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10 Best Smart TVs For An Immersive Viewing Experience

Amazing picture, sound quality and smart functionality at the comfort of your own home.

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Smart TVs are a norm these days, with features like OLED and HDR10+ offers better viewing experiences in terms of picture and sound quality. And of course, they come equipped with a smart TV feature that allows you to navigate various apps, namely for streaming movies and television series (e.g. Netflix, Prime Video).

So, whether you are looking for a budget-friendly or premium option, here are the 10 of the best smart TVs from reputable and trusted brands to help simplify your buying decision.

1. LG CX OLED 65"
Best-rated smart TV
Updated on 9th February 2021
add_circle Great colour & contrast
add_circle super-slim design
add_circle easy-to-use webOS interface
remove_circle Expensive

A technical marvel of a smart TV, the LG CX OLED sports an ultra-slim design that looks great in the living room. Expect rich colour and contrast performances, thanks to its crisp 4K OLED technology that offers better visual clarity and deepest blacks.

The TV also has a Filmmaker Mode, which recreates the images closer to the original picture as if you are watching it in the cinema. The built-in sound system is dynamic, particularly if you use LG’s AI Sound Pro. As for the smart TV features, LG’s webOS features a clean and streamlined interface, making it easier to use and navigate.

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Haier LE50K6600UG 50 4K UHD
2. Haier LE50K6600UG 50" 4K UHD
Best-buy smart TV (great value)
Updated on 9th February 2021
add_circle Economical price
add_circle bezel-less design
add_circle has built-in Chromecast
remove_circle Colours are just passable

A value-for-money smart TV worth considering for, this Haier LE50K6600UG model features a slim bezel-less design that maximises your viewing experience. As a 4K UHD TV, the colours aren’t the greatest one out there but has more of a satisfactory quality. This one isn’t for you if accurate colour reproduction happens to be your main priority.

Still, it packs a load of smart TV features, such as the built-in Chromecast for casting your content from mobile devices like a smartphone or laptop. It also has a Google Assistant to allow voice commands. Watching the likes of Netflix and YouTube are equally convenient, thanks to its built-in interface.

Samsung QA55Q80TAKXXM 55 4K QLED
3. Samsung QA55Q80TAKXXM 55" 4K QLED
Best smart TV for gaming such as PS5
Updated on 9th February 2021
add_circle Amazing colours & contrasts
add_circle great sound
add_circle has a VRR support

There are few recommended smart TVs that complements well with PS5 and one of them happens to be the Samsung Q80T model. It uses a Direct Full Array 8X to give you the deepest blacks and spectacular, yet lifelike details. Samsung’s own powerful Quantum Processor 4K helps too, as it delivers amazing picture quality all around.

Immerse yourself with the Object Tracking Sound (OTS) that accentuates the sound of the built-in speakers with better audio clarity equivalent of a 3D experience. Other great features of this TV include the support of 120Hz refresh rate and VRR (variable refresh rate) technology that helps to minimise screen tearing.

Hisense 43 4K SMART LED TV 43E6F
4. Hisense 43" 4K Smart LED TV 43E6F
Best small smart TV
Updated on 19th February 2021
add_circle Uses Precision Colour Mapping for better and natural-looking colour reproduction
add_circle as built-in Game Mode & Sport Mode
add_circle has easy screen mirroring via Anyview

Suitable for small homes, the entry-level 43-inch Hisense 43E6F boasts a vibrant 4K UHD resolution, offering better colour reproduction with the help of its Precision Colour Mapping technology. Other highlights include built-in Game Mode and Sport Mode, both of which are specially optimised for specific purposes.

The integrated DTS Studio Sound brings out the bass-heavy audio no matter if you are watching movies or playing video games. You can also mirror your content from mobile devices via Anyview. Meanwhile, accessing the likes of Netflix and YouTube are made convenient with its one-touch access.

Sharp 4TC60AL1X 60 4K UHD.jpg
5. Sharp 4TC60AL1X 60" 4K UHD
Best quality smart TV brand
Updated on 9th February 2021
add_circle Amazing picture quality
add_circle built-in Chromecast
add_circle has Google Assistant
remove_circle No screen mirroring

Among the trusted brands in producing quality smart TVs, the Sharp 4TC60AL1X model is blessed with the brand’s proprietary high luminance technology for better contrast performances. The 4K HDR resolutions get a technological boost with the X4 Master Engine Pro II processor, which preserve its image quality while minimising its screen noise.

Being an Android-centric smart TV, it comes with a few useful features including a built-in Chromecast and voice-activated Google Assistant. For a peace of mind, it passes the brand’s stringent quality standards with its 7 Shields protection, namely lightning surges as well as capable of withstanding high temperature and humidity settings.

6. TCL 55" P8S 4K UHD LED Smart Android TV
Best affordable smart TV brand
Updated on 9th February 2021
add_circle Super-slim bezel design
add_circle has HDR10+
add_circle has a built-in Chromecast.

Smart TVs may have been traditionally expensive. But in the case of TCL, they made it affordable for everyone, namely their P8S model. It comes with a super-slim bezel design that gives you more viewing space and uses HDR+, which generates better colour and contrast performances in a lifelike manner.

Features-wise, the TCL P8S has a built-in Chromecast for a seamless screen mirroring while you can easily access popular apps like Netflix, YouTube and Google Play easily. It also comes equipped with an integrated Dolby Audio, offering decent 5.1 surround sound for such a price point.

