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10 Best Baby Formulas in Malaysia 2022 - Milk Powder Brand Reviews

Happy tummies for happy babies!

The World Health Organization recommends that mothers should breastfeed their infant for the first six months from birth. However, in situations where breastfeeding is not possible, milk powder or baby formula is an ideal way to ensure that babies receive the necessary nutrition for both mental and physical development.

Without further ado, here is a list of some of the best brands of baby formula that you can buy online in Malaysia, complete with organic recommendations and breastmilk replacements.

For more information on choosing the right baby formula, check out our quick guide right after this list.

10 Best Baby Formulas in Malaysia

Best formula for newborn and breastfed baby
Enfalac A+ Gentlease
Check Enfalac A+ Gentlease price below:
add_circle Contain AA and DHA
add_circle Cater to those with low lactose tolerance
remove_circle Non-competitive price

Probably one of your typical hospital's favourite formula brands to use is Enfagrow's. While breastmilk is still the best for newborns, not everyone can provide it sufficiently. Hence, Enfagrow's Enfalac steps in with their gentle formula for babies under 12 months old.


This formula is made with hydrolyzed protein, which is a protein type that has been broken up into smaller pieces. With that, it's perfectly gentle on a newborn's stomach, and also eases any digestive discomfort that may cause spit-ups or gas.

The formula is fortified with several types of necessary nutrients for a newborn as well as calcium and vitamin D to help with strong bone and teeth development.

An added bonus is that Enfagrow's formula contains more DHA than many other brands!


This formula has been highly recommended by paediatricians and parents on the internet, claiming that the formula contains less oil and is easily accepted by their babies.


  • For 0-12 months
  • Reduced lactose
  • Formulated for colic/sensitive tummies
Best low-lactose formula
Best baby formula for easy digestion and low-lactose
Check Karihome Infant Formula Step 1 price below:
add_circle Ease tummy troubles
add_circle High in vitamins and fatty acids
add_circle Strict quality-control when being packaged
remove_circle Not easily-available as other brands

The truth about lactose-intolerant babies is that they are rarely born being so. In most cases, if your baby is suffering from a lactose-allergy, it's mainly because they have a problem digesting cow's milk. In these cases, paediatricians would often recommend low-lactose formula first before they actually suggest lactose-free ones.


Imported from New Zealand, Karihome goat’s milk formula typically has an easily digestible protein profile and contains less lactose than that of cow’s milk. No worries about lacking in nutrients as goat's milk are high in Vitamins A, B, calcium and fatty acids to boost the immune system.

As part of their quality-control practices, Karihome milk is produced and packed on-farm which also ensures optimal nutrition.

Their formula also contains high levels of nucleotides, sialic acid and taurine to help ensure the health and wellbeing of infants. Furthermore, with high levels of calcium, you can be assured that your child's bones will grow strongly and healthily. 

Karihome's goat's milk is also helpful to improve tummy health as it ensures that the gastrointestinal tract barrier function is preserved and developing well – ultimately, working to reduce the risk of vomiting, diarrhoea and tummy upset.


Overall, several parents find the formula to work like a charm, as their child never experience tummy troubles such as colic or gas issues. They even find their child's skin to look healthier.


  • High in Vitamins A, B, calcium and fatty acids
  • Easy-to-digest milk compared to cow-based formula
  • Improve tummy health
Best lactose-free baby formula
Best baby formula for halal certified, lactose-free, and diarrhoea
Check Isomil Plus price below:
add_circle Vegetarian-friendly and Halal-certified
add_circle Formulated to ease digestion
add_circle Contains right balance of nutrients to ensure healthy growth
remove_circle Due to the natural estrogen content in soy, take care not to overfeed this formula

It can be very surprising (or not) to learn that babies are rarely born lactose-intolerant since this can be mistaken as your baby having difficulty digesting cow's milk. So it's always important to seek a paediatrician's advice first.

If your little one is really allergic to lactose and that reduced/low-lactose formulas don't suit them, soy-based are your next best option.


Isomil Plus is one such soy-based baby formula that is suitable for children ages 1 and above especially for those suffering from diarrhoea, lactose intolerance or cow milk protein allergy. Don't worry as this vegetarian-friendly formula is halal certified and is nutritionally complete with the right balance of vitamins and nutrients such as DHA, AA, FOS, and Lutein.

The DHA Lutein and Vitamin E content are especially helpful in promoting healthy eyes, and strong eye muscles. And no worries about the lack of cow's milk as soy milk is a great source of calcium to support strong bones and teeth development. 

To aid in easy digestion, the formula is made with a unique vegetable oil blend to ensure easy digestion and a dual carbohydrate system for better absorption.


As mentioned earlier, it's always important to seek a paediatrician's advice on whether your child has a serious allergy to lactose. In many cases, parents whose children suffered allergies have reported that no problems were faced after switching and that their children have grown up healthy.


  • For age 1 onwards
  • A great alternative source to calcium
  • Contains unique vegetable oil blend to ensure easy digestion
Best for brain development
Best baby formula for brain development
Check Enfagrow A+ price below:
add_circle No added sucrose
add_circle High DHA content
add_circle Available in 3 flavours for your child's enjoyment

Since 90% of a child’s brain growth occurs during the first 5 years of life, the right nutrition is vital to enhance your child’s growth and brain development.


