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8 Cute & Chic Christmas Wrapping Ideas That Anyone Can Do

We’ve definitely heard the saying – “It’s the thought that counts” – more than enough. And sure, it is… but looks count too… right?

If you're looking to try out some creative gift-wrapping ideas this season, try these super simple ideas and you’ll be sure to get some ooohs and aaahs on Christmas day!

Snowflake Wrapping

With just a few snips of your scissors, you can create this fancy paper snowflake wrapping. This is a great way to dress up any plain wrapping paper or gift box, takes just about a minute and only requires coloured paper, scissors, and tape.

What you'll need:

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DIY Stamp Patterns


It’s time to go old-school with these DIY potato stamps! Simply use a small knife to cut a potato in half and carve out some simple shapes like a Christmas tree or star. A combination of simple shapes can create a whole new feel on plain brown-coloured packaging.

Before stamping, be sure to blot your potatoes on a piece of paper towel to absorb as much moisture as possible as this will affect the ability of the ink to stick to the potato. 

What you'll need:

Chic With Duct Tape

This cute yet funky bow idea of using duct tape and paper is a brilliant way to give your gifts a totally chic holiday look! 

What you'll need:

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Bauble And String

Too many Christmas tree decorations? Pick some small baubles out of the pack and turn them into the perfect holiday packaging with this sweet bauble wrapping idea! You can even put a twist on this by clustering several personalised mini ornaments to spell out someone’s name or use a paint pen to write a letter on each mini bauble.

What you'll need:

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Washi Tape Wrapping  

Want to spruce up a simple and plain ol’ wrapping paper with your overflowing collection of washi tape? This washi tape wrapping paper idea is super cute and brilliant! You can even scan and print your paper design to make up a number of gift wrap sheets.

What you'll need:

Paint That Wrapping


Keep it simple yet chic with this paint pattern idea. All you’ll need is plain wrapping paper, a brush, paint and a little creativity! Decorate each present individually or a whole roll before wrapping your presents.

What you'll need:

Santa Gift Tags

Here's a brilliant way to re-use soda can tabs and turn them into a Santa-themed Christmas wrapping.

What you'll need:

Christmas Tree Cards

These 3D Christmas tree cards idea will spruce up any wrapping. You can use any fancy paper for these, so go crazy on the choices! 

What you'll need:

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