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Samsung Galaxy Ring Might Require A Subscription And Could Cost US$300.

Rumours indicate to interaction with services such as Samsung Food, which could provide more precise meal plans and nutrition recommendations.

So much has been said about the Samsung Galaxy Ring. However, much of it has not been officially confirmed yet. This includes the fact that it will be unveiled alongside foldables in July’s Unpacked event. Nevertheless, one tipster revealed how much they expect this phone will cost when it becomes available, as well as whether one would need to pay additionally for a subscription.

It was Yogesh Brar who claimed through X (formerly known as Twitter), that the Samsung Galaxy Ring’s price tag would be somewhere between US$300 (around RM1,414) and US$350 (around RM1,650). In India, the gadget can also be bought for INR35,000 (around RM1,981) as expected. Later on, in an interview with Android Authority, the same source hinted that it could cost less than US$10 (around RM47) per month.

Credits: @heyitsyogesh / Yogesh Brar (x.com)

There is obviously a chance that a user may have to pay for the Samsung Galaxy Ring maybe by way of subscription. A good comparison, in this case, will be Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch6 with prices beginning at RM1,099 up to RM1,799 within the local market although it does not require one to subscribe. Surely, earlier on, Dr Hon Pak who is the company’s head in charge of the digital health section told CNBC that “differently” would be the result if both were used such that it could only mean improved health insights

However, the company has not confirmed any of this. Assuming the claims are accurate that the Samsung Galaxy Ring will share a stage with the foldables, it should not be long.

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