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5 Christmas Ideas & 50 Must-Have Decorations To Help You Win A “Best Decorated Award”

Deck the halls with these fabulous decoration ideas

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Christmas is upon us! As we count down to the big day, its undeniable that setting up the right Christmas decorations are essential to getting into the holiday spirit. 

If interior decorating is not your forte or youre looking for a bit of inspiration, dont worry. Here are some easy Christmas decoration ideas that you can bring to fruition so you can give your, specifically, home, office, dining table, and church a complete Christmas makeover.


Give your home some country flair with this simple yet elegant Christmas tree. This look can be achieved by adorning the tree with wood-crafted ornaments, pine cones, and candle lights. Add a beautiful wooden star as a tree-topper and you’ll get yourself this rustic look together. 

Your stairwell deserves attention too. Make it stand out with bright marquee lights which you can customise to spell out your favourite Christmas phrase while placing candlelight holders at alternating steps.

To tie in with the Christmas theme, the bannister and any photo frame located by the stairs can be draped with garlands embellished with lovely bows or pinecone ornaments.

IKEA FEJKA Christmas tree

RM 299

Glowing Log Cabin Ornament

RM 22

Wooden reindeer ornament

RM 4.34

Christmas LED Candle Light

RM 48.6

Hanging Snowflake Wooden Hollow Ornament Décor

RM 5.7

Wooden Five-Pointed Star

RM 17.63

LED Marquee Letter Lights

RM 18

Christmas Garland with Wire

RM 3.9

Big Red Bow

RM 20.4

Pine Cone Ornament

RM 5

Nordic Style 3D Geometric Metal Candle Holder

RM 19.2

Christmas Decorations for Office 

Create the look of a chimney by placing brick wallpaper all around your cubicle and hanging little Christmas stockings at the side. You can go the extra mile by draping garlands with warm-coloured electric lights on the edge of your cubicle. With a little pine tree by your desktop and a cute Christmas-themed monitor sleeve, your desk space is sure to rouseawws” from your colleagues. 

If youre going to be throwing an office party, why not put up eye-catching hangings from the ceiling like adorable ornaments? Or you can take the DIY route and make your own streamers using red, green, and white crepe paper.  

Brick self-adhesive wallpaper

RM 16.98

Christmas Stockings

RM 18.28

Santa Claus Christmas Ceiling Decoration

RM 10.44

Christmas Computer Monitor Elastic Cover

RM 9.22

Christmas Tree for Desk

RM 19.9

Crepe Paper Streamers

RM 1.99

Colorful 2M Garland Tinsel for Christmas Tree Decoration

RM 5.1

Warm Light LED String Fairy Lights

RM 4

Santa Claus Chair Cloth Cover

RM 28

Paper Star Ornaments

RM 2.6

Christmas Decorations for Church

To keep the Christmas spirit alive in every nook and cranny of the church, why not start with adorning wreaths cascaded with red ribbons on the church windows? The vibrancy of the red poinsettias at the altar adds to the festivities whereas the greenery of the ivy garland on the pillars gives off a wholesome vibe. 

Instead of extravagant decorations on your Christmas tree, we can’t recommend enough a simple pine tree decorated with only fairy lights which is a fairly pleasant and soothing sight to adore.  To give the altar some Christmas cheer, consider a wonderful combination of red poinsettias, clear candle holders, golden jingle bells, and artificial pine leaves scattered across the altar.

Image credit to Kyo Morishima

11.8” Diameter Lifelike Wreath

RM 17.95

Perfeclan Red Wired Christmas Ribbon

RM 9

Dolity Hanging Christmas Star

RM 16

Real Red Poinsettia with Plastic Pot

RM 20.93


RM 69.9

PRADO Malaysia 100 LED Globe Shape Fairy Lights

RM 17.9

Hanging Ivy Garland

RM 6.9

IKEA VÄSNAS Tealight holder

RM 2.8

Artificial Pine Leaf Needle

RM 20.4

Perfk Battery Jingle Bell Decor

RM 7

Christmas Decorations for Dining Table

Wow your dinner guests with this Country/Farm House-inspired dining table. The elegant wooden placemat serves as an earthy complement to the Christmas themed plates. With a unique centerpiece in the form a red pickup truck and mini trees, the sight is sure to bring smiles to the faces of your dinner guests. 

For some simple yet classy vibe to your Christmas dinner, have some clear candle holders and ornaments along the centre of the table to pay tribute to the spirit of Christmas. While you’re at it, have the plaid table runner and napkin subtly tied in neatly to complete the whole look.

Images credit to Rosemary & Thyme

Plaid Table Runner

RM 15.55

Ins Style Cotton Linen Napkin

RM 5.16

Round Wood Grain Placemat

RM 4.27

Mini Christmas Trees

RM 2.6

Vintage Christmas Red Metal Truck

RM 40.7

IK GLASIG 5pcs Tealight Candle Holder (Clear Glass)

RM 9.9

Assorted Christmas Ornaments

RM 6

MONAZONE Christmas Series Ceramic Tableware

RM 37.99

Christmas Decorations for Outdoors

Nothing says Christmas more than a classic combination of a beautiful wreath hanging on the doorway with garlands twisted around the house pillars. A large Christmas tree decorated with simple ornaments and faux presents underneath it is sure to be a show stopper in your neighbourhood. 

Apart from stringing the wreath and the garlands with lights, have glowing gifts laid around to add a nice sparkle to your porch too. Plus, flanking the front door with different kinds of lanterns filled with a candle will beautifully illuminate the porch at night.  

Large Christmas tree

RM 130.9

Wooden Christmas ornaments

RM 13.02

Yarn Ball

RM 6

Vintage lantern

RM 8.89

LAGRAD Lantern

RM 89

Handheld Christmas Snowman Metal LED Lamp Light

RM 7.64

Christmas Wreath With Bow

RM 14.56

5.5m Green Pine Christmas Garland

RM 22.82

Christmas Gift box

RM 4

100 LED 10M LED String Fairy Light in plug Christmas Party

RM 8.33

Flickering Tealights

RM 4

Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thanks!

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