Enfagrow A+ has a new breakthrough formulation that includes MFMG and up to 40% higher DHA content which is scientifically proven to support your child’s mental and emotional development by helping brain cells to connect faster.

Aside from the typical (high) DHA and PDX^ + GOS (to encourage the growth of good bacteria), the formula also contains beneficial ingredients like Yeast Beta-Glucan for a strong immune system. Moreover, the fortification of zinc and iron also ensures proper development of your baby's sense of taste and smell, as well as healthy growth of their blood cells.

And finally, the formula contains Choline, Iodine, Vitamin A & Vitamin B12 to contribute to a healthy, growing baby overall.


A nice touch to this formula is that Enfagrow A+ does not contain any sucrose. It is also available in 3 flavours: original, vanilla and honey! We’re certain that your child will love having some variety as you only need to have one formula to depend on.


  • For age 1 onwards
  • Formulated to ensure healthy body development
  • Up to 40% higher DHA content than other similar products
Best organic baby formula, without GMO - great to combat acid reflux
Check Bellamy’s Organic Equifina Infant Formula price below:
add_circle Certified organic
add_circle Easily digested to reduce acid reflux
add_circle Made in accordance with Australian's food standards

To be frank, there has been no solid research that rebuffs or supports food made with genetically modified organisms (GMO). Especially for newborns, they are at a tender age where they are growing and developing rapidly. So if you'd like to avoid it for your little one especially since their immune system isn't as strong as yours, try Bellamy's formula.


Bellamy's Organic Equifina Infant Formula (formerly known as Bellamy's Organic Infant Formula) is formulated without GMO, and is instead certified 100% organic. It is made with organic cow milk and is blended with fatty acids, vitamins as well as minerals to offer your baby wholesome nutrition in accordance with Australia's food guidelines and standards.

As this formulation is specially developed for a baby’s delicate tummy, it is easily digested and absorbed, thereby reducing the occurrences of acid reflux. Furthermore, it contains a host of vitamins such as Vitamin E, C, D3, K1, d-biotin, folic acid and niacinamide. 


The formula is well-received by many parents as this has not given their baby any trouble. Some parents didn't find success with the formula though. So if you have trouble with reducing your baby's tummy gas, try to swirl the formula less as you may be introducing more bubbles. Otherwise, try a more soluble formula.


  • For 0-12 months
  • Certified 100% organic 
  • Made with organic cow's milk, is specially formulated for a delicate tummy
Best baby formula for constipation
Check Nestle Lactogrow 3 price below:
add_circle No sucrose
add_circle Parents say that it's easily acceptable by their kids
add_circle Affordable

As parents, we worry about everything; from our kid’s health, nutritional intake and even bowel movements. Unfortunately, constipation is a common condition among babies since it is difficult to ensure that they have sufficient fibre intake.


For adults, we commonly consume probiotics to keep our gut healthy. In the same way, Nestle LACTOGROW 3 is specially formulated to include L.reuteri probiotics for alleviating constipation as well as promoting a healthy intestine and a comfortable tummy. It also has a combination of 15 vitamins and minerals to meet your child’s nutritional needs.

As far as nutrients in the formula are concerned, it contains your baby's much-needed DHA, Magnesium and Iron. It is also high in calcium to ensure the strong and healthy growth of your child's teeth and bones.

A bonus is that the formula does not contain any sucrose!


Parents are mainly satisfied that the formula maintains a yummy taste despite the reduced sweetness. Moreover, it's complete with all the necessary nutrition, fostering quite a following of this formula.


  • For age 1 to 3 years old
  • Contains L.reuteri probiotics to aid constipation issues
  • Formulated without sucrose while maintaining necessary nutrients
Best gluten-free baby formula - suitable for picky eaters
Best baby formula for complete nutrition and picky eaters, Lactose-free, Gluten-free
Check PediaSure Milk price below:
add_circle Good for gaining (and maintaining) weight
add_circle Said to help increase appetite
add_circle Packed with many nutrients (including 3 types of proteins)
add_circle Designed to help children grow

We understand that some children just want their milk and do not eat all solid foods. Especially for nutritious food such as fruits and vegetables, it can be difficult to convince a regular habit of eating them since they're generally as flavourful as cooked meat.

Of course, it's always important to fix this bad habit. While you're at it, you can continue feeding them this formula to ensure healthy growth still.


PediaSure promises a tasty and balanced nutritional drink for children ages 1-10 who are picky eaters, have small appetites or are recovering from medical conditions. The formula is made with a combination of 3 protein sources, 25 essential vitamins and minerals.

There's also dietary fibres and live cultures of Bifidobacterium lactis and Lactobacillus acidophilus to ensure a smooth digestive system. Other key nutrients include Taurine, Choline and Omega 3 & 6 to support good mental development. 

As such, the formula is a balanced and complete nutritional recipe that is scientifically proven to help increase your child’s height and weight while boosting the immune system.


