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8 Android Box TV Launchers To Enhance Your User Experience

Your home screen has never looked better.

In simple terms, an Android TV launcher is the home screen for your Android TV Box. This is where you can find your media, apps, and shortcuts on your device. It’s common to find that native Android launchers are usually difficult to navigate through and too cumbersome to use.

Thankfully, it’s easy to download a completely different launcher with different themes, fonts, layouts, and many other features. Without further ado, here are some of the best Android TV launchers you should try out today.

Ugoos TV Launcher

The user interface for this free-to-download Ugoos TV Launcher is not quite like the others. Its left-hand side of the screen features a wheel selector that allows you to toggle between different categories easily. Inventory management is also neatly sorted with the launcher’s ability to automatically store apps in the category it falls under.

Ugoos offers nine color themes to choose from, as well as allow for customisable backgrounds and desktop icons. There’s even support for adaptive remote controls.

Price: Free


HALauncher - Android TV

The best feature about HALauncher is that it does not have as many restrictions as other launchers thanks to being able to support sideloaded apps on its home screen. This means you can skip the whole frustrating workaround process to access these apps.  

HALauncher neatly displays apps on one row while games are on another. Although free, it is very customisable such as allowing you to easily change the colour scheme, background image, and icon graphics. You can even add widgets to the home screen and remove the side panel completely.

Price: Free


Simple TV Launcher

The Simple TV Launcher is completely free and it should be the go-to choice for users who are eyeing for a minimalist design. On the main screen, you can choose to place your favourite apps in one of the six slots provided for faster and easier to access them.

Apps are also easy to find; just click on the icon at the upper left-hand corner, and you’ll see your complete list of apps. You can even customise your background to feature animated wallpapers, provided that your TV box supports them.  

Price: Free


ATV Launcher

The ATV launcher features a simplistic layout that gives you immense customising options. You can easily adjust the colour, change the background image or set transparency for app tiles. For a smartphone-like experience, there’s even an option for you to add widgets on the home screen.

This launcher offers both a free version and a paid version. With the paid version, you have more security options for your TV as you can hide folders and applications as well as set passwords. Another leg-up of the paid version over the free one is its lack of ads.

Price: Free | Premium (RM 11.99)


Top TV Launcher 2

Take more control over the home screen on your Android TV with this Top TV Launcher 2. The launcher comes with a built-in layout editor that allows you to rearrange and place your apps anywhere on the screen. You can also easily add widgets and tiles to your liking.

Besides that, the launcher also provides custom tile support, where you can add an ICO file or set icon image of your choice using the built-in tile editor. Another highlight of this launcher is that it is fully controllable and configurable using only the direction keys on your remote.

Price: Premium (RM 12.99)


TvHome Launcher

TvHome Launcher is for you if you’re after user interfaces that mimics those in smart TVs from popular brands like Samsung and LG. All your apps will be displayed in a linear design at the bottom of your screen for a truly minimalist and pleasant user experience.

Using your remote control, you can easily scroll through your list of apps. By virtue of its light design, this free-to-download app also does not consume much of the system’s resources. This means that there is barely any lag as you navigate through the launcher.

Price: Free


UNICA TV Launcher

The UNICA TV Launcher gives you a break from the standard three-column design that most launchers feature, and instead, offers an aesthetically-pleasing four column theme. Its layout allows for easy navigation as well as further customisation of categorising apps. Furthermore, this launcher features D-pad optimised navigation which comes in handy if your remote control sports has it.

The trial version is free for 14 days. After that, you’ll need to purchase a full license to remove the restrictions imposed on the launcher and the nag screen that pop-ups.

Price: Free (Restrictions are imposed after 14 days)



If you own a big screen TV, then TVLauncher is what you need to replace your standard Android TV home screen. This launcher has been designed to allow for easy switching between the apps using a remote or controller.

The apps are arranged in a grid format for a neat overview of your apps. Besides that, you can sort your apps into sections such as Media, Games, and Utilities to retrieve your apps easily. TVLauncher is free to download but there’s also in-app purchase to removes all ads.

Price: Free (With in-app purchase)

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