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There's a Chance That Dyson's First "Floor Scrubber" Mop Will Be Released in Malaysia?

Finally, we get another hybrid contender from the leading vacuum brand!

So it was recently shared on the internet that Dyson China released an all-in-one Mop device called Dyson V12 Detect Slim Nautik. It seems that this mop is also available as an attachment and that it allows V12 units to tackle wet-and-dry situations. 

Some fellow Netizens took to share the screenshot of the model available for booking on Dyson China's official website (posted on Reddit). But upon visiting the website ourselves, the booking page is nowhere to be found. We did find some websites talking about it. (article on inf.news)

About "Dyson V12 Detect Slim Nautik"

(Source: r/Dyson on Reddit)

The screenshots and articles shared online showed that the 'floor scrubber' has a push-and-pull cleaning rate of up to 95% efficiency, with a rotational speed of 900rpm to remove liquid (stains) on the ground. And since it's marketed as a "floor scrubber", we think this means the mop would be more effective in cleaning stains from floors compared to the regular vacuum mop.

We also have reasons to believe that this is a floor scrubber cum mop as a Reddit user shared their thoughts on a video of the product: 

"...it seems that, on wet mode, the actual suction motor is turned off and only the brush head spins, so no debris would get sucked up into the bin, so I’d see it as something for very small spot cleans when spillages occur..."

As shared by some Chinese media; the model was available for pre-order at 5,499 China Yuan (approximately RM3,525.21)

What do you think? The South East Asian market would definitely benefit from this as we generally prefer to have hard floors indoors, and we take our floor-cleaning deliberately.

However, there's no news to confirm if it'll come to Malaysia. But seeing that we have a pattern history of observing product releases in Malaysia soon after China did so, we believe there's a chance this product may be released by Dyson Malaysia.

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