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8 Best AirPods Cases in Malaysia 2024 - Product Review

Protective case for your AirPods.

Aiming to provide personalised spatial audio that surrounds you, the Apple AirPods render music in detailed sound quality from deep rich bass to crisp clear highs.

Being compact and portable, AirPods are meant to follow you everywhere, whether you are reading in the library, having an online conference, or working out in the gym. AirPods cases are a good way to protect your precious earphones and add a little personalized flair so make sure you can find them back in case you lose them. 

Check out our list of best Airpods cases below!

Best AirPods Cases To Get In Malaysia

Best overall AirPods case
UAG Standard Issue Silicone V2 Case
Check UAG Standard Issue Silicone V2 Case price below:
add_circle Comes with a detachable carabiner
add_circle Compatible with wireless charging
remove_circle Fit for AirPods 3 only

Why It’s Our Top Pick?

The UAG Standard Issue Silicone V2 Case safeguards your AirPods with the next level of protection. Made of silicon, it comes in four distinctive colours: black, mallard, olive and orange.


Made for close-fit protection, the UAG Standard Issue Silicone V2 Case keeps your AirPods secure from daily knocks and scratches. The silicon case gives you a secure grip texture with a detachable carabiner that allows you to attach it to your bag.

Even with the UAG protective case on, you still can enjoy simple and stable wireless charging for your AirPods. It also has a Lightning Port cover which prevents dust accumulation.


  • 1 piece design
  • Four different colours to choose from
  • High-quality silicon

Who is this for?

Durable, sleek yet affordable, the UAG Standard Issue Silicone V2 Case provides high-level protection for your AirPods. Thanks to the stretchable silicone material, it fits your charging case perfectly in a 1-piece design. The Lighting Port cover keeps the interface port free from dust and dirt.

Best rugged AirPods case
Ringke Onyx for AirPods 3
Check Ringke Onyx for AirPods 3 price below:
add_circle Non-slip texture
add_circle Visible charging light
remove_circle Dull design


Offering ultimate protection with heavy-duty defence, the Ringke Onyx protective case is made from flexible, long-lasting TPU material. The unique matte body with granulate texture is anti-skid and anti-fingerprint. 

Moreover, the Ringke Onyx case features innovative X-design corners that protect both the case and device from impact and scratches. The included carabiner allows for convenient portability and prevents you from misplacing it.


  • Separate top and bottom pieces
  • Rugged design
  • Shock resistance

Who is this for?

If you are looking for a heavy-duty AirPods case, the Ringke Onyx is it. Its super-durable TPU shell is resistant to both impact and scratches from unexpected incidents. Even better, you can get this decent protective case below RM50. Attach the Ringke case with the provided carabiner and bring it along wherever you go. 

Best silicone AirPods case
UNIQ Lino Hybrid Liquid Silicone Case
Check UNIQ Lino Hybrid Liquid Silicone Case price below:
add_circle Visible charging light
add_circle Anti-smudge
remove_circle Doesn’t come with a carabiner


Available in six Scandinavian colours, the UNIQ Lino Hybrid Liquid Silicone Case allows you to express your personality while keeping your AirPods secure. The slim-fit liquid silicone case is reinforced with dual-layer hybrid protection to shield your audio pieces from everyday knocks.

With the latest technology, the Lino case effectively reduces dust absorption. It is also anti-fingerprint and anti-smudge, making your AirPods charging case always look new. 


  • Premium soft touch
  • Slim-fit protection
  • Comes in six unique Scandinavian colours

Who is this for?

A silicone case such as the UNIQ Lino Hybrid Liquid case is best for providing close-fit protection for your beloved AirPods. The Lino case lends a rich personality with its bright colours, giving a youthful and sporty look. The build quality of the liquid silicone case is superb and soft to the touch.

Best aesthetic AirPods case
elago Ice Cream Case
Check elago Ice Cream Case price below:
add_circle Dirt and oil-resistant
add_circle Compatible with wireless charging
remove_circle Suitable for AirPods 3 only


Cute but mighty, the elago Ice Cream Case may look super-adorable from the outside, yet sturdy enough to keep your AirPods protected from drops. Best of all, this case was designed and built in-house from scratch!

Made from premium silicone material, the elago protective case is invulnerable to dirt and oils, keeping your charging case looking brand new. You have direct access to all functions including wireless charging without issues. 


  • Anti-drop
  • Perfect fit for AirPods 3
  • Premium silicone body

Who is this for? 

Whether you are a foodie or just a lover of ice cream, the elago Ice Cream Case is perfect for everybody. A carabiner is included so that you can hang the case onto your backpack and laptop sleeve. It fits perfectly on the AirPods 3, shields it from impact and most importantly, looks great!