This formula is very popular among locals who find it hard to increase their child's appetite. And even if some aren't eating as much solid food as they should, parents have reported that the milk has helped their child to gain and maintain a healthy weight.


  • For age 1 onwards
  • Complete with loads of nutrients in the form of multiple vitamins, proteins and minerals
  • Has dietary fibres and live cultures to support a healthy digestive system 
  • Also designed to help children achieve optimal height 
Best for babies with eczema & allergies
Check Nestle Nan HA Stage 1 Hypoallergenic price below:
add_circle Parents said that it's less gassy
add_circle Taste is easily accepted by babies
add_circle Recommended by paediatricians
remove_circle Pricey

If either parent is prone to allergies or has eczema, a smart decision would be to start out with a baby formula that is less likely to trigger possible allergic reactions or complications in your child. 


Nestle's NAN HA is a premium Swiss-made cow's milk formula that's designed to be nutritious for your baby. Suitable for little ones aged 0-12 months, this formula should provide them with nutrients vital for their growth and development. This formula is also a good choice for babies who are particularly sensitive or prone to allergies, as it is hypoallergenic and easy for babies to digest. 

The NAN HA formula contains a partially hydrolysed protein blend, which is cow's milk protein broken down into smaller pieces for easy absorption. Also, it contains probiotics (Bifidobacterium lactis) which help to improve your little tot's digestive system and reduce the occurrence of diarrhoea.

It also contains Nucleotides to boost your baby's immune system and support their digestion. There's also a long chain of polyunsaturated fatty acids (DHA and ARA) to ensure your baby grows up healthily.


The formula has been confirmed by local mothers that it indeed, helps their babies to pass motion much easily compared to similar brands. They have also found the formula to be less gassy.


  • For 0-12 months
  • Hydrolyzed protein for easy digestion
  • Contains probiotics for reduced diarrhoea  
Best baby formula for easy digestion
Dumex Mamil
Check Mamex Step 1 price below:
add_circle Cheaper than competitors
add_circle Fortified with nutrients to suit breastfed babies
add_circle Support thriving of good bacteria for healthy digestive and immune system
remove_circle Some parents have found their little one to get diarrhoea after this

Is your baby having gas or stool issues? Mamil's Mamex range is designed to nourish newborns as much as possible without stirring up their tummies! Fortified with your necessary vitamins such as A, D, C and E as well as zinc, calcium and iron, your newborn will not be missing out much from the absence of breastmilk. 


Formulated with Mamil's own Unique Prebiotics Oligosaccharide Mixture, the milk works to prevent harmful bacteria from attacking your baby's digestive system and support the thriving of good bacteria instead. This fact is really important as it contributes to developing a strong immune system for your growing child.

Aside from keeping your baby's bowel movement in check, Mamil’s Mamex also contains DHA, AA, Protein and Iodine.


Many local parents choose to get Mamex Cherish as it is cheap compared to many other brands. However, its formula can be a little too effective, as it has caused some babies to have diarrhoea.


  • For 0-6 months
  • Special mixture to help babies pass motion easily
  • Contains many vitamins to nourish newborn
Best formula for toddlers
Friso Gold Step 3 review in malaysia
Check Friso Gold 3 price below:
add_circle Easy-to-digest formula
add_circle Made and packed in Holland
add_circle Free of added fructose and flavour
add_circle Taste is easily accepted by children according to parents

PROMO: Get a free Friso Gold 3 sample when you sign up here!

The brand Friso has maintained the status of delivering the right nourishment to infants of delicate ages for several decades. Therefore, it's natural that Friso has come up with a formula to continue supporting the growth of healthy toddlers with this offering of theirs: Friso Gold 3.


Like many of its products, Friso has made sure to use supporting ingredients towards the healthy body development of a child. This formula is fortified with the likes of essential nutrients including Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E & C, GOS, ZInc and DHA. All of these don't only contribute to proper growth but also helps to improve natural body resistance. 

For your peace of mind, this formula is produced and packed in Holland to ensure strict maintenance of quality.


Rest assure that Friso has a steady brand following for its formula as being very nourishing even in its lactose intolerant formula series. Moreover, parents have reported that their kids have improved digestion after consuming.


  • For 1-3 years old
  • Free of added fructose and flavour
  • Formulated with over 50 essential nutrients

What is the best or closest formula to breast milk?

Breastmilk is still the best food for your baby as it's rich in vitamins and nutrients for your child's body development including the brain. Sadly, not everyone is able to breastfeed due to reasons like difficulty in inducing milk, the baby is unwilling to drink from the nipple or lactose intolerance in babies.

Fortunately, there are many good formulas out there that contains the same richness of breastmilk. Formulas are typically fortified with minerals like iron, calcium and zinc which all helps to develop the body and brain.

More things to look out for in formulas:

  • Multivitamins such as A, B, C and D
  • Additional nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids
  • DHA and ARA for the best body development support

What are the baby formula stages?

Do remember to choose the right type of formulas as well. There are generally 3 different stages and types of formulas for the different stages of growth.

  • Stage 1 (Birth – 6 months old)
  • Stage 2 (6 months-1 year-olds)
  • Stage 3 (1-3 years old)

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