your storage drive and record your favourite shows. 

Furthermore, the TV uses HDMI connectivity to ensure the highest quality of source-to-screen delivery. Additionally, with Philips Easylink, a single remote control is all you need to perform most operations on the TV, DVD, Blu-ray, set-top box, or home theatre system.

Sony Master Series A9G

RM 11099

The Sony Master Series A9G has all the bells and whistles to make any sports fan happy. Firstly, it has an almost-instantaneous response time so fast-action sports are displayed with minimal blur trail behind the ball. 

Also, dirty screen effects that are notoriously prevalent during panning shots of sporting programs are a lot less noticeable thanks to the TV’s impressive grey uniformity. Moreover, the A9G has impressive viewing angles so you can accommodate more people in wide seating arrangements.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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