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The 13 Best Interior Designers You Need To Look For in Malaysia

Your dream spaces need not have to be limited to just your imagination!

We have all come to a point of imagining how we would want our dream homes or even office spaces to look. However, this imagination stays as real as it can be in our minds if we don’t know anything about designing. This is where the role of interior designers come in.

Interior designers have the expertise as well as capabilities to harvest these imaginative ideas of ours and turn them into reality, with reasonable interior design consultation fees in Malaysia to help realise your space too. And with so many designers going online now, we can all easily find some of the best interior design companies in Malaysia. 

We have listed some of these famous interior designers in Malaysia to help you make your dream, luxury interior design spaces come true!

13 Best Interior Design Firms in Malaysia

Zcube Designs Sdn Bhd
Check Zcube Designs Sdn Bhd price below:
  • Address: 35b, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Contact Number & Email: Call 03 7499 1127/ 011 5635 7926 or Email [email protected] for more inquiries
  • Operation hours: 9am to 6pm; Monday to Friday (except public holiday)

Zcube Designs Sdn Bhd is an award-winning ID firm in Malaysia that has won multiple design prizes both locally as well as internationally in countries such as Italy, the USA and the UK. They provide interior designing expertise that specialises in coworking spaces, corporate offices, commercial spaces, retail, and hospitality industries. 

Apart from that, Zcube Designs Sdn Bhd has initiated the IDz brand. It is an innovative platform that enables homeowners to own and envision living in designer houses. On top of that, they have even expanded their expertise to a range of projects that are based overseas such as Chaozhou Wanta Shopping Mall, ShanTou Ding Tai Fung office tower, and Sabah Signal Hill Residence tower. 

When it comes to designing an interior space, Zcube Designs Sdn Bhd is the leading choice for their outstanding designs and boldness which has driven the company to create numerous award-winning designs.

Customer Review:

“Their dare to break the limit and think out of the box attitude had done a good job for our co-working place! We like their concept and they are determined to create the fantastic concept into real thing.- HOD/DOER Co-Working Place”

Check Houz price below:
  • Address: Level 5, Start Boulevard, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, KLCC 53300 Kuala Lumpur
  • Contact Number & Email: Call +6012-5914638 or Email [email protected] for more inquiries 
  • Operation Hours: 8am to 5pm; Monday to Friday; 8am - 1:30pm; Saturday

Get ready to be wowed by the aesthetic of your spaces when working with Houz. It is a well-established interior design firm that specializes in luxury design for both residential and commercial use. 

Its professional team of architects and designers have not only handled projects in Malaysia but also in Australia. They are dedicated to crafting interiors that are practical, functional and exceptional to the eyes.

Putting customers in mind, the company also offers personalized designs that are each tailored according to individual’s needs. Whether you are looking for a contemporary design or a minimalist design for your spaces, the Houz team will never disappoint. 

Customer Review:

“The team was always open to ideas and the communication was always smooth and great. The price was reasonable as well. I am satisfied with the final outcome of my place and the design looks lovely. -  Jiejie Carmen”

Norm Designhaus
Check Norm Designhaus price below:
  • Address: SUITE 3A23, Level 3A, Block A3, Leisure Commerce Square, Jln PJS 8/9, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
  • Contact Number & Email: Call 012 385 2680 or Email [email protected] for more inquiries
  • Operation hours: N/A

As one of the best interior design companies in Malaysia, you surely do not want to pass Norm Designhaus up! Since 2003, they have catered to superior and affordable home renovation solutions for property owners in Malaysia. Their team of professional designers is equipped with top tier virtual 3D architectural rendering solutions and services.

If that’s not enough, wait till you hear about their 360 degrees virtual reality (VR) walk-through! Norm Designhaus offers this solution to its customers so that they are able to capture a real-life experience in the designed room space online. Its high accuracy and efficiency will have you visualising your interior designs in real-time! 

Customer Review: 

“Norm Designhaus did my semi-D interior design in Bayu Segar, Cheras, KL. I only hired them for 3D drawings because my nephew is a contractor. Their design is good and practical. I rated 5-star for their artistic sense & super realistic 3D drawings.- Kelly Chua”

Dezeno Sdn Bhd
Check Dezeno Sdn Bhd price below:
  • Address: Level 6-1, Wisma Miramas, 1, Jalan 2/109E, Taman Desa Business Park, 58100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Contact Number & Email: Call 019 663 6601 or Email [email protected] for more inquiries
  • Operation hours: 9am to 6pm; Monday to Saturday

Fantasizing to have the design of your dreams come to life at affordable prices? Dezeno Sdn Bhd is your best choice. Transitioning designs into reality, this interior design company in KL encompasses both residential and commercial areas. 

