Every day we strive to make it a happy day, and there's no other happiness greater than the joy of giving. While we’d love to pamper our loved ones with amazing presents, we can only do so much. Rest assured that your gifts do not have to be expensive. After all, it is the thought that counts.

We’ve put together this list of gift ideas that are amazing yet, no more than RM 20.

1. 1. Karrimor Aluminium Bottle 600ml

Gift ideas for men
Price from RM17.00
Lazada Malaysia RM17.00

A selection for the men, this water bottle from Karrimor is no ordinary bottle. Made entirely of aluminium, the bottle has an inner anti-corrosion coating to keep water cool. The bottle is assured to be durable as well and can be attached to your bag.

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2. 2. A FRENZ Mini Vintage PU Shoulder Crossbody Bag Small Purse

Gift ideas for women
Price from RM19.00
Zalora Malaysia RM19.00

This small and chic bag would make a suitable gift choice for your mother, sister or girlfriend. The lightweight PU leather bag comes with a hasp closure and without any zipper, making storage easy and quick. Its design and colour make it a sweet addition for any women looking to expand their casual wardrobe.

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3. 3. SEPHORA COLLECTION Once Upon A Night - 3 Mini Nail Files Set

Gift ideas for girls
Price from RM16.00
Sephora Malaysia RM16.00

Life is not perfect, but your nails can be! And that’s exactly what you can achieve with this nail files set from Sephora. Comes in an owl themed design, the mini nail file set makes a perfect and practical gift. Its small size also makes it handy and easy to carry, for a beautiful, looking nails anytime anywhere.

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4. 4. Rightway Hip Hop Snapback Cap

Gift ideas for boyfriend
Price from RM10.90
Shopee Malaysia RM10.90

Keep that boyish look with this snapback cap. The cap is available in several colour variations of red, white, black, and two shade of blue, so pick one to your boyfriend’s fancy. Regarding comfort, the cap is made of cotton wool and has a plastic snap adjuster. Pick one up too for matching outfits!

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5. 5. Agenda Planner

Gift ideas for teachers
Price from RM9.90
Shopee Malaysia RM9.90

An elegant and professional designed planner would make a great and practical gift which can be used throughout the year. This planner has soft leather cover and comes with quite an amount of space for notes and agenda entry. The planner also includes a placeholder for storage to better organise cards.

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6. 6.  KITKAT Mickey Tin

Gift idea for kids
Price from RM15.49
Shopee Malaysia RM15.49

Hey Mickey! You're so fine, these chocolates are blowing my mind! This Mickey Tin Kit Kat set makes a great choice for the kids.  Coming in several exclusive designs, each set is filled with assorted Kit Kat chocolates such as the Bites and Rubies series. Plus, the cute Mickey tin can be used for storing other things later such as toys.

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7. 7. Toblerone Milk Chocolate Gift Box

Gift idea for boss
Price from RM17.90
Shopee Malaysia RM17.90

Treat your boss to a sweet deal with this Toblerone Milk Chocolate Gift Box. The triangle shaped chocolate is specially made from the finest raw ingredients from around the globe, combining the unique sweet taste for perfection. Toblerone is sure to remind your boss of the luxury taste of chocolate.

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8. 8.  Dove Travel Set

Gift idea for colleague
Price from RM19.90
Shopee Malaysia RM19.90

Complete toiletries set from Dove make a sweet gift for a colleague. The set includes small sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, face wash, and body wash. Due to the small and handy sizes, the set is ideal for travel, providing convenient and practicability.  

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9. 9. SILKYGIRL Egyptian Lily Perfume Set 50ml

Gift idea anniversary
Price from RM16.00
Shopee Malaysia RM16.00

Give your partner an exclusive gift for the anniversary with this Egyptian Lily scented Perfume Set from Silkygirl. In the set, you’ll find a 50ml Eau De Toilet and a 9 ml roll-on. Indulge and pamper your partner with the exclusive natural combination scent, with the smell of nature from berries to flowers and wood.

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10. 10. Pixajoy Mini Softcover Square Photobook

Gift idea for a couple
Price from RM5.40
Shopee Malaysia RM5.40

It's easy to click the camera but how about putting them together into a photobook? Linger on the good days with this exclusive 48-pages photobook. The product comes in a 6'' by 6'' size, and full colour printed pictures with protective gloss or matte lamination paper.

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11. 11. YUBISO Bug Repellent Candle

Gift ideas elderly
Price from RM10.00
Shopee Malaysia RM10.00

A scented candle is a way to achieve fresh and divine smell in the house. Yubiso has come up with an exclusive scented candle that is bug repellent too. Each set has four candles that come in a glass jar, with four variety flavours of lavender, rose, jasmine, and vanilla.

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Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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