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7 Typewriter Keyboards That Every Writer Will Fall in Love With

A classic design with a modern twist.

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There’s no denying that you’ll hear the unmistakable sounds of clunk with each keystroke as you type on the old typewriter. And who can forget its iconic design of round, protruded keys?

In a world where quiet keyboards with square keycaps are the standard, it’s hard to find one that looks and feels good like a typewriter. Thankfully, there are a handful of manufacturers that cater to this niche market with some of the keyboards mentioned in this list below.

Kakao Friends Retro Mini Wireless Keyboard

RM 165.87

If you are a lover of cute things, then the Kakao Friends Retro Keyboard is just what you’re looking for. This typewriter-inspired keyboard features adorable characters from KakaoTalk and flaunts a lovely colour scheme. 

By virtue of its lightweight and compact dimensions, the keyboard is extremely portable, so you can stay productive anywhere, anytime. Boosting its portability even further, the keyboard is powered by two batteries, so you don’t even have to plug the keyboard into an electric socket.

Elysium DOT Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard by lofree

RM 229

No more tangle issues when you have the Elysium DOT, as you are given the option of both wireless (via Bluetooth) and wired connection modes with just a simple flick of the toggle switch. The keyboard is pairable with up to three devices at once, and you can switch easily between them using the FN+1, FN+2, and FN+3 keys. 

Gateron Blue mechanical switches are also used for the keycaps, whereby “blue” switches are best for typing. So you will feel the satisfaction of typing thanks to the keys’ sturdy spring-back action and enjoy that click noise you usually hear from a typewriter. 

SHANYU Wired Mechanical Keyboard

RM 52.31

The SHANYU Wired Mechanical Keyboard features compatibility support for a wide range of laptops and desktops so you should have no problem connecting your device.  Its tri-dimensional round suspending keys doesn’t just give off a retro vibe; it also provides a responsive and comfortable typing experience. 

With its ergonomic arc and slope design, you can reduce fatigue on your hands especially during long typing sessions. To top it off, the transparent PVC switches underneath the keys makes the backlight shine brilliantly, especially in the dark.

iMICE AK-700 Retro Gaming Keyboard

RM 62.00

If you do some gaming aside from typing away documents all day, you may fancy the iMICE AK-700 which features a stunning segmented rainbow gradient backlight. 

It’s quite a fast and responsive keyboard that houses 19 anti-ghosting keys. This feature allows for simultaneous operation of keys that are commonly used by gamers without conflict. To top it off, its beautiful retro style buttons are supported by a sturdy frosted metal panel for operational stability.

GinWFEiY Steampunk Retro Keyboard

RM 44.89

Eager to get your hands on a typewriter-style keyboard but don’t want to blow your budget? Introducing the GinWFEiY Steampunk Retro Keyboard, where it has suspension-type round keycaps. So you’re provided with a comfortable, mechanical feeling as you type to your heart’s content. 

The keyboard features a colourful backlight design for amazing effects. Made compatible with most devices, the keyboard is also extremely easy to use. Just plug and play without going through any tedious process of installing a driver to use the keyboard.

LoFree Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard

RM 525

Here’s something for Mac users and fans of the typewriter aesthetic – the LoFree Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard. This keyboard is designed similarly to Mac keyboards with Mac-specific keys so you can make the most of using your device. 

With a TLK layout, the lack of a numeric pad means it will take up less space on your desk.  This keyboard is bound to make you feel just like a bonafide typist with Gateron blue switches tucked underneath the keycaps. 

Qwerkytoys Qwerkywriter Mechanical Keyboard

RM 2506.49

At first glance, it’ll be easy to mistake the charming and uniquely designed Qwerkywriter Mechanical Keyboard for an actual typewriter. Besides completing the typewriter aesthetics, its carriage return lever also defaults as the “enter’ key though it can easily be programmed to any combination of keys. 

When you place your device in the keyboard’s integrated stand, it looks just as if your device is a paper being fed into a typewriter. For ultimate flexibility, you can even connect the keyboard with up to three separate devices via wired USB or even wirelessly through Bluetooth connection.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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