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9 Makeup Brush Sets To Achieve That Perfect Look

Brush off the makeup haters.

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We can always use our trusty fingertips to blend out foundation, eyeshadow or lipstick. However, if you want to up your makeup game and have perfectly blended makeup, you’re going to need to invest in makeup brushes. Feeling intimidated? Don’t worry, because we’ve created a list of makeup brush sets to suit different needs!

10 Pieces Professional Brush Set (Diamond Unicorn)

RM 14.88
Cheap unicorn makeup brush set

The unicorn craze exploded in 2017, and it doesn’t stop there. A colorful makeup brush set inspired by unicorns? Yes, please! It includes 10 fluffy brushes for the face and eyes to help you create a magical makeup look!

Real Techniques Core Collection

RM 89.00
Best makeup brush set with case
2. Real Techniques Core Collection
Best makeup brush set with case
Updated on 25th March 2019

A perfect foundation base will transform your entire makeup look. With the Real Techniques Core Collection brush set, you’re never going to have a bad makeup day! This set includes four brushes to blend foundation, powder, conceal and contour your face to perfection! The handy standing case included also works as a ‘drying rack’ for your brushes.

ZOEVA Rose Golden Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set

RM 357.00
Eye makeup brush set with bag

Master the art of eyeshadow with a complete set of high-quality eye brushes. ZOEVA’s Rose Golden Vol. 2 makeup brush set has all the brushes you need to create any eye look! It comes with 12 essential eye brushes made from a blend of natural and synthetic hair for a soft and fluffy feel. It also includes a cute pink pouch for easy storage!

Artis Brush Elite Collection Smoke Finish 10 Brush Set

RM 180.00

Oval-shaped makeup brushes have been all the rage ever since Artis introduced them to the world. If you have a lot of spare moolah in your pocket, splurge on this brush set from Artis.

Featuring 10 high-quality oval brushes that are crafted to perfection, from eyeshadow to foundation, this brush set is created to perfect your makeup look. Say goodbye to streaky foundation!

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Stage Trio Traveller Set

RM 28
5. Stage Trio Traveller Set
Halal makeup brush set
Updated on 8th March 2019

These brushes from Stage Cosmetics are 100% cruelty-free and animal-friendly. This set comes with a powder brush, angled shadow brush and angled brow brush to create an effortless everyday makeup look. It also includes a faux leather pouch for added convenience!

ZOEVA Vegan Brush Set - Set of 8

RM 329.00
High quality and vegan makeup brush set
6. ZOEVA Vegan Brush Set - Set of 8
Best high-quality and vegan makeup brush set
Updated on 8th March 2019

Brushes made from synthetic hair aren’t good? ZOEVA’s Vegan Brush Set is here to prove you wrong. Made from 100% high-quality synthetic hair, the brushes feel gentle and soft, even on sensitive skin! From foundation to winged liner, this brush set has got you covered!

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Sigma Beauty Sigmax Kabuki Kit

RM 391.00
Kabuki makeup brush set
7. Sigma Beauty Sigmax Kabuki Kit
Kabuki makeup brush set
Updated on 8th March 2019

Perfect your face makeup with the Sigmax Kabuki Kit. These brushes are made from Sigmax fibres to avoid the absorption of your liquid or cream products into the bristles. So, not only your base makeup will turn out flawless, you also end up using less product!

The kabuki brushes come in differently shaped heads that have different uses. This set is definitely a great addition to your brush collection!

ZOEVA Classic Brush Set

RM 414.00
Makeup brush set for beginners
8. ZOEVA Classic Brush Set
Best for beginners
Updated on 8th March 2019

Makeup, especially eyeshadow, can be intimidating for beginners. Luckily, with ZOEVA’s Classic Brush Set, doing your makeup is less challenging! This set comes with eight brushes for the face and eyes that are made from synthetic and natural hair that won’t poke or shed! Its soft bristles help deliver the perfect blended makeup look without any streakiness.

ZOEVA Luxe Complete Set

RM 750.00
Professional makeup brush set
9. ZOEVA Luxe Complete Set
Best professional makeup brush set
Updated on 8th March 2019

Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or a makeup addict, the ZOEVA Luxe Complete Set is the one for you. Made with a mix of natural and synthetic hair, the brushes are high quality and soft to the skin. It comes with 15 brushes to create day and night looks for the face and eyes!

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Disclaimer: The pricing shown is just a good indication of how much these products are worth. The prices could change based on the e-commerce promotions that are going on. If some of the products are not available, do email us at [email protected] Thank you!

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