Philips 40PFT5883S 40 LED
7. Philips 40PFT5883S 40" LED
Best LED smart TV brand
Updated on 9th February 2021
add_circle Affordable
add_circle enhanced picture quality with the brand’s Pixel Plus HD
add_circle easy-to-navigate smart TV interface.
remove_circle Only has full HD resolution

Looking for a reliable LED smart TV? You might want to consider the affordably-priced Philips 40PFT5883S model. It covers basic functions like full HD with a standard 16:9 aspect ratio while the brand’s Pixel Plus HD helps to enhance the picture quality in terms of its colour and contrast performances.

It has its own smart TV interface, allowing you to access various online apps easily such as entertainment and news programmes. Finally, this Philips model comes equipped with a built-in virtual surround sound system, offering 16W output power which is justifiable to the price that you pay for.

Sony A8H 65
8. Sony A8H 65"
Best smart TV for watching movies
Updated on 9th February 2021
add_circle Lifelike image quality
add_circle great sound
add_circle plenty of built-in smart TV features
remove_circle Expensive

The Sony A8H may cost a fortune at five figures upwards but it sure packs a lot of goodies for its premium price point. With this TV, you can enjoy maximum viewing pleasure with its ultra-slim bezel design while the OLED and Pixel Contrast Booster adds extra vibrancy to both colour and contrast with deeper blacks and brighter whites.

Its object-based HDR remaster and X1 Ultimate, in the meantime, helps to enhance its overall picture quality as lifelike as possible. The sound is equally lively with its Acoustic Surface Audio while the brand’s smart TV interface allows you to conveniently access popular apps like Netflix and Prime Video.

Panasonic HZ1500 65
9. Panasonic HZ1500 65"
Best OLED smart TV
Updated on 9th February 2021
add_circle Excellent picture & sound quality
add_circle streamlined smart TV interface
remove_circle Costly

Premium price aside, the Panasonic HZ1500’s features-packed smart TV has numerous highlights like the HDR10+ and Dolby Vision IQ for optimum image clarity as well as better colour and contrast. The Filmmaker Mode comes in handy which allows you to enjoy your favourite movies closer to what the directors intended them to be seen.

Other highlights include a built-in Dolby Atmos front-firing speakers for a 360-degree audio experience, an ultra-slim bezel design and easy-to-access smart TV interface including Netflix and YouTube. For the former, it’s a definite major plus for movie lovers and avid gamers who prioritise the importance of remarkable sound quality.

Aiwa AW-LED55X9FL 55
10. Aiwa AW-LED55X9FL 55"
Best bezel-less smart TV
Updated on 9th February 2021

The word “minimalism” is best described for Aiwa AW-LED55X9FL model. It offers a slimmer bezel design that optimises your maximum viewing experience at a wide 55-inch angle. Elegant aesthetic aside, it has plenty of features too, namely HDR10 for better brightness and contrast while making the colours pop with enough vibrancy.

It also runs on a smooth-sailing Android 9.0 OS, allowing you to access smart TV apps with relative ease. The built-in Dolby Audio offers decent sound quality regardless of watching movies or playing video games. And best of all, this Aiwa smart TV model comes at an affordable price.

Differences between a regular Smart TV and an Android TV Box?

Just like all electronics, television sets are more complicated than they've ever been. Smart TVs have been in the market for a very long time, and it's also the current standard, but how do they differ from Android TV Boxes?

Smart TVs

Pros Cons
Easy to set up Limitations on apps and software
Made by many manufacturers Operates on an OS that is more likely to become obsolete
Requires only one remote control Limited casting features for some devices

Smart TV is a television that offers more capabilities than a regular TV. Not only can they hook up to your Blu-Ray player or your gaming consoles, but they also come pre-installed with several services and apps.

The most notable function of a smart TV is the ability to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet Cable and the convenience of accessing popular built-in streaming apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

Android TV Box

Pros Cons
Typically cheaper Lesser manufacturers
Seamless and easy to update The interface could be hard to get used to for newcomers
Pairable with Bluetooth Keyboards Some applications require a subscription
Worldwide channel availability and variety of movies to choose from Requires high-speed Internet to stream LIVE programs smoothly

Android TV boxes are becoming more popular these days, and they're technically part of Smart TV category. Except that they're built in a set-top-box design and operating under Google's Android OS where you can sign in via your Google account to download apps and games directly from the set-top-box itself.

Moreover, because almost every household also owns an Android TV Box, many users found it to be advantageous as it allows them to stream worldwide content via the Internet without having to pay for monthly subscription.

The big thing about Android TV Box is that the software can be updated very easily, just like our Android smartphones. This means that regular updates will give you improvements and optimizations to continually keep your Android TV Box up-to-date.

Smart TV vs. Android TV

Today’s television sets come with different options and frankly, it can be confusing if you are not a tech-savvy person. For instance, you may come across Smart TV and Android TV. Both are television sets which contain multimedia capabilities, with the latter allows you to access different apps and online contents ranging from Google Play to Netflix.

But here’s the million-dollar ringgit question: What are the differences between these two?

i) Smart TVs’ interface are typically simple and streamlined while they require zero-to-little set up since these types of multimedia-centric television sets are largely considered as all-in-one TVs.

ii) As convenient as Smart TVs manage to offer here, their biggest downsides are app and firmware limitations. The same limitation also means the OS that you use for your smart TV can become obsolete due to the lack of updates.

iii) By comparison, Android TVs are more sought-after due to their cheaper options. They have better updates, say like firmware and OS. Having an Android TV means you can enjoy more options in the app library while it generally supports Google’s ecosystem seamlessly ranging from Google Play to Music, Movies and Assistant.

However, navigating Android TV’s interface can be difficult for newcomers while not many manufacturers offer such a product in the mass market.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thanks!

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