Best clear AirPods case
Uniq Glass Clear Protective Case
Check Uniq Glass Clear Protective Case price below:
add_circle Fits snugly
add_circle Anti-watermark design
remove_circle Only for AirPods Pro


Simplicity at its best. Featuring an ultra-clear hard shell, the Uniq Glass Clear Protective Case offers protection where you need it for your AirPods Pro. Its inner anti-watermark design ensures crystal-clear visibility of your device.

To ease portability, the clear sheath comes with an aluminium carabiner. You will still be able to charge your AirPods wirelessly when the Uniq case is on.


  • Available in clear and smoke
  • Includes a premium aluminium carabiner 
  • Wireless charging compatible

Who is this for? 

Don’t like fancy and cute designs? Look no further than the Uniq Glass Clear Protective Case for your AirPods Pro. It offers ultra-clear visibility with an anti-watermark interior. Also available in smoke, the Uniq case doesn’t turn yellowish easily even after using it for a long time. 

Best leather AirPods case
Alto AirPods 3 Leather Case
Check Alto AirPods 3 Leather Case price below:
add_circle High-quality leather
add_circle Distinctive
remove_circle Pricey


Simple, premium and elegant, the Alto AirPods 3 Leather Case is made with 0.5mm fine Italian full-grain leather and exquisite craftsmanship. The leather develops a patina naturally, forming a unique style of your own.

Expected from high-quality leather, the Alto protective case feels warm with a natural touch. Furthermore, there is a strap-hole reserved to meet the need for hanging. You will still enjoy reliable wireless charging with the leather case on.


  • Beautiful Italian full-grain leather
  • Lightweight design
  • Supports wireless charging

Who is this for? 

Stand out from the crowd with the unique and premium Alto AirPods 3 Leather Case. The Italian full-grain leather forms a soft sheen over time, making it exclusive to you and you only. You won’t find the same natural touch and warmth of the Alto Leather Case on other silicone or plastic cases. 

Best fabric AirPods case
Spigen Urban Fit Case
Check Spigen Urban Fit Case price below:
add_circle Protection from dirt and impacts
add_circle Visible charging light
remove_circle Not budget-friendly


Protect your AirPods 3 using the elegant Spigen Urban Fit hybrid case. It is made of a combination of plastic and durable fabric, shielding your charging case from dirt, impacts, scratches and daily damage. 

With precise cutouts, the hybrid case preserves the functionality of the ports and does not affect wireless charging. In addition, it is equipped with a ring-shaped carabiner to extend security.


  • No effect on wireless charging
  • Comes with a ring-shaped carabiner
  • Keeps the functionality of ports

Who is this for? 

With plastic and durable fabric as the main material, the Spigen Urban Fit Case keeps your AirPods secure from impacts and scratches. The hybrid case ensures the functionality of ports with precise cutouts. Besides that, the wireless charging function of AirPods works well with the Urban Fit case.

Best impact-resistant AirPods case
RhinoShield Impact Resistant Case
Check RhinoShield Impact Resistant Case price below:
add_circle Anti-shock
add_circle Various colours to choose from
remove_circle Only suitable for AirPods Pro


The RhinoShield Impact Resistant comes in five youthful colours including Royal Blue, Charcoal Grey, Shell Pink, Alpine White and Mint Green. It is moulded from RhinoShield’s signature impact-absorbing material that is certified to meet military-grade drop protection.

What’s more, the dual-material design has soft and scratch-resistant interior cushioning to keep your AirPods case free from scratches. The RhinoShield protective case is precision-designed to keep your charging case snug.


  • Military-grade drop protection
  • Scratch resistant
  • Comes with a sleek carabiner

Who is this for? 

Dislike the loose coverage a silicon cover typically gives? The RhinoShield Impact Resistant Case may fit your liking just like how it fits your AirPods perfectly. Moulded with impact-absorbing material, the RhinoShield case keeps your AirPods safe from impacts and drops. Attach your AirPods case anywhere using the custom-designed carabiner so you can enjoy an epic soundtrack on your adventures.


Is a silicone or hard case better for AirPods?

Silicon and plastic are the two most common materials for AirPods cases on  the market. No matter whether you are going for the soft or the hard case, there are pros and cons for each of them.

  • Silicone

The silicone material is probably the safer choice between these two. It is soft and feels comfortable to touch. Its rubber-like elasticity allows you to pull or stretch, giving your AirPods charging case a perfect fit.

However, you should choose an environmentally friendly silicone with good durability. The silicon absorbs dust easily, so it might become sticky over time. 

  • Plastic

A plastic or a hard case provides high-level protection for your AirPods. Normally, the plastic hard shell has an eye-catching and fun design. Some of the plastic cases are also certified with military-spec drop protection.

On the other hand, the AirPods charging case might get scratched due to friction if there is no interior coating. You will also find it hard to insert or take off the hard shell should you want to switch up your cases.

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