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10 Best Baby Cots (Bed) in Malaysia 2023 - Top Brands Review

Rock-a-bye baby!

When you have a child, choosing their first bed can be tricky, especially when you have no clue about what you’re looking for. Finding something that is safe, convertible and budget-friendly can be confusing but worry not as we’ve got you covered. 

Below, a list of the best baby cots that are perfect for your little ones, from newborn to toddler stages.

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Top 10 Baby Cots in Malaysia

Best baby crib with changing table
Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Bassinet
Check Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Bassinet price below:
add_circle Multifunctional
add_circle Easy to move around
add_circle Babies can use it up until the age of 3
remove_circle On the pricier side

Why It's Our Top Pick:

"We love the versatility and convenience of the Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with a Bassinet. It even comes with a changing table. In a nutshell, this is a cot that is worth your money as it can last you through different stages of your child's development. It was designed to transform accordingly as your newborn grows into a toddler."


It starts off as a crib with a portable seat that features soothing vibrations, then to an infant bassinet which then transforms into a  playard for your toddler. 

The large diaper changer it comes with provides a convenient changing spot, with 3-in-1 built-in storage at the side to hold baby essentials.


When you’re about to head out, just fold and pack the item into the inclusive carry bag for a no-fuss convenient travel experience. Parents love the idea of how handy and multifunctional it is when you have kids of different age groups at home. It is sturdy and easy to assemble.

Best large, portable baby cot
Mamakiddies UKS Large Infant Portable Baby Cot
Check Mamakiddies 2 Level Portable Baby Cot price below:
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Foldable design allows for portability
add_circle Can be converted into a playpen for toddlers
add_circle Spacious enough to accommodate your child for a longer time
remove_circle Does not come with a changing board

If you’re looking for a larger, portable baby cot, the Mamakiddies 2 Level Portable Baby Cot is an excellent choice.


Measuring 103cm long and 67cm wide, it's appropriate for newborns up till they are two years of age; it can handle up to 15kg. With its lockable wheels, there’s no doubt that it is safe.

You’re also provided with a mosquito net, diaper bed and canopy for the comfort of your baby. Apart from its foldable design, one of its side doors is attachable to the parent's bed. This means you can have your baby sleeping right beside you and can easily tend to them when you hear the first cry. 


This is one of the top-selling cots on Shopee and it's evidently because of its functionality and how convenient it is to use. Although a little heavy, parents still favour this cot as it can be wheeled around easily. 

Best bedside baby cot for newborn
Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib
Check Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib price below:
add_circle Has a breathable mesh window
add_circle Travel bag is included
add_circle Easy set up
add_circle Lightweight
remove_circle Expensive
remove_circle Does not have wheels

New parents should take a look at the Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib for their newborn.


Not only can it work as a standalone crib, but it can also be fitted to the side of any bed for co-sleeping.

When you’re a breastfeeding mother or one recovering from a caesarean, the drop-side means you can care for your baby without getting out of bed. Suitable for usage on babies from birth up till about six months old or so, its quick and simple set-up makes it suitable for travelling too. 


New mothers and especially nursing mothers love this design and the fact that it has an incline option available for when the baby suffers from acid reflux or indigestion.

Best baby cot for small spaces
Chicco Next2Me Air Crib
Check Chicco Next2Me Air Crib price below:
add_circle Spacious
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle Easy to assemble
add_circle Has brakes for safety
add_circle Mattress is firm and comfy
remove_circle Pricey
remove_circle Child will outgrow it after about 6 months

If you are having trouble finding a cot that is compact, check out the Chicco Next2Me Air Crib.


It is one of the most comfortable baby cot series that Chicco has to offer and it won't take much room in your home.

With a simple, intuitive design, it has a 6-position adjustable height that can fit every type of bed with just two fastening straps. Your baby will be able to enjoy a good rest with its soft padded mattress and mesh panel that allows for proper air circulation. Plus, the cocoon-like shape will make your baby feel protected.


Parents who are always on the move find this compact beauty to be an easy travel buddy which is also inclusive of a storage bag.According to reviews, it is easy to assemble and the mattress is firm and comfortable. 

Best baby cot for camping
Sweet Cherry
Sweet Cherry AP803 Infancy Cradle
Check Sweet Cherry AP803 Infancy Cradle price below:
add_circle Space saver
add_circle Lightweight
add_circle Suitable for outdoor travels
add_circle Affordable
remove_circle Not equipped with a toy bar or changing board

Who says you can’t take a baby camping? With the right essentials, you sure can! The Sweet Cherry AP803 Infancy Cradle ticks all the boxes for safety measures taken.


First things first, it is small in size and that makes it easy to bring along and set up anywhere.

Made of safe materials, the cot has a breathable mesh window with complete visibility, a rocking angle and a comfy mattress. When it is nighttime, worry not about mosquitos and other insects as the cot comes complete with a detachable mosquito cover.


Parents have mentioned that the side mesh pocket is perfect for storing diapers and other necessities within hand’s reach. It is durable, sturdy, and conveniently portable.

