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11 Best Water Purifiers that Remove All Impurities from Your Water

Live pure, drink pure.

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It’s no secret that tap water contains a myriad of bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from outdoors, making it unhealthy and unsafe to drink. 

So, if you want to enjoy safer, cleaner, and better-tasting water without needing to boil it, you’ll definitely need a water purifier. Especially, one with a good filtration system that can filter while purifying your water from all impurities.

“Water purifier? Wait, are water purifiers and water filters the same?” The short answer is no. What you’ll want to know is that water purifiers can remove more contaminants than water filters!

So, interested in buying a water purifier? Here are some of the best water purifiers in Malaysia that we’ve found out about. You can also check out the main differences between a water purifier and a water filter right after our list of water purifier recommendations.

Table of Contents

11 Best Water Purifiers for Home and Office in Malaysia

Snaptec Aurra Pro Water Purifier
Snaptec Aurra Pro Water Purifier
Best smart water purifier
Updated on 1st July 2021
add_circle Personalized themes and settings
add_circle Flexible plan and pricing according to usage
add_circle Comes with proprietary mobile app which pairs with Aurra
add_circle Latest Nano+ Filtration
add_circle Tankless design (Energy-saving)
add_circle Custom temperature settings
add_circle Constant new features with automatic updates
remove_circle Requires Wi-Fi to fully operate at its best
remove_circle Water trap a bit too small
If you want a water purifier that is the most modern and feature-packed, look no further than the Snaptec Aurra Pro Smart Water Purifier, a collaborative effort from Korea, Germany, China, and Malaysia.
The water purifier is extremely user-friendly, with its interactive touchscreen, dark and light themes as well as individual profiling. Aside from its Nano+ Quad filtration system, it has several complementary features such as the temperature setting. Not to mention, the water purifier comes with a proprietary mobile app on android and iOS that allows for things like hydration tracking, maintenance scheduling, and more.
Many users love its tankless hot water and customisable water temperature features which ensure that the water is at the perfect temperature. 
  • Purification method: Nano-positive membrane
  • Filtering capacity: 0.001M Nano Filtration
  • Water pressure: N/A
Tankless LG PuriCare Water Purifier LG-WD210AN review malaysia
Tankless LG PuriCare Water Purifier LG-WD210AN
Best small, tankless water purifier
Updated on 23rd July 2021
add_circle Smart design for ease of placement
add_circle Straightforward menu settings

Did you know that animals prefer to drink fresh running water? Stagnant and still water is a breeding ground for bacteria and is considered an environmental hazard. That's why you'll never see huge home water tanks for drinking.

Not to mention, who wants to always boil water for drinking? Plus, not everyone fancies filtered tap water. Enter the Tankless LG PuriCare Water Purifier LG-WD210AN to deliver you freshwater.


The water purifier features a smart and sleek design, whereby the water outlet can be swivel in 4 directions so you can place it in a more convenient spot. Speaking of placement, it measures just 17cm in width from the front and 39cm in height, making this one of the smallest tankless purifiers to have at home.

In terms of its filtration and purifying capabilities, the water purifier utilises a 3-stage filtration system which comprises a Carbon Block Plus Filter, a UF Membrane Filter and a Post Carbon Filter. This is all followed by a UV sterilisation process to kill off any remaining bacteria and viruses.


Convenience is a big factor in this machine. Aside from the 180-degree swivel tap, the tankless LG PuriCare water purifier also offers ready-to-drink water instantly in 3 temperature modes: ambient, cold and hot.

Another appealing factor is that you can control the water purifier settings via LG's ThinQ mobile app.

  • Purification method: Ultra Filtration
  • Filtering capacity: 0.1 - 0.3 micron
  • Water pressure: N/A
Phileo 914UV Water Purifier
Phileo 914UV Water Purifier
Best UV water purifier
Updated on 10th July 2021
add_circle Certified and tested to be safe
add_circle Real-time steriliser to kill bacteria and viruses
add_circle Provides instant point-of-use drinking water

If you’re in the market for a water dispenser with water purifying capabilities, you’ll definitely want to look at the Phileo 914UV Water Purifier.


The purifier lets you enjoy safe and delicious water by equipping an ultraviolet light to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria. As it is a direct pipe-in unit, the point-of-use, auto-refill water dispenser lets you enjoy both boiling hot and chilled cold water right away. 


If you’re worried about safeties of the water it produces, this UV water purifier is not only proven and tested but also certified to be super effective in filtering out bacteria and viruses. There’s also no UV radiation observed outside of the unit in lab tests.

