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Stay on Fleek with these 10 Makeup Brushes

They're so fluffy and comfortable!

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Scratchy brushes? Streaky application? Muddy eyeshadow? Those are no longer your worries if you pick the right tools to apply makeup. It’s time to up your makeup game with our curated list of the best makeup brushes!

What are the main makeup brushes you need?

As a beginner in makeup, you don’t need a lot of brushes. Just four main ones are good enough for you to train your skills:

1. A foundation brush 

You will need a fluffy face brush to evenly distribute your foundation on your face. They should be both liquid and powder friendly

2. A flat concealer brush

You can apply your concealer very precisely on small areas and tight corners of your face. They’re usually flat, so it’s easier for you to be delicate with your application.

3. A flat highlighter brush

It has to be flat, so it’s easier for you to press the glittery goodness on your cheeks and nose bridge. When you’re done applying, blend everything together with the edge.

4. An eye make-up brush

The skin around your eyes is narrow, hence why you’ll need a small brush to apply your make-up. They’re specially designed for you to easier manoeuvre through the arch of your brow, corner of your eyes and tear duct. However, check out below the make-up brushes that might suit you.

Real Techniques Powder Brush

RM 70.4
Best makeup brush for powder
Real Techniques
1. Real Techniques Powder Brush
Best makeup brush for powder

Real Techniques is created by pro makeup artists to revolutionize your makeup application and appearance without breaking the bank. The Real Techniques Powder Brush is a large and soft dome-shaped brush to ease the application of powder or mineral foundation. The fluffy bristles allow you to dust a fine layer of powder without leaving a cakey mess.

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ZOEVA Classic Brush Set (Set of 8)

RM 439.00
Best makeup brush travel set and for beginner
2. ZOEVA Classic Brush Set (Set of 8)
Best makeup brush travel set - suitable for beginners

ZOEVA Classic Brush Set comes with 8 professional makeup brushes made from a mixture of natural and synthetic hair. It comes with a large pouch that easily stores your brushes, making it perfect for travelling. This brush set has everything you need for the face and eyes, such as a stippling brush for foundation, concealer brush, crease brush and liner brush for the eyes.

Sephora Collection Smoky Eye Brush Set

RM 86.00
Best makeup brush for smokey eyes

Whether you’re a newbie in makeup or you’re looking to up your eye makeup game, the Sephora Collection Smoky Eye Brush Set will help you achieve the perfect smokey eyes, or any eye look of your preference. This set contains four brushes to help highlight and blend your eyeshadow to perfection, and a handy pouch to store your brushes. With this handy set, smokey eyes don’t look so intimidating anymore!

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

RM 64.08
Best makeup brush for contouring

If you want perfectly sculpted cheekbones like Kim Kardashian, the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush is the way to go! It has a flat and wide brush head that’s ideal for blending out liquid or cream contour products to help define and sculpt your cheekbones. Even under harsh light, your contour will look natural and airbrushed!

MAC Cosmetics 217 Blending Brush

RM 125.00
Best makeup brush for eye crease

The 217 Blending Brush is one of the most popular eye brushes in the market, and for good reasons. Made from natural goat hair, the soft bristles can deposit powder or cream eyeshadow evenly all over the lid and crease, blend out transition shades seamlessly on the crease or even act as a concealer brush. This all-round brush is definitely a must have in every makeup lover’s collection.

ZOEVA 129 Luxe Fan

RM 88.00
Best makeup brush for highlighting and blush
6. ZOEVA 129 Luxe Fan
Best makeup brush for highlighting and blush

The ZOEVA 129 Luxe Fan brush is the perfect shape and size to put on that glow on your cheekbones and nose bridge! The fan brush uses a blend of soft natural and synthetic hair picks up the right amount of highlight and blush. The soft bristles then perfectly blend powder highlight and blush on your cheeks for a natural soft finish. It can also be used to brush away eyeshadow fallout on your cheeks.

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Artis Brush Elite Collection Smoke Finish Oval

RM 279.00

Artis brushes are finely crafted by CosmeFibre filaments that feel ultra soft and gentle on the skin. For the ultimate face makeup application, use Oval brush head size 6, 7, 8 and 10 for a natural, streak-free and well-blended foundation.

ZOEVA Rose Golden 317 Wing Liner

RM 65.00

Pretty brush handle aside, the ZOEVA Rose Golden 317 Wing Liner is the perfect brush to create the winged line sharp enough to kill. The brush hairs are made from vegan and soft taklon hair that has the right amount of flexibility for you to line your lash line with ease. Just pick some gel or cream eyeliner and watch the brush glide easily along your lash line.

MAC Cosmetics 195 Concealer Brush

RM 130

The flat, dense and flexible synthetic fibres of the 195 Concealer Brush picks up and applies concealer easily and precisely. It works well to cover problematic areas, but the pointed tip makes it suitable for under eye concealing too. The soft fibres blend out your concealer seamlessly without scratching or irritating the skin.

MAC Cosmetics 318 Retractable Lip Brush

RM 47

To prevent streaks or smudging, apply your favourite bold lip colours precisely with the 318 Retractable Lip Brush from MAC Cosmetics. It is a travel-friendly lip brush as you can retract the brush back into its casing and toss it into your handbag. Whether it's a bullet lipstick, liquid lipstick, or gloss, this brush's got you covered!

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