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9 Best Gaming Chairs in Malaysia 2023 - Top Brands & Reviews

Now you can focus on gaming without worrying about body pain

Featuring: Streamer at RutGamingJaron Tan Jia Wei

Jaron Tan is a professional player in the streaming community and a UNITEN graduate with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (Hons). You might know him as a KOL for Mobile Legends, under the handle @/RutGaming. Jaron finds joy in live streaming and aspires to build a supportive gaming community.

“Depending on your work and how much time you spend in front of the computer, investing in the right gaming chair not only helps you address bad posture and avoid the risk of spending a fortune getting it fixed but also increases productivity. Most importantly, gaming chairs are designed to provide an excellent gaming experience that no other chairs can compete with.” - Jaron Tan

Whether you are a casual or hardcore gamer that uses a desktop computer/PC or laptop, the high-performance specs aren’t the only thing that matters. The other important thing that you should take into consideration? To be particular, we're talking about a piece of furniture that takes the form of a gaming chair.

If you need a computer chair for your office, gaming chairs are good too. They offer much comfort with ergonomic features and come in many budget forms. Some brands also have a few dedicated chair series that are according to your needs. From Secretlab to Tomaz; here is our list of best gaming chairs in Malaysia, some complete with Shopee reviews too.

9 Best Gaming Chairs in Malaysia

Best Overall Gaming Chair
Check Sihoo M18 price below:
add_circle Adjustable tilt tension
add_circle Mesh back -- good ventilation
add_circle Seat cushion is soft yet supportive
add_circle 4-gear lock for armrest height adjustment
add_circle Headrest has a 45° tilt angle as well as height adjustability


Sihoo is a multi-award-winning company from China that’s well-known for making ergonomic and intelligently-designed furniture including their Sihoo M18. The M18 comes with research-based features which can improve your posture and reduce muscle strain, so your long-hour gaming sessions won’t be too uncomfortable. 

Sihoo’s M18 is a very comfortable gaming chair that has all you need for a long gaming session, from adjustable headrests, handles, adjustable backs, and even adjustable lumbar support. You can game all night, though we wouldn’t recommend doing so. 


  • Headrest can be rotated 45 degrees
  • 3 Gears adjustment Back Tilting (110° - 126°)
  • High-Grade Sponge Cushion Seat
  •  5-level lifting adjustment Armrest 
  • 350 Aluminum Alloy Chair Leg

Who is it for?

Gamers out there will appreciate the Sihoo M18 especially since they can get a personalized back tilt tension as well as a 125-degree recline angle. The Sihoo M18 will be a good companion as you go on your journeys in-game and keep you in good posture at all times.

Best Gaming Chair for Back Pain
FlexiSpot ErgoChair 2.0
Check FlexiSpot ErgoChair 2.0 price below:
add_circle Supports heavy users - Up to 158kg
add_circle Adjustable Seat depth and tilt
add_circle Good for tall people
add_circle Headrest and backrest can be configured
remove_circle Has a mere 20° tilt range


This chair allows you to adjust the tension and depth of the lumbar support in addition to height, which is not something many gaming chairs can do. Not only that, the seat, armrests, backrest, and neck support can all be adjusted to your liking!


  • Fully-adjustable ergonomic chair
  • 158kg Weight Capacity
  • Patented lumbar support
  • Sliding seat pan
  • Lumbar support is height and tension adjustable 

Who is it for? 

The ErgoChair 2.0 is more than capable of supporting tall and heavy users, thanks to its 158kg weight capacity. It also comes with many adjustment points which makes it great for ergonomics and muscle relief. 

Best gaming chair for bigger sizes
Anda Seat Kaiser 3
Check Anda Seat Kaiser 3 price below:
add_circle Supports bigger-sized or taller people
add_circle Easy to assemble

You don’t have to game in discomfort with this chair.


If you’re on the bigger side and normal gaming chairs are uncomfortable for you, then the Anda Seat Kaiser 3 might be just for you. This gaming chair supports up to 180kg in weight and 210cm in height, giving plenty of space in the base and back seat.

It also has lumbar support for when you have to sit for long hours, giving you the necessary comfort and support needed. Not only that, this series comes in multiple colour choices, so there’s always one to match your aesthetics!


  • Made with DuraXtra PVC leather
  • 4-way adaptive lumbar support
  • Full-metal 4D armrests with MagSwap
  • Up to 165° recline
  • Available in sizes L and XL

Who is this for

This chair is suitable for those that are bigger/taller/plus-sized as the chair’s base can accommodate different sizes.

Best Gaming Chair Under RM 500
Check TTRacing Duo V3 Gaming Chair price below:
add_circle Sturdy
add_circle Has PU caster wheels
add_circle Adjustable seat height


The TTRacing DUo V3 is made from fibre PU leather, which gives you more breathability compared to standard leather. Even maintenance is easy as all you need to do is use a damp cloth to wipe it down.  

