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Look Smart and Stylish with These 8 Watches for Men

Travel through time in style

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Apart from being a really cool and stylish accessory, a watch also tells the status of a man and his success. What is it about them that makes them a collective item, so desirable and always in demand? It is the versatility of this piece of accessory that exudes class, fashion, and style.

Men are generally creatures who are not big on accessorizing, but when they do, they are always on the lookout for a statement piece which is trendy and practical, and a timepiece ticks all the boxes! Here are our picks for the best watches for men.

SKMEI 1255 Men Smart Watch

RM 41.06
Best Smartwatch for Men
1. SKMEI 1255 Men Smart Watch
Best smartwatch with an organizer
Updated on 11th June 2020

This smartwatch can be used to set your schedule with the complete calendar and week display which allows you to be organized and on time. You can also receive messages and call reminders from your watch even when you’re on the go. Additionally, it keeps track of your calories consumed, your heart rate and your fitness level. That means even while you are busy working, you will never slack off your wellbeing.

The added advantage of this watch is that it has a remote camera function, which allows you to remotely control your phone camera while connected via Bluetooth. This smartwatch is also sleek with its black silicon strap, round dial and sporty style!

Daniel Wellington Classic Black Bristol Watch

RM 950
Best Waterproof Analogue watch 
2. Daniel Wellington Classic Black Bristol Watch
Best waterproof analogue watch 
Updated on 11th June 2020

A Daniel Wellington is definitely an investment, but this piece of elegance is worth both your time and money, and I will tell you why. The Classic Black edition of the Daniel Wellington for men is my personal favourite as it offers the watch a polished and sophisticated look.

The brown leather straps, the two hand Japanese quartz movement, thin casing, and silver tone of the watch, is what makes this a timeless accessory. You can also select amongst the many shades of brown or black for the leather strap and the metallic shades to customize them to your liking. The verdict is, invest and you will not regret!

Adidas Originals Process SP1 Watch

RM 265.9
3. Adidas Originals Process SP1 Watch
Best sports watch for youth
Updated on 11th June 2020

Most of us are mistaken that sports watch cannot exude fashion and style. Well, this Adidas timepiece has this myth proven wrong! You can always look smart and trendy by donning this solid black and white coloured analogue that comes with a silicone strap and case. This makes the watch sweatproof, so you can have it on while performing any fitness or physical activity without worrying if sweat will ruin the watch.

The notch and dot indices lend the accessory a smart and young look that is apt for young men these days, who are not only constantly active for their age group but also very conscious of their fashion statements. Youth are young, free-spirited, motivated and stylish people of our century and this watch embodies exactly that for them!

Casio Gold Stainless Steel Strap Watch

RM 150
4. Casio Gold Stainless Steel Strap Watch
Best digital watch for the money
Updated on 11th June 2020

There is something always so classy about a gold watch, regardless of your skin tone. The digital display of this watch by Casio is what pulls the whole look together with a mix of modern and vintage. That means that this statement piece will never run out of style for decades if you decide to get yourself one.

An added bonus is that the face of this watch is yours to decide, either mahogany coloured or gold checks inspired. The affordable price and the ability to tell time precisely is the cherry on top! Having said that, however, my take on a gold watch is that every man needs at least one to complete their styling wardrobe.

Fossil Dark Brown/Beige Grant Chronograph Leather Watch FS4735

RM 359
5. Fossil Dark Brown/Beige Grant Chronograph Leather Watch FS4735
Best watch for work
Updated on 11th June 2020

When you’re an adult just stepping foot into the world of career, progression, and living, you will need an accessory that fits every work suit and blazer you already own. This Fossil watch leaves you looking sharp and classy with its genuine leather strap that ages with time and wear.

The brown strap will undeniably go hand in hand with the greys, the greens, and the blacks of your work wardrobe. It can easily be paired with any brown leather shoe and belt you have on too. So you do not have to worry about your statement timepiece not blending in with the rest of your outfit! Pure elegance! 

Charles Jourdan Men Watch Multi-Function Quartz CJ1039-1532M

RM 336
Charles Jourdan
6. Charles Jourdan Men Watch Multi-Function Quartz CJ1039-1532M
Best fashion watch 
Updated on 11th June 2020

Black and rose gold is the rage now especially when it comes to menswear and accessories. Comes with a black silicon + leather strap, this Charles Jourdan timepiece will amp up your style game. The colour and the material combo will complement both your smart and casual ensembles. This watch functions on a Japanese Quartz movement and can resist water for up to ten ATM. Fret not about scratching it, as it's protected by a hardened mineral crystal with an anti-reflection coating.

Fossil Collider HR Hybrid Smartwatch FTW7010

RM 969
7. Fossil Collider HR Hybrid Smartwatch FTW7010
Best hybrid smartwatch for travel
Updated on 11th June 2020

Hybrid smartwatches are the way to go, especially if you’re the type of men who are always travelling, be it for work or leisure. Hybrid watches combines the look of the classic watch but has the functionality of a smartwatch such as activity tracking, discreet notifications, multiple time zones and more. These function, apart from being so handy, can also up your fashion game by the choices of sleek and stylish straps they come available in. 

Stuhrling Original Symphony

RM 311.9
Stuhrling Original
8. Stuhrling Original Symphony
Best budget watch
Updated on 11th June 2020

Need a watch that doesn’t break your bank yet looks stylish and classy? This is the watch for you! This minimal face watch is so simple yet completes your look like no other! Best part, you do not have to pay a bomb for style. The genuine leather strap gives this particular piece by Stuhrling Original a vintage look. It's easy to blend in with most tones of clothing in men’s wardrobe. 

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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