Best baby cot with mosquito net
Sokano HB5013 3 in 1 Natural Wooden Baby Cot and Cradle
Check Sokano HB5013 3 in 1 Natural Wooden Baby Cot and Cradle price below:
add_circle Spacious
add_circle Can be used until your baby is 3 years of age
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Easy move about at home
remove_circle Not compact for homes with small spaces

A baby cot that’s within the price range for many, this Sokano HB5013 3 in 1 Natural Wooden Baby Cot and Cradle is equipped with a complimentary mosquito net upon purchase and is inclusive of a comforting 5-in-1 bedding set. 


Made of natural, paint-less and non-toxic wood, the cot also has ultra-silent wheels that are fitted with brakes for when you need to safely move it around especially when your baby’s asleep. Its cradle function comes in handy for when you need to calm down a fussy and cranky baby.


Mothers adore that they can rest next to their babies and tend to them easily, simply by opening the side fence and merging it to the side of the bed. It is of decent quality especially considering it's relatively cheaper than other cots.

Best baby cot with wheels
Osuki Cradle Baby Cot
Check Osuki Cradle Baby Cot price below:
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Convertible to a table
add_circle Easy move around
remove_circle Big and spacious for outdoor travels

The Osuki Cradle Baby Cot makes for easy moving around the house while you’re busy and still want to keep an eye on your little one.


Made of high quality imported New Zealand pine wood, this Japanese design offers ample head and body support with its ergonomic features.

Its other functions include an adjustable bed rail for when you need co-sleeping, an optional cradle function that works with a gentle wheeling motion and a wheel lock function that prevents it from rolling down on its own profile.


A modern and stylish design, it is a simple and necessary option for your little one. A little tip from satisfied parents? This cot can be fashioned into a study table once your baby outgrows this crib. We love the versatility; it definitely gives you bang for your buck.

Sokano HA298 Premium 2 in 1 Natural Easel Wooden Cradle Baby Co
Check Sokano HA298 Premium 2 in 1 Natural Easel Wooden Cradle Baby Cot price below:
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Non-toxic
add_circle Ample storage space
add_circle Multifunctional

For parents that need the extra storage space, the Sokano HA298 Premium 2 in 1 Natural Easel Wooden Cradle Baby Cot is the one for you and your baby.


Made of pure New Zealand natural easel wood, this cot can sustain a weight of up to 100kg in weight and has an extendable length of up to 40cm.

It features additional storage space below the cot that gives you ample space to store essentials such as diapers, towels, clothes and even toys. Also, when your baby becomes a toddler, it can convert into a playpen by adjusting the bed layer.


With the storage space directly below the cot, parents like how easy it is to reach for essentials especially during diaper changes or after baths. This is a reasonably priced option that parents favour as it is of decent quality and is easy to assemble, based on reviews. 

Best value baby cot
Otomo Baby Cot
Check Otomo Baby Cot price below:
add_circle Affordable
add_circle Spacious
add_circle Can also be used as a playpen
add_circle Stable - strong base with extra retainer for added support
add_circle Has mesh lining for ventilation and easy monitoring

The Otomo Baby Cot is great value for money as you’ll be able to use it till your child is about 3 years of age.


This cot is compact when folded, making it convenient for travelling or to tuck away when not in use. Apart from being able to use it for a long time, it can even be converted into a playpen, giving you bang for your buck and saving space.

There’s a storage pocket on the side where you can keep essentials like diapers within easy reach. The wheels make it easy to move around your house, and there are brakes so safety won’t be an issue. There are two levels that you can switch between as your baby transitions into a toddler.


The Otomo baby cot is affordable and is of decent quality given the price paid. Reasonably priced, it’s sturdy too. As this isn’t just for newborns, this is great to have if you’ve also got a toddler as it’s spacious.

Best baby travel cot
Joie Kubbie Sleep Travel Cot
Check Joie Kubbie Sleep Travel Cot price below:
add_circle Includes travel bagBedside cot
add_circle Includes travel bag
add_circle Compact when folded
add_circle Mesh panels for ventilation
add_circle Full size bassinet removes and attaches easily
add_circle Removable mattress doubles for naptime or playtime

The Joie Kubbie is the perfect travel cot if you need to go back and forth between homes or want to bring one along on holiday.


Available in two neutral colours; wheat and foggy gray, this cot is sturdy and compact when folded. Weighing 8.79kg, it can withstand up to 15kg of weight. The side panel can be lowered so you can easily tend to your baby for feeding and changing. Meanwhile, it features mesh lining on all fours sides ensuring good ventilation.

There are strap and clip attachments that lock the cot so your baby can sleep safely and securely.


Buyers are satisfied with the Joie Kubbie Sleep Travel Cot. It is easy to assemble and is of good quality. There have been no complaints thus far and it has received 5-star ratings.

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What is the difference between a baby crib, cot and bassinet?

The most obvious difference between these is the sizes. A crib or cot takes up more space than a bassinet, making it perfect for compact spaces.

  • When you think of cots and cribs, they are suitable for use with newborns up till they age around 3-4. 
  • Meanwhile, a bassinet is suitable from a newborn until about 4-6 months of age, when they start rolling over or sitting. 

Essentially, an underlying difference between a baby crib and a cot is the country of origin. The term ‘cot’ is mainly used in British English whereas the term crib is often used in American English. Both however refer to a small bed that is made for newborns and toddlers.

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