  • Purification method: UV Sterilization 
  • Filtering capacity: N/A
  • Water pressure: N/A
Aqua Kent
Aqua Kent Coral Table Top Hot Cold Normal Water Purifier
Best water purifier with hot, cold, and lukewarm options
Updated on 6th July 2021
add_circle 3 different water temperatures
add_circle Corrosion-free stainless steel tank
add_circle Fully automatic operation
add_circle Resilient towards power fluctuations

Craving for a cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea? the Aqua Kent Coral Table Top Water Purifier has got you covered.


This unit supplies you with hot, cold, and normal temperature water which is safe for consumption and washing food ingredients. It is constructed with food-grade, non-breakable plastic to provide you with completely clean, purified water. Also, its hot and cold water dispensers are equipped with a fully automatic operation, so there is no need for manual intervention. 


Due to its versatility and huge water capacity production, this water purifier is suitable for not just homes, but also hotels, offices, and events to cater to a big crowd!

  • Purification method: Ultrafiltration system
  • Filtering capacity: 40L/hour
  • Water Pressure: N/A
Joven JP200 Series Water Purifier
Joven JP200 Series Water Purifier
Best budget water purifier - for home
Updated on 1st July 2021
add_circle Stainless steel outlet pipe
add_circle Dual function selector valves
add_circle Made from food grade plastic
add_circle Easy to install
add_circle Budget-friendly
remove_circle Only 6 months of warranty

Nobody wants to be drowned in the difficulties of setting up a home appliance. That’s why the Joven Water Purifier JP200’s user-friendliness and inexpensive price makes it super ideal for home use.


You can enjoy clean and rust-free water, as its outlet pipe is made from stainless steel. In its filtration system, it utilises a 3-Layer Non-woven Fabric Filter and Powdered Activated Carbon to provide clean water. 

Additionally, the JP200 has a dual-function selector valve so that you can choose either filtered or unfiltered water.


All in all, it efficiently provides 3-layer filtration to your water, resulting in better-tasting water for your household.

  • Purification method: Powdered activated carbon
  • Filtering capacity: 8L/min
  • Water pressure: 40 – 350 kPa
Panasonic PJ-37MRF Water Purifier
Panasonic PJ-37MRF Water Purifier
Best rated water purifier
Updated on 1st July 2021
add_circle Easy to install and maintain
add_circle Thorough water purification process
add_circle Filter parts are reasonably priced

With 4 levels of purification, it’s no wonder that the Panasonic PJ-37MRF Water Purifier is best rated. 


This water purifier keeps its filtration system simple. It has a 4-stage micro-filtration process: hollow fibres, powdered activated carbon, non-woven cloth filter, and granular activated carbon. 

With all of that, the purification system is able to remove up to 99.99% of residual chlorine as well as other bacteria, turbidity, and odour.


Users love its high purification capacity, and found that it did produce tastier water to drink!

  • Purification method: Powdered activated carbon
  • Filtering capacity: 4L
  • Water Pressure: 70 kPa - 350 kPa
Nesh Qoozo Indoor Water Filter review malaysia
Nesh Qoozo Indoor Water Filter
Best home water purifier
Updated on 7th July 2021
add_circle Duo Water filtration + Ozonation system works great to provide clean water
add_circle Several modes to cater to different tasks

The Qoozo Water Filter-Purifier from Nesh is so practical that it should be introduced to every household. Its 3 filters and 12 filtration layers provide users with the purest and healthiest water possible.


This filter’s system is a combination of two technologies: water filtration and ozonation. For the latter, ozonation introduces trioxygen into water treatment and performs thorough water disinfection. Such a component is powerful in eliminating harmful organic compounds and microorganisms in the water. 

Additionally, the filter comes with several modes that are curated for drinking water, washing fruits & vegetables as well as cleaning meat & seafood. Switching between the modes is just a button away! 


At first glance, this water filter-purifier seems to just be a gimmick, what with the cute appearance and premium price. But after looking at its elaborated filtered system which includes not just ionization but also ozonation capabilities, we find this to be a good investment for any household.

  • Purification method: Ionization (Ozone ions)
  • Filtering capacity: N/A
  • Water pressure: N/A
Xiaomi Smart Water Purifier 1A
Xiaomi Smart Water Purifier 1A
Best reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier
Updated on 1st July 2021
add_circle Displays real-time water quality
add_circle Takes up little space due to its slim design
add_circle Intelligent (smart) control
add_circle High production capacity
add_circle Easy to install

Similar to many purifiers, the Xiaomi Smart Water Purifier 1A has a 4-stage filtration system, allowing you to drink fresh and clean water equivalent to that of bottled water.


