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best standing desk malaysia

11 Best Standing Desks in Malaysia 2022 - For Home & Office

Stand while working to avoid leg cramps

Sitting for long periods can cause substantial risks to your health. This has become a problem for most working people these days, be it at home or in the office. 

Standing desks have become a total game-changer. With the option to adjust the height of the table, standing desks offer the flexibility of transitioning between both sitting and standing based on your preference. Reducing muscle discomfort and improving body posture are just some of the benefits that these standing desks provide.

Ahead, the best standing desks in Malaysia for your every need.

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Top 10 Standing Desks In Malaysia

Best buy standing desk
EVIS Smart Sit-Stand Desk
Check Evis Smart Sit-Stand Desk price below:
add_circle Built-in wireless charger
add_circle Adjustable height
add_circle Sturdy

Why It’s Our Top Pick:    

“The Elvis Smart Sit-Stand Desk is our top pick because of its built-in, wireless mobile charger and improved anti-collision technology that averts the desk from possibly hitting any obstacle. 

Its minimalistic design and high-quality build sure make it a great standing desk for working at peak productivity.”


This ergonomic standing desk has 4 programmable buttons with memory functionality, allowing you to see your height preferences. It’s sturdy enough to withstand loads weighing up to 150kg. The lifting columns are purposely designed for use in ergonomic desks and work tables, allowing them to be easily adjusted. The height of the desk can be adjusted between the range of 660-1310mm.


This standing desk has garnered raving reviews from users on how its size is perfect and can accommodate up to 3 laptops. Not to mention, the after-sales service is remarkable!


  • Maximum height: 131cm
  • Lowest height: 66cm
  • Maximum load: 120kg
  • Dimensions: 150 x 75 cm
  • Colour(s): Walnut
  • Warranty: 2 years
LOCTEK Height Adjustable Ergonomic Standing Desk
Check Loctek Height Adjustable Ergonomic Standing Desk price below:
add_circle Sturdy
add_circle Easy to assemble
add_circle High-quality build
remove_circle A little heavy

Without the hassle of having to manually screw the bolts to adjust the height, the LOCTEK standing desk is easy to adjust to suit your needs.


This ergonomic standing desk is electronically controlled, with a height adjustment range of 71-121cm. Not only does it carry up to 70kg of weight, but it also has a lifting speed of 25mm/second.  


The automation system of this standing desk works efficiently and smoothly. The superior quality and sturdy structure certainly make it a valuable buy!


  • Maximum height: 121cm
  • Lowest height: 71cm
  • Maximum load: 70kg
  • Dimensions: 120 x 60 x 25cm (WxDxT)
  • Colour(s): Oak
Electric standing desk
Check Flexispot Quick-Assembled EC9 price below:
add_circle Adjustable desk feet
add_circle Quick assembly
add_circle Stable

An electrically adjustable standing desk makes it all too convenient for you to perform your daily tasks. 


Easily assembled in just 5 minutes, this Flexispot Quick-Assembled EC9 is all set for you to use as your workstation. The desk can easily be adjusted, allowing you to transition between sitting and standing with the touch of a button. One of the most stable standing desks, this Flexispot Quick-Assembled EC9 also features adaptable levelling glides so you can stabilize and balance your desk. 


Users have praised how this standing desk is a must-have especially if you’re working from home. Its robust and reliable features make this standing desk incredibly worth it.


  • Maximum height: 123cm
  • Lowest height: 73cm
  • Maximum load: 50kg
  • Dimensions: 120cm (W) x 60cm (D)
  • Colour(s): Black or White
  • Warranty: 3 years
Stand Manual Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk
Check Stand Manual Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk price below:
add_circle 5-year warranty, Can support 80kg

If you prefer something more old school, there are manual desks in the market that function just as well as the electrical ones. 


This standing desk has a built-in lever that enables you to adjust the height level of the desk to your liking. Supporting up to 80kg, this standing desk is made from a high-grade melamine board. Its ergonomic design will provide much-needed relief and comfort to you as you work at the desk.


Users are impressed with how solid and sturdy it is. Featuring curved feet, risk of injury is reduced compared to a table with flat feet. It's available in four neutral colours that are sure to pair well with any interior. 


  • Maximum height: 115cm
  • Lowest height: 72cm
  • Maximum load: 80kg
  • Dimensions: 4ft: 120 x 75 x 2.5 cm; 5ft: 150 x 75 x 2.5cm
  • Colour(s): Black, White or Beech
  • Warranty: 5 years
Cheap standing desk
iDECO Bedside Table
Check iDECO Bedside Table price below:
add_circle Suitable for a single user
add_circle Scratch-proof
add_circle Waterproof
remove_circle Not suitable for placing heavy objects

If you’re looking for an affordable option, the iDECO Bedside Table is for you. 