The brand’s competitive advantage led it to develop an in-house built-in carpentry service that has successfully set up its own factory. In fact, Dezeno Sdn Bhd is a G7 licensed contractor that is certified by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and approved by the Ministry of Finance (MOF). Expect nothing but the best from this interior designer! 

Customer Review:  

“Strongly recommended to anyone who looking for a qualified built-in carpentry and project management team. I was impressed by the quality n efficiency in the f&b project we worked together for my client.- Veronica Le”

Check BuildEasy price below:
  • Address: 27B, Jalan SS 22/19, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 
  • Contact Number & Email: Call 012-207 9874 or Email [email protected] for more inquiries
  • Operation hours: 9am to 8pm; Monday to Friday

Feel the breeze when you’re working with BuildEasy to design your spaces. This interior design company will be sure to take you for a ride through an exciting journey in bringing your designs come to life.  Particularly, those that cater to your budget. 

From interior design, renovation and furnishing works to project management, be submersed into a memorable and hassle-free experience with BuildEasy. 

They allow their customers to explain their needs through a questionnaire developed on their website. Then, their team of expert designers will produce several design proposals based on that questionnaire. And, voila! Sit back, relax and watch your interior designs come to life by their team of experts. 

Customer Review: 

“Build Easy overdelivered my expectations. My apartment looks like it came out of an interior design magazine!- Fariz Yusof”

Kingsmen Malaysia
Check Kingsmen Malaysia price below:
  • Address: No.5, Jalan 6/2b, Taman Industri Selesa Jaya, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor
  • Contact Number & Email: Call 03 9076 1010 or Email [email protected] for more inquiries
  • Operation hours: 9am to 6pm; Monday to Friday

Pioneering in exhibitions, events and interiors, Kingsmen Malaysia has been around since the early 80s. Spanning over 870,000 sq ft of manufacturing facilities in both Asia Pacific and Middle East, Kingsmen Malaysia has around 21 offices across the globe and over 1,700 professionals and project managers. 

They are accoladed to be one of the leading communication design and production groups. Part of their services is that they reform contemporary commercial interior design, innovative exhibitions design and thematic decoration design. They have also developed a new digital frontier with its Kingsmen Virtual Experiential Lab (KIVEL) that assists various industries’ digital needs. 

Customer Review: 

“Kingsmen prioritizes quality & customer satisfaction.- Sho Lihin”

DMZ Consultancy Sdn Bhd
Check DMZ Consultancy Sdn Bhd price below:
  • Address: 8, Jalan Sungai Buaya, Off Jalan Klang Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Contact Number & Email: Call 012 335 3180 or Email [email protected] for more inquiries
  • Operation hours: 10am to 7pm; Monday to Friday

DMZ Studio Malaysia is the umbrella for several companies that are grouped together as DMZ International Design Group. Here, you’ll find that every one of the companies specialise in design consultancy services, custom-made furniture manufacturing, interior fit-out contracts and high-end kitchen systems production.  

Seemingly unbeatable, this interior design company embraces the most distinguished multi-disciplinary designs and challenges in some parts of Europe and Asian countries. They engage with the world’s best designers and have expertise in the latest technological innovations. Be enthused to affordable yet stylish and modern interior dreams! 

Customer Review: 

“I love it! It is fantastic how you have managed to incorporate the Copenhagen lifestyle into the premises. You can really feel Copenhagen. – Donatas Zavtrikovas”

Inspire Edge Studio
Check Inspire Edge Studio price below:
  • Address: No.8, Jalan Hang Nadim 35/33,Alam Impian Seksyen 35, 40470 Shah Alam, Selangor
  • Contact Number & Email: Call 016 915 2826 or Email [email protected] for more inquiries
  • Operation hours: 10am to 6pm; Monday to Friday

Inspire Edge Studio strives to provide you with a space design that matches identically with your ideals. They offer the most comprehensive and customised design for both living and commercial spaces. 

The eloquent team of designers offers the most realistic vision of your dream space in terms of design, renovation, furniture and accessories. Besides, Inspire Edge Studio is a one-stop designer company in Shah Alam that is tailored for every commercial and residential interior design needs. Wait no more, and book yourself an appointment with this interior design company! 

Did we also mention that Inspire Edge Studio has been chosen as one of The 18 Best Interior Designers in Malaysia 2020 by Trusted Malaysia?