Featuring RO filtration process, it removes up to 99.9% of heavy metal and up to 99% of other organic matter.

Another cool thing is that you can connect the water purifier to the Mijia app and get real-time visibility of the water quality as well as the filter’s life expectancy.


With a super high water production rate, it produces up almost 400 gallons (1.5 thousand litre) of water a day. Most find it worth the price as it saves time on producing clean water to drink right away.

  • Purification method: Reverse Osmosis
  • Filtering capacity: 1L/min
  • Water pressure: 0.1 - 0.4 MPa
Panasonic TK-AS45 Alkaline Water Purifier
Panasonic TK-AS45 Alkaline Water Purifier
Best value, alkaline water purifier
Updated on 1st July 2021
add_circle Yearly water purification capacity of 12,000L
add_circle Proven to improve gastrointestinal system
add_circle Has a removable and washable spout
add_circle Multiple pH levels to choose from
add_circle Several modes for difference water usage (e.g. skincare, drinking)
remove_circle Expensive

Installing an alkaline water purifier such as the Panasonic TK-AS45 Alkaline Water Purifier is always a smart move, as alkaline water neutralises the acid in your body.


This water purifier’s 4 layers of filtration ensure that the water is thoroughly filtered and purified, allowing it to filter up to 13 + 4 impure substances. And for your preference, it has the menu option for you to set the purifier from 3 alkaline pH levels and 1 acidic pH level. 


Removing up to 99.9% of bacteria while retaining essential minerals in the water, this water purifier isn’t just great for your family’s health, but also for the food that you’ll be cooking the water with.

  • Purification method: Powdered activated carbon & ionization
  • Filtering capacity: 2.5L/min
  • Water pressure: 100 kPa
Panasonic Water Purifier PSN-TKCS20
Best value water purifier
Updated on 1st July 2021
add_circle Budget
add_circle Large filtering capacity
add_circle Long cartridge life
add_circle Durable
remove_circle Removes only up to 95% of residual chlorine

While there are many other affordable water purifiers, for the best price-to-performance ratio,  check out the Panasonic Water Purifier Standard model TK-CS20.


With a filtering capacity of 6L per minute, the water purifier uses powdered activated carbon and non-woven fabric to free your water from rust, sediments, odours, and colouring.

It also has a long cartridge life, being able to filter up to 12,500 litres of water before needing any replacements.


Aside from the big capacity and value of the water purifier, users also find it easy to install as well!

  • Purification method: Activated powdered carbon
  • Filtering capacity: 6L/min
  • Water pressure: 40kPa – 750 kPa
Beulife 3.5L Drinking Water Purifier & Pitcher
Beulife 3.5L Drinking Water Purifier & Pitcher
Best water purifier pitcher
Updated on 1st July 2021
add_circle No installation required
add_circle Has an LCD display timer
remove_circle Takes a while for the water to be filtered

Unlike most water filters and purifiers that have to be installed and connected to the pipes, a water filter-purifier pitcher such as the Beulife 3.5L Drinking Water Purifier & Pitcher requires no installation. It works like a kettle, except without needing to boil water. 


Suitable for home and office, its 3-layer filtration process produces healthy water that is free from pollution particles. The product utilises a resin filter to carry out its deionisation as its main purification method. This method allows for not just softening water but also removes other organic contaminants. 


A small downside is that the filter will need to be replaced every 60 days. If you’re worried about forgetting to change the filter, the pitcher has an LCD display timer that counts down 60 days, serving as a reminder for filter replacement.

  • Purification method: Deionisation
  • Filtering capacity: 3.5L
  • Water pressure: N/A

Water purifier vs water filter

The terms of both water purifier and water filter are often used interchangeably. But the truth is, both are quite different from each other.

On water filters, they remove waterborne bacteria, protozoa, and pollutants using physical barriers. While they’re able to remove even the tiniest of particles, water filters are not very effective against viruses and chemical contaminants, as these can easily pass through the barrier due to their size.

Water purifiers, on the other hand, not only remove what water filters remove, but also minerals from the water, particularly biological contaminants. It does so through 4 purification methods: reverse osmosis, UV treatment, distillation, and deionization. They can even remove viruses, which are smaller contaminants than bacteria.

Compared to water filters, water purifiers are therefore more thorough in the filtration process, resulting in water that is almost 100% free from impurities. 

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