Designed with rounded edges to prevent bruises in case of bumping, the iDECO Bedside Table can be moved easily thanks to its 4-wheels with 360° rotation. Equipped with a locking mechanism to lock it at your preferred adjusted height, it can be adjusted to suit your comfort level.


Users claimed that this desk is of average quality. Nonetheless, it’s acceptable given the incredibly low price.


  • Maximum height: 90cm
  • Lowest height: 70cm
  • Maximum load: 5kg
  • Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 70-90cm(adjustable)
  • Colour(s): Oak or Black
ENDESK MAX Ergonomic Sit Stand Desk
Check ENDESK MAX Ergonomic Sit Stand Desk price below:
add_circle Adjustable height
add_circle Easy installation guidelines
add_circle Good quality
remove_circle Heavy
remove_circle No cable management system

Working tirelessly at your desk while staring at a screen can be straining on the neck and back. An ergonomic standing desk is a practical investment that you won’t regret.


ENDESK MAX Ergonomic Sit Stand Desk has a dual motor that enables smooth height adjustment for comfortable use. The LCD screen display features an advanced 5-button digital display with 4 programmable height presets. Maximum weight of up to 100kg can be supported. 


This standing desk not only offers a wide, spacious workspace but it’s sturdily built too. Though the desk is heavy, users find that it’s of superior quality and it operates on a silent motor.


  • Maximum height: 120cm
  • Lowest height: 70cm
  • Maximum load: 100kg
  • Dimensions: 140cm x 70cm
  • Colour(s): White, Black, Oakwhite or Oakwblack
  • Warranty: 2 years
Portable standing desk
Portable Hydraulic Table
Check Portable Hydraulic Table price below:
add_circle Adjustable height, Solid build

A portable standing desk will allow you to switch things up and work anywhere. 


The easily adjustable height of the desk has a lift range of 710-1100mm, allowing you to accomplish your tasks comfortably, be it while standing or sitting. With four wheels, the steel desk can be easily rolled across all floor surfaces. Its tabletop measures 700mm by 480mm which is a decent size considering its portability.


With a sturdy build, users were impressed by the incredibly premium quality of this standing desk.


  • Maximum height: 108cm
  • Lowest height: -
  • Maximum load: 14.5kg
  • Dimensions: 70 x 48 x 2.5cm
  • Colour(s): White or Black
Armaggeddon Automatic T1 Gaming Table
Check Armaggeddon Automatic T1 Gaming Table price below:
add_circle Efficiently smooth dual-motor system
add_circle 4 memory presets
add_circle Adjustable height

Gamers would certainly love a good standing desk for a more focused gaming experience. Check out the Armaggeddon Automatic T1 Gaming Table.  


With dimensions of 120cm by 60cm, the standing desk presents a wide space area that can accommodate your entire gaming system. Its curved design provides ease of viewing without the need to lean forward. And, there’s a cable hole that avoids the problem of tangled wires. 


Users have certainly applauded this standing desk for its flexible height adjustment and great memory performance. The lifting mechanics are excellent and inaudible.


  • Maximum height: 126cm
  • Lowest height: 61cm
  • Maximum load: 80kg
  • Dimensions: 120 x 60 x 1.5cm
  • Colour(s): White, Black or Maple
  • Warranty: 1 year
FLEXISPOT Malaysia Value Home Office Standing Desk EF1
Check FLEXISPOT Malaysia Value Home Office Standing Desk EF1 price below:
add_circle Anti-scratch
add_circle Waterproof
add_circle User-friendly controller with 4 memory presets

A simple yet highly efficient home office standing desk, it’s garnering great reviews. Working from home has its challenges but a good standing desk can make all the difference in your home office. 


The FLEXISPOT Malaysia Value Home Office Standing Desk EF1 is operated by single motor technology that functions relatively quietly at under 50dB. It comes in two tabletop sizes and three varying colours. Besides, it also has 2 grommet holes to ease cable positioning. 


Users were incredibly impressed with its features and adjustable motor functions. It has exceeded expectations for users.


  • Maximum height: 123.5cm
  • Lowest height: 73.5cm
  • Maximum load: 70kg
  • Dimensions: 150 x 75cm
  • Colour(s): White, Maple, Walnut or Zen
  • Warranty: 3 year
Desktop Ergonomic Dual Monitor Integrated Sit-Stand Workstation
Check Desktop Ergonomic Dual Monitor Integrated Sit-Stand Workstation price below:
add_circle Designated keyboard space
add_circle Adjustable height range of 450mm(desk) and 110mm(monitor)
add_circle Sturdy
add_circle Fits a single monitor of 19 to 27 inches
add_circle Supports 2 to 11kg of weight

If your work requires you to have a dual monitor set up, you may be interested in a standing desk with a mount.


Prioritizing the importance of ergonomics, the VESA interface offers 360° rotation and tilt and features an attached keyboard desk. Both the monitor and keyboard can be adjusted to your preferred height thanks to the mechanical counterbalance pulley system. Plus, this standing desk is built from aluminium alloy and steel base materials that assure its solid structure. It also includes a pre-installed USB adaptor for easy connectivity. 


