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adidas Z.N.E Pink collection

Embrace the Pinkcore Trend with Adidas' Latest Z.N.E. Collection

Comfort meets bold pink in Adidas’ Z.N.E range!

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If you haven’t yet gotten a pink outfit for July’s most anticipated blockbuster, Adidas’ latest Z.N.E collection has you covered. In keeping with the ‘pinkcore’ style trending this season, the collection features a bold pink theme that exudes comfort and style!

As seen on celebrities like Jenna Ortega, Hoyeon, Deepika Padukone, and David Yang, the collection's minimalist design draws inspiration from the iconic performance-first Z.N.E. silhouette, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear.

With a vibrant colour palette and subtle detailing, the simplicity of the designs makes this an ideal co-ord for those who want to hop on the trending pink aesthetic styles.

Collection Highlights

The collection features premium outfits for both men and women:

Men's Premium Hoodie and Shorts:

For a fresh look and feel, this pink fusion hoodie and shorts offer a clean-cut combo that’s versatile enough to be used for other seasons with the bonus of comfort. To balance out the bold colour tone, subtle details such as the three-stripe raised logo and clean seaming are added to give off a premium finish. 

Additionally, the pullover-style hoodie comes complete with a kangaroo pocket, and an extra high neckline when the hood is up, along with heightened comfort levels with the soft 4-way stretch and double-knit material.

Women’s Tee and Shorts:

Meanwhile, the women's collection features a cropped short-sleeved tee with a contrasting thick ribbed hem and neckline for added shape, along with a bold block colour Adidas logo on the chest. The double-knit shorts also keep comfort and style in check with a mid-rise relaxed fitting, an elasticated waist, and a drop-back finish.

You can shop the full collection on adidas.com.my, in-store, or via the Adidas App. Stay tuned to Adidas' social channels for more updates and the latest news.

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