The chair has both lumbar support and a headrest, which are both nice additions for gamers. The catch? They are all built-in, meaning you can’t adjust either of them to your liking. It’s the kind of deal-breaker that you have to consider before making your purchase.

Elsewhere, this gaming chair has padded armrests but they are not adjustable. The back of the chair, however, can be tilted backwards up to 155 degrees. Moreover, the nylon base that supports the chair is sturdy enough to hold a maximum weight of up to 130 kg. Expect smooth-gliding caster wheels as well while the added rubber materials help to protect the surface from scratches.


  • 135 Degree Tilt-in-Space
  • Butterfly Mechanism
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic
  • Carbon Fibre PU Leather
  • Italian Elastic Cloth on the body and seat

Who is it for?

If you find yourself looking for a gaming chair with great quality, a comfortable feel and a steady build, then the TTRacing DUo V3 is a great choice. Your gaming sessions just might be a lot better with this chair. If you get this, do tell us what that bump on the chair is for. 

Best Gaming Chair That’s Under RM 250
Check Sokano OC04 Gaming Chair price below:
add_circle Massage lumbar pillow
add_circle Adjustable headrest
add_circle Budget-friendly price
remove_circle Can only support up to 100 kg+
remove_circle Armrests not adjustable


Gaming chairs are not the cheapest item to have, But at least, there are many affordable ones out there, as well, complete with interesting features. Take the Sokano OC04 gaming chair for example: it has a massage lumbar pillow, where you can easily connect it to a USB power source like a laptop or even a power bank. It’s a nice addition that helps to calm your tense back muscle after long hours of gaming.

Meanwhile, the chair itself is encased with a combination of high-density foam and premium PVC leather. These materials don’t only look stylish but are also easy to clean as well. Apart from the aforementioned massage lumbar pillow, it has an adjustable headrest and a reclining function where you can sit back and recline up to 150 degrees flat. 


  • Heavy-duty material high-density foam
  • Premium PVC Leather
  • Comes with a Lumbar Massage pillow
  • Reclines from 90 degrees to 150 degrees
  • 85 cm x 30.6 cm x 59 cm

Who is it for?

Comfort is something everyone looks into when considering gaming chairs. So, why not get one that comes with a massaging lumbar pillow for your gaming sessions with your friends? Not only that, but you can also watch movies or your favourite series while getting a free massage! However, it only supports up to 100kg and the castor wheels may feel a little rough and inconsistent. 

Another Best Gaming Chair for Long Hours
Todak Alpha Standard Gaming Chair
Check Todak Alpha Standard Gaming Chair price below:
add_circle Sturdy frame
add_circle Adjustable armrest
remove_circle Pricey


Coming in with a sturdy frame made from metal, the Alpha Standard Gaming Chair allows for a 2D adjustable armrest. It also has a Class 4 glass lift which allows for a durable and strong chair that can support your weight. 

Material-wise, it’s made from PU leather and carbon fibre, so you can be sure that it’s comfy and durable!


  • 2D armrest
  • Class 4 glass lift
  • High-density moulded foam
  • Dimensions: 86 × 69 × 35 cm
  • Butterfly Mechanism

Who is it for?

Maintaining a good posture when gaming for a long time is very important for your back especially since you would most likely be in one position the entire time. So, you will need a chair like the Todak Alpha Standard that helps you maintain a comfortable position.

Best Premium Gaming Chair - Also good for tall people
Razer Enki Essential  Premium Quartz  Premium
Check Razer Enki Essential / Premium Quartz / Premium price below:
add_circle Suitable for tall people
add_circle Built-in Lumbar Arch
remove_circle Not suitable for bigger people


Razer specializes in gaming and gaming peripherals, so it’s only natural that they know exactly what kind of throne gamers need to satisfy their royal toshes. Why not get a luxurious gaming chair from the gamers, for the gamers, and game in style?

The Razer Enki allows for comfort for every gaming session, especially with its textured fabric and durable leather that gives you a soft seat base to sit on. It also gives a 152-degree recline so you can take a break before returning back to work/studying or even playing games. 


  • Premium Memory Foam Head Cushion
  • 152-degree recline
  • Designed for All-Day Comfort
  • 21” ultrawide seat base
  • Dual-Textured Synthetic Leather

Who is it for?

If you game regularly, why not get a premium gaming chair? If you’re tall, don’t worry because the Razer Enki is suitable for those within the 166.5 to 204 ( 5'5" - 6'8") height range. It’s not the cheapest on this list, but it sure is luxurious in both looks and features.

Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair
Sihoo M57 Ergonomic Chair - with Pedal
Check Sihoo M57 Ergonomic Chair - with Pedal price below:
add_circle Easy assembly
add_circle Sturdy; double supported frame with aluminium alloy base
add_circle Quiet castors
remove_circle Pedal footrest comes at an extra cost


The M57 is made with high-density mesh, that prevents the backrest from overstretching and allows for air circulation. It is designed with an aluminium alloy base and a double-supported frame for durability. Its headrest gives your neck relief and keeps your head well-supported, and there’s an adjustable lumbar support which grants both height and depth customisation. Plus, it also has a 360-degree rotatable and adjustable armrest.     


  • 360° rotatable 3D adjustable armrests 
  • 120-degree recline tilt
  • S-shaped spine frame
  • Made from PP+, fibre material
  • Silent, non-slip wheels

Who is it for? 

If you are computer-bound or simply looking for a contoured chair to achieve maximum satisfaction during gaming, the M57 is an option you would not want to discard.  In fact, it’s highly customizable so you can also get it with or without a pedal, offering you the utmost freedom in your comfort.

Another Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair
Tomaz Syrix II Gaming Chair
Check Tomaz Syrix II Gaming Chair price below:
add_circle Comes with rocking pressure adjustor
add_circle Can handle up to 160 kg weight


The Tomaz Syrix II is ergonomically built to be comfortable when used for a long time. It comes with a cooling fabric weave that makes the chair breathable so you don’t sweat too much. For this price, you’re also getting a chair with Cold Cure Foam Technology which is something typically found in more expensive gaming chairs. 


  • Cold Cure Foam Technology
  • Soft Cooling Touch 2.0 Microfiber
  • Head Pillow + Lumbar Support
  • 3D Adjustable Armrest
  • Tilt Locking 90-165 degree angle

Who is it for?

Most of the time, gaming sessions end up going on for hours. So, you will definitely need a chair that allows you to maintain a proper position throughout the session. This is why the Tomaz Syrix II is a gaming chair you definitely want to look into. 


Differences Between Gaming Chairs & Office Chairs

Not all chairs are created equal and that also applies to both gaming chairs and office chairs. Here are some of the differences below:

Gaming Chairs

- They are typically bright and has striking colours with a design resembling a racing harness.

- The seat pan, which refers to the flat surface space of a gaming chair, usually comes with a bucket seat design.

- Gaming chairs come with non/adjustable headrests and lumbar pillows, with the latter primarily designed for supporting your lower back.

- Depending on the brand and model, some gaming chairs come equipped with adjustable 4D armrests. The 4D in question allows you to move the armrests up, down, back or forth.

Office Chairs

- Most office chair designs lean towards the executive or professional look and are typically black in colour.

- Cheaper or basic office chair varieties typically come with only fixed armrests and backrest. In other words, they are not adjustable other than the height of the seat.

- Some office chairs, particularly the pricier varieties, have several features available such as ergonomic design, reclining mechanism and lumbar support, all of which are specifically designed to make them as comfortable as possible.

- Depending on the brand and model, some of the backrests of an office chair are either upholstered with leather (e.g. PU or faux), nylon fabric or mesh.

Now that we have covered the essential differences between gaming chairs and office chairs, let’s take a look at the former as we list down some of the best from budget to top-branded gaming chairs.

What to look for in a gaming chair?

Jaron recommends prioritizing these 3 characteristics when looking for a gaming chair are :

  • Comfort

A suitable gaming chair should be catered to your height. Look for one with an adjustable hand rest, back support, recliners, and a leg rest.

  • Design

It’s undeniably the first thing people are drawn to when looking at gaming chairs. Though it depends on the individual’s preference, according to the expert, a sleek, simple one that does not sacrifice comfort is sufficient. 

  • Cost

One does not need to spend an extravagant amount of money when investing in a gaming chair. Just stock to a budget that’s within your means and ensure that quality is not sacrificed. A good price range would be around RM400-1000.

Do gaming chairs actually do anything?

Gaming chairs are a big part of the lives of gamers like Jaron. It provides back support and comfort besides helping them sit up right while gaming or working.

The bottom line is, gaming chairs encourage good posture, comfort, and improve ergonomics.

How long do gaming chairs last?

Gaming chairs typically last 4 years. By then, not only may the artificial leather start to peel off, but users might also be bored with the design and want to upgrade to a better chair.

However, do note that numerous factors can affect how long they last including the quality of the chair, usage, and how well you care for it.

Why invest in a good gaming chair?

Investing in a suitable gaming chair can reduce medical costs that may be incurred due to bad posture. Besides, when you’re seated comfortably, you’re likely to be more productive and have a better gaming experience too.

Expert's Honourable Mentions

These days, most entry-level streamers and gamers go for TT Racing Duo V3. Otherwise, people gravitate towards Tomaz for its design and features.

On the other hand, those with more budget may want to take a look at more premium brands like Secret Labs, Osim, Razer or Andaseat.

End of Article