This standing desk provides comfort due to its adaptable transition of sit-stand mobility. It will certainly allow you to have a comfortable and convenient view of our monitors.


  • Desk adjustable height range: 17.7cm
  • Monitor adjustable height: 4.33cm
  • Maximum load: 12kg
  • Dimensions: 69 x 49.5cm
  • Colour(s): White
Best heavy-duty standing desk
Bristol Vertigo 2.0 Height Adjustable Desk
Check Bristol Vertigo 2.0 Height Adjustable Desk price below:
add_circle Strong and sturdy
add_circle Support up to 150kg of weight
add_circle Quick adjustments
add_circle Anti-collision technology
add_circle 3 memory functions
add_circle 5-year warranty

With simply a push of a button, you may alter the height of your standing desk. Say goodbye to the fuss of screwing bolts when you get yourself the Bristol Vertigo 2.0 Height Adjustable Desk. 


The Bristol Vertigo 2.0 is a sit-to-stand desk that you can adjust between 62cm to 120cm swiftly in 15 seconds. Thanks to its programmable control panel with 3 memory functions, users can save their preferred heights and alter them interchangeably whenever with a button push.    

Moreover, it uses anti-collision technology, which halts the desk from moving upwards or downwards when it senses interference. Finally, when the desk is on standby mode, the overall usage of the electrical system is less than 0.1 W. Plus, it can also hold up to 150kg of weight, making it the most heavy-duty standing desk in this list.


Users get to save some hassle of adjusting the standing desk with the convenience of the programmable control panel. Also, users are amazed at how strong and sturdy it is.

Benefits Of A Standing Desk

  • Reduces the risk of weight gain

As exercising undoubtedly burns calories instantly, the same benefits apply to standing while working instead of sitting. 

  • Manages blood sugar levels 

Blood sugar levels increase after the consumption of meals. These levels will increase more if you’re choosing to sit immediately after having your meals. Standing, however, comparatively reduces increased blood sugar levels effectively.

  • Avoids the risk of heart disease

Sitting for long periods can increase the risk of heart disease. That said, to nurture a healthy heart, it is beneficial to spend more time standing instead. 

  • Soothes both back and neck pains

Constantly sitting and working at your desk can cause back and neck pains. A study published by the CDC has clarified that a sit-stand desk reduces upper back and neck pain by 54% after 4 weeks. 

  • Increases productivity levels

Remarkably, standing while working boosts your energy levels. It was reported that those who stand and work experience less stress and exhaustion compared to those who sit at their desks all day. 

  • Promotes longer and healthier life

Studies have shown that a sedentary lifestyle impacts your health negatively. Standing for long periods can prolong your lifespan. 

Standing Desks vs Ergonomic Chairs

Standing desks and ergonomic chairs both bring benefit your well-being but let’s see how they differ.

Constantly planting ourselves in our chairs all day can lead to health problems. That is why standing desks are a great alternative as when you’re standing, you can stretch your spine and improve your posture. This helps to eradicate most of the back pain that you normally face when sitting at a traditional office desk. However, as with sitting, you shouldn’t stay planted for too long in one spot; take regular breaks and move around.

On the other hand, ergonomic chairs enable your body to be positioned in a way that traditional office chairs don’t. Ergonomic chairs are much more affordable compared to standing desks and help to relieve pressure points and improve your comfort levels. 

Whether you get a standing desk or ergonomic chair all boils down to preference. You can’t go wrong either way. Both are surely an upgrade from the traditional office chairs and desks. Just consider which would do the most for your comfort and productivity levels. 

How do I choose a standing desk?

As society has become increasingly health-conscious, hearing that a standing desk has health benefits over a sitting desk has convinced most to get one.

Here are some tips for choosing the right standing desk:

1. Decide whether you want to keep your current desk or not

A dedicated full-sized standing desk is the answer if you want something completely different.

Contrary to popular opinion, you don't have to replace your current desk. A standing desk converter goes on top of your current desk and converts it into a height-adjustable workstation in seconds.

Another advantage of stand-up desk converters is that they are often less expensive.

2. Check the dimensions of the desk after measuring your workspace

"Measure twice, cut once," as experienced carpenters say. In other words, you may reduce your chances of purchasing the incorrect desk by measuring your workspace. Then, compare the measurements with that of the desk of your choice to ensure that it will fit in its designated space.

3. Make sure the desk suits you

Most users will find that most adjustable standing desks are simple to use. However, if you are exceptionally tall or short, be sure it can be adjusted to the level you require for both sitting and standing. 

a. Determine your ideal height for sitting and standing

b. In both a sitting and standing position, measure the distance between your elbow and the floor

c. Check the specifications of the table to see the maximum and minimum height of the table

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