The maternity phase is one that is exciting for every mother-to-be, although the natural process that comes with it can be challenging sometimes. Thankfully, with maternity pads, life is so much better. Watch out for these top-picked ones that’s made especially for you and your needs!

1. Intimate Maternity Pad

Best after C-section
Price from RM14.90
Shopee Malaysia RM14.90

Ease your way into motherhood with Intimate’s Maternity Pad that offers extra care just for you. Made with soft material, this pad is highly absorbent with core-anti-leak protection. With an ultra long length of 280mm, it grants you all the protection that you need while leaving you with a smooth and comfortable feeling all day long.

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2. Pureen Madame Maternity Pad

Best for heavy flow
Price from RM14.99
Lazada Malaysia RM15.00 Shopee Malaysia RM14.99

Say goodbye to messy stains with Pureen’s Madame Maternity Pad. Designed exclusively for post-natal use, this pad is highly absorbent and suitable for heavy flow. Made from soft material with extra-wide protection, this pad also comes with adhesive backing for endless comfort and protection. 

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3. Lunavie Premium Maternity Pad

Best with wings
Price from RM16.80
Lazada Malaysia RM16.80 Shopee Malaysia RM16.80

Enhance your protection and comfort with Lunavie’s Premium Maternity Pad. Extra-long, this pad has a cotton layer for freshness like no other. Its anti-bacterial surface is also highly absorbent, so you won’t have to worry about skin diseases or vaginal itching as it locks in wetness to keep you dry and cosy all the time! 

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4. Mother-K Miracle Maternity Pad

Best for bed
Price from RM16.15
Shopee Malaysia RM16.15

Made especially for mothers, Mother-K’s Miracle Maternity Pad provides comfort without causing irritation to the wounded area after birth. Its premium Embo air hole ensures lasting freshness through great absorption. Designed with excellent breathability, this is a pad that will have you sleeping like a baby. 

5. Organyc Maternity Pad

Best cotton pad
Price from RM25.95
Lazada Malaysia RM25.95

Be kind to yourself and the Earth with Organyc’s Maternity Pad that is made purely using organic and biodegradable cotton. This hypoallergenic pad is extra soft on skin as it is bleached without chlorine to reduce the risk of irritation and allergies, and allow your body to breathe.

6. Libresse Maxi Overnight Pad

Best overnight maxi pad
Price from RM12.90
Lazada Malaysia RM13.90 Shopee Malaysia RM12.90

A great sleep starts either with great protection or the right fit - and Libresse’s Maxi Overnight Pad offers both. Made with a secured fit, this pad is uniquely designed to stay in place and hug your curves comfortably while preventing leakage so that you’ll get the most peaceful sleep ever!

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7. Beeson Maxi Care Maternity Loop Pad

Best with loop
Price from RM17.70
Lazada Malaysia RM18.70 Shopee Malaysia RM17.70

Whether you’re taking some time off or hustling during the day, Beeson’s Maxi Care Maternity Loop Pad will always keep you at ease. This versatile loop pad can be used during or after delivery regardless of the flow you have. With a soft cushion that provides ultra comfort, this extra-large pad is highly absorbent to protect against any leakage.

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8. SanNap Loop Maternity Pad

Best hospital grade maternity pad
Price from RM3.95
Shopee Malaysia RM3.95

Stay frugal while giving yourself ultimate protection and comfort with SanNap Loop’s Maternity Pad. Similar to those used in hospitals, this pad is ideal not only for extremely heavy flow, but also for after-delivery and menopause usage. Apart from being extra wide, it has a thick and long design to keep your flow guarded at all times of the day.

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!


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