Customer Review:  

“Ann’s designs are timeless and elegant. She helped me achieve my dream jome byb designing a fabulous interior.- Anlie Chon”

Friday Studio
Check Friday Studio price below:
  • Address: A-07-19, Level 7, Block A, Sunway Geo Avenue, Jalan Lagoon Selatan, Sunway South Quay, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Contact Number & Email: Call 017 307 6131/019 669 9525 or Email [email protected] for more inquiries
  • Operation hours: 9am to 6pm; Monday to Friday

Friday Studio prides on delivering quality artwork that is produced from passionate, energetic and attentive vibes. Think Friday, and you’re right at the place where it’ll give you nothing less than your vivid imagination and dream space.

The team will produce your ideas into aesthetic and practical stereoscopic visualization with services such as Layout Plan, 3D, 2D and Detailed Drawings. They bring to you an exceptional architecture by working together with a seasoned construction team, from the first stages of designing right up to its final masterpiece.

One Space Design Group
Check One Space Design Group price below:
  • Address: 01-05, Sanctuary Mall, Jalan Eco Santuari 8/3 Eco Santuari, 42500 Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor
  • Contact Number & Email: Call 012 711 5285 or Email [email protected] for more inquiries
  • Operation hours: 10am to 6pm; Monday to Friday

With over 11 years of experience, 5-star rating and over 1,000 accomplished projects, One Space Design Group has done it all. They have also been acclaimed as the authorised dealer of premium home brands such as Signature Kitchen, Baagus Curtains, King Koil and many more. 

This distinguished interior design company in Selangor has their own interior design package, known as One Space Package. The package equips you with a fascinating inspiration board for you to choose from. One Space Design Group also offers an in-house carpentry workshop that delivers amazing high-quality work of carpentry to all its customers. 

Customer Review: 

“Recommended to me by a friend and was very impressed with the several proposals given out to us upon the initial meeting. We went ahead with the proposal and never looked back. Plus point: Artistic and practical. Love the ergonomic design.- Sabrina”

IQI Concept
Check IQI Concept price below:
  • Address: VSQ @ PJCC, Block 4 - 07 - 01, Jalan Utara, PJS 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya.
  • Contact Number & Email: Call 03 7452 5588/017 511 2155 or Email [email protected] for more inquiries
  • Operation hours: 9am to 6pm; Monday to Friday

As an award-winning interior designer firm in Malaysia, you will not be disappointed with this one! IQI Concept targets residential and commercial spaces across a span of various industries. This interior design company ensures that its customers receive the kind of home or office environment that suits their elegance, lifestyle and idea.

IQI Concept ensures that meticulous planning and accurate work execution is performed for their customers. They pride on a vision whereby; the final product of the process can only be done in entirety when every step in between is dealt with accordingly. 

Customer Review:  

" Good work, responsibility in work progress, after-sales service and reasonable price.- Kelvin, Wangsa Cheras”

Check Sachi Interior Design Sdn Bhd price below:
  • Address: No 4-2, Jalan Pekaka 8/4, Kota Damansara, 47810, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
  • Contact Number & Email: Call +6 03 6150 5018 or Email [email protected] for more inquiries
  • Operation hours: 9am to 6pm; Monday to Friday

Be prepared to be wow-ed by this exquisite interior design company that is nothing short of its fine taste! Sachi Interior Design Sdn Bhd proposes novel ideas constantly, regardless of the nature of project or business. They go beyond the extra mile to understand and tailor the right design for their customers. 

Their comprehensive end-to-end interior design and branding service have won Sachi Design Sdn Bhd multiple praises. Its list of promising reviews from multi award-winning profiles are sure to boost your confidence in them. Expect a branding strategy that meets your expectations and connects you successfully to wider possibilities of designs. 

Customer Review:  

“Exclusive ID with quality design.- Charlenne Ong”

S.U.A Interior Design
Check S.U.A Interior Design price below:
  • Address: Unit 9.13, Level 9, Block F, Phileo Damansara 1, Jalan 16/11, Seksyen 16, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia 
  • Contact Number & Email: Call 03 7954 9292/012 692 2110 or Email [email protected]  for more inquiries
  • Operation hours: 9am to 6pm; Monday to Friday

Harboured as a Space Analyst, S.U.A. Interior Design applies Balance, Proportion, Symmetry and Rhythm in their interior design services. They are a boutique interior design company with impeccable knowledge and experience of over three decades. 

S.U.A. Interior Design has had key insights into the works of various commercial projects, both government and private. Their list of customers stems from a plethora of industries that range from MNCs to SMEs in Malaysia and South-East Asia. 

This longest-standing and independent interior design company seek customers’ confidence through their ability in creating, listening and adapting to every customer’s design details. Thanks to their experienced team of designers, you will surely receive the idealistic design solution that is best for you! For more information, visit their website here: www.sua.com.my

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