The beauty of owning an Android TV box means you get to enjoy a wealth of different media contents regardless of games, movies, music, sports and others. Of course, it all depends on the apps that you install into your Android TV box. Here are the 13 best Android TV apps that worth downloading based on your respective criteria.

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Best Android TV box app for movies

Netflix is no stranger to most consumers these days. Besides, this streaming giant is largely credited for changing our perspective on how we view movies and TV series. It also allows us to “binge-watching” - a popular term whereby one continuously view movies and TV series such as a movie trilogy or an entire season in one sitting.

If you are an avid movie fan who can’t live a day without watching a single film, Netflix is the best place to start. It may not contain an entire catalogue of movies in one platform but it’s sure packed with a diverse range of genres from different countries such as action, thriller, horror, sci-fi and drama. Not forgetting to mention, Netflix houses a lot of original films which have received critical acclaims worldwide.

Another good thing about Netflix is its economical price, which sets you for as low as RM33 (one screen) per month with no contractual obligation (means, you can cancel it anytime!). If you have a bigger budget to spare, you can opt for RM42 (with HD and 2 screens) or RM51 (with Ultra HD and 4 screens).


Best free Android TV box app

The best things in life are free and that certainly rings true for our locally-owned streaming platform iflix. All you have to do is download the app from Google Play and start watching movies, TV series or even football matches without paying a single cent as long as it marks “Free”.

The app interface itself is crisp and cleanly designed, making it easier for everyone to scroll and browse through the iflix’s catalogue of various streaming contents. But if you are looking to watch premium contents, iflix offers a flexible VIP plan that allows you to pay weekly (RM3), biannually (RM6), monthly (RM10) or annually (RM96).


Best Android TV box app for Korean dramas

This Hong Kong-based streaming platform is primarily known for offering Asian movies, series and varieties channel. Which means if you like all things Korean, Viu has them in spades. Easily browse through hundreds of various K-dramas at your fingertip, where the app covers both past and recent series regardless of romantic comedy, drama or action genres.

Best of all, you can watch them for free or go premium for just RM 8 a month. This gives you full access to their services such as enabling you to watch both free and premium contents with SD or HD download options. And unlike basic accounts, premium subscribers can watch their favourite K-dramas uninterrupted with no ads.


Best Chinese Android TV box app

The Rakuten-owned Viki specialises in providing Asian-related streaming contents including Chinese and Taiwanese channels. Both movies and TV series are available, where you can filter your search based on its popularity (all-time or this week) as well as top-rated or recently-added options. As for the app itself, the interface is simplified and straightforward enough for you to explore around with minimum fuss.

There are basically two types of plans you can choose: the Viki Pass Basic only costs RM 3.99 a month, which allows you to watch your favourite movies or series in HD quality and completely ad-free. Alternatively, the RM 20.65-per-month Viki Pass Standard grants you first access to the likes of Viki Exclusives and Global Dramas.


Best Android TV box app for sports

It goes without saying that ESPN is synonymous with sports. This is where you get to watch the highlights, scores and news updates on your favourite team with just a simple tap. They basically cover every sport-related event under one platform, namely football (e.g. EPL, UCL), basketball (NBA) as well as tennis and even WWE.

Steam Link (BETA)

Best Android TV box app for games
  • Best Android TV box app for games
  • Price: Free

Released back in May 2018, Steam Link is the answer to every gamer who loves streaming to their favourite game sessions from PC to all Android devices. That means you are practically able to use them via on Android TV, smartphone or tablet as long as you have a strong, high-speed connection.

Here’s how it works: Install the app from Google Play for free, followed by pairing your controller (e.g. Steam Controller, Bluetooth Controller or trackpad mouse) and connect to your computer to run Steam. For a seamless gaming experience, it’s best to use wired ethernet or 5GHz WiFi network.

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Red Bull TV

Best Android TV box app for Live TV
  • Best Android TV box app for Live TV
  • Price: Free

Red Bull TV offers a wealth of free-to-stream contents, covering everything from sports to films, documentaries and varieties. They also include a dedicated Live TV feature, allowing you to scroll through various videos like biking, climbing, dance, motocross and music. The app even includes some handy functions where you can add to favourites or download the videos for later viewing.


Best Android TV box streaming app
  • Best Android TV box streaming app
  • Price: Free

Kodi needs no introduction, especially if you are an Android TV user. It is basically a one-stop media centre that allows you to stream all of your applications from various home devices on your home network using only one screen. Think of it as your personal online library and you will roughly get the idea on Kodi’s system.

But the biggest selling point is its add-on feature. You can either install from the repository, a zip file or even do your own search by typing any available app you are looking for. It can be anything from movies and music to sports and other programmes.

MobiSystem File Commander

Too many apps? Among the highly-recommended file management app that you can install is MobiSystems’ File Commander. It can do more than just sorting any file on your cloud storage or an Android device.

Some of the handy features you can find include various file format conversions (e.g. jpg, gif or txt), wireless PC file transfer as well as supporting file sharing and remote access.

While you can use the app for free, File Commander also comes with a premium account via in-app products at a starting price from RM 3.50 and above. This particular account allows you to access extra features such as Secure Mode for encrypting sensitive data and Recycle Bin for deleting or retrieve files or folders.


Let’s face it, some of the video apps that come pre-installed on your Android TV box are only accessible from a certain country or region. In other words, it’s called geo-blocking. But thankfully, you can bypass this problem by connecting to a virtual private network (VPN). Among the most reliable one out there is ExpressVPN.

The app comes with a wealth of cool features include powerful encryption.  This means your browsing history or IP addresses are safe and secure from the prying eyes of potential hackers and even government agencies. It also scores well in the speed test on most servers regardless of upload or download speeds.

Other highlights include a wide range of servers from around the world to choose from for changing or hiding your original IP address as well as allowing file sharing and torrenting.


If you own an Android device, that means you won’t have a problem casting contents to an Android TV box. However, you would face compatibility issues if you are an Apple user. The best thing you can do is installing an app called AirScreen.

It basically works by allowing you to mirror your Apple device (e.g. iPhone, iPad) so you can stream your saved videos and/or music on your Android TV box. The app also supports various applications such as Google Chrome and YouTube channel.

Google Chrome

  • Best Android TV box app for web browsing
  • Price: Free

Everything is possible, and that includes using your Android TV to browse the web. If you don't have it already, just install the app via voice command, search up Google Chrome on your current available web browser or look it up on the web version of the Google Play Store.

By installing Google Chrome on Android TV, it allows you to access the likes of your browsing history and all your saved bookmarks on